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Thread: Steve Mera - Interview with a UFO Investigator and Paranormal Researcher

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    Steve Mera - Interview with a UFO Investigator and Paranormal Researcher


    "Dec 22, 2016 by Anthony Beckett

    Steve Mera has been involved in the investigation and research of the UFO phenomena for over 30 years. Beginning with UFO research with the British UFO Research Association and the Manchester based group MAPIT which was established in 1974, Steve investigates all manner of paranormal activity for a diversity of clients whom have included corporations and even the British Ministry of Defense.

    In this interview Steve talks with Pierre Sabak and shares many tales; from childhood experiences that perked his interest in UFOs, through to a career of paranormal investigations for a diversity of clients. He also discusses his more recent work with researcher and paranormal experient Don Philips. Through this work Steve has made some groundbreaking advances in our understanding of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and other mysteries happenings.

    In this interview we learn of the breadth of work that Steve has covered in his long paranormal career and what he believes the phenomena truly represents. Steve also talks about his role as Chief Editor of Phenomena Magazine, the most recognised paranormal publication Phenomena Magazine and other recent projects."

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