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Thread: Ring of Truth and Telly Tales (Part 3) - Would I Lie to You? [CC]

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    Ring of Truth and Telly Tales (Part 3) - Would I Lie to You? [CC]


    "Feb 3, 2017 by WILTY? Nope!

    0:02 - Liam Gallagher once ordered a trampoline from hotel room service, claiming, 'I like to bounce'.
    4:02 - When interviewing office staff, Simon Cowell asks every candidate to give him 10 uses for a kettle.
    6:27 - The Archbishop of Canterbury once endorsed a Cockney version of the Bible.
    9:43 - Jodie Marsh has a degree in golf course management from the University of Birmingham.
    13:05 - David Beckham gave a copy of his own autobiography to Nelson Mandela as a Christmas present.
    16:15 - Mick Jagger has been asked by a company if they can sell his ashes in collectible egg timers when he dies.
    19:10 - Mike Tyson once rented a hotel suite for his eight favourite pigeons.
    22:46 - Prince Charles became a member of the magic circle when he auditioned using his cup and balls trick.
    25:48 - Gary Barlow has a microphone installed in his downstairs bathroom to record new song ideas, as it's where he feels the most creative.
    28:01 - Christina Aguilera once followed a strict diet where every meal had 4 food items: 1 crunchy, 1 soft, 1 hot, 1 cold.
    30:45 - Andy Murray recently released a rap single that sold just 200 copies and failed to chart.
    34:02 - Noel Edmonds employs a pet chef once a week, to cook a three-course dinner for his cat."

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