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    Secret Brazil

    Check this 2 parter out.Awesome

    Published on Jun 26, 2013
    National Geographic - Secret Brazil / Episode 1 (Documentary)

    In the heart of South America, a wild paradise hides.

    But for all its wealth of natural life, there is violence in this Eden.

    It is defined by searing dry seasons and devastating floods and the creatures that live here must battle to survive.

    Welcome to Secret Brazil, a place where big cats and giant rodents show no fear of living in their savagely wild environment; giant river otters challenge jaguars in defence of their families; and voracious piranhas thrive amongst other aquatic predators.

    Plus see the extreme tactics used by Lawrence and Haroldo to capture the amazing array of species featured in this series, including a swim with a legendary creature with a mouth full of needle-sharp teeth -- the anaconda.

    Part 1
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