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Thread: Sound Beaming Directly to your Ears

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    Sound Beaming Directly to your Ears

    Imagine a world where you move around in your own personal sound bubble. You listen to your favorite tunes, play loud computer games, watch a movie or get navigation directions in your car — all without disturbing those around you.

    That’s the possibility presented by “sound beaming,” a new futuristic audio technology from Noveto Systems, an Israeli company. On Friday it will debut a desktop device that beams sound directly to a listener without the need for headphones.

    The company provided The Associated Press with an exclusive demo of the desktop prototype of its SoundBeamer 1.0 before its launch Friday.

    The listening sensation is straight out of a sci-fi movie. The 3-D sound is so close it feels like it’s inside your ears while also in front, above and behind them.

    Noveto SoundBeaming places ultrasonic waves just outside your ears, creating a 3D sensory listening experience with privacy and without disturbing others – no speakers or headphones.

    The lack of headphones means it’s possible to hear other sounds in the room clearly.

    The technology uses a 3-D sensing module and locates and tracks the ear position sending audio via ultrasonic waves to create sound pockets by the user’s ears. Sound can be heard in stereo or a spatial 3-D mode that creates 360 degree sound around the listener, the company said.

    The demo includes nature video clips of swans on a lake, bees buzzing and a babbling brook, where the listener feels completely transported into the scene.


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    that's remarkable ... I almost can't believe it works ... It sounds more dangerous than 5G
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