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Thread: Gornaya Shoria Megaliths: remains of Giants?

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    Gornaya Shoria Megaliths: remains of Giants?

    In the heart of the icy Siberian mountains a very ancient and surprising megalithic site, whose origins are still the subject of heated debates by researchers from all over the world, has been brought to light: these exceptional structures located on the top of the “Mount Shoria”, on the east side of the Altai's southern mountain chains, were discovered and photographed for the first time in 2013 by the team of the researcher Georgy Sidorov, during an expedition. The mastodontic blocks have clear symmetrical cuts, flattened and shaped surfaces, horizontal and vertical cuts with angles and edges at 90°, some of the monoliths measure more than 20 meters in length and 6 meters in height and width and, in some cases, they seem to stack the one on top of the other until reaching a height of 40 meters remembering in a surprising way the famous “Cyclopean Walls” present in Europe and the "Trilithon of Baalbek".

    While traditional science believes that this landform is the result of geological processes associated with the intense weathering of the rock that makes up Mount Shoriya, Professor Valery Uvarov, head of the Paleoscience Department, Paleotechnology and UFO researcher of the Russian National Security Academy is convinced that the monoliths aren't strange creations of Nature, but artificial structures: in fact the expedition led by Georgy Sidorov, composed of a team of 19 researchers, recorded two strange phenomena: first of all, many blocks showed signs of burning and the rock, in some places, appeared as having melted and re-established, moreover the compasses needle always pointed towards the megaliths as if the blocks of stone possessed some form of magnetism, so much so that someone assumed that a form of levitation was used to move them.

    These megaliths were "transported" to the top of Mount Shoria, then assembled in such a way as to leave no space between a boulder and the other, and to the point that the blade of a knife cannot penetrate the interstices.

    The apparent impossibility of realizing these works by the people of the time would lead one to think that, during Prehistoric times, a great global civilization with its symbols and a powerful capacity in the building field, settled on Earth and created majestic architectural works in the middle of the European continent and more generally anywhere on the face of the planet.

    What mystery do Gornaya Shoria’s megaliths hide? Are these structures the result of ingenious methods of construction of the ancients, of Mother Nature incredible power, or are they the work of other forms of life?

    Surely, in the case the researchers officially confirm the artificial nature of these megalithic structures, the Story would be automatically rewritten because many of these gigantic granite stones can be estimated to weigh as much as 3,000 tons, a weight even 2-3 times more than the heaviest blocks in Baalbek.

    Source: https://conspiracytheoriesarchives.c...remains-giants

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