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Thread: Charles Eisenstein - The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

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    Charles Eisenstein - The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

    I love this man. Wise and compassionate people like this give me some hope.


    Timecode for each question:

    1:06 - What are the 'old story' and 'new story' that you describe in your writing?
    14:37 - Where does the sense that a better world is possible come from?
    19:16 - What guides us in the space between stories to creating the new story?
    21:11 - How did the world get to where it is now?
    28:20 - Do you think advancements in technology can solve the problems we're facing?
    33:50 - Do you see the current money system as a symptom of separation?
    37:50 - What could an alternative system look like? Would the current system need to collapse to make way for the new?
    43:24 - Can individual action create big change?
    48:14 - What is the wound of separation and how do we see it expressed in society?
    54:32 - What do you advise people to do in times of not knowing what to do?
    1:01:33 - Can doing nothing take you to a place of knowing what to do?
    1:06:39 - When you imagine the new story, what does it look like?

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    Missed this at first...

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