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Thread: The Nature of Consciousness

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    Quote Originally posted by Chuckie View Post
    yes, very true, but that is a human peccadillo. Studies indicate that people don't change with age ... their 'attitude' is the same at 7, 14, 21, 28 ... etc. On rethinking that it seemed strange to me, but then I realized it was probably true, we don't change, we evolve.
    Some might devolve too. Maybe that can explain why some people also stay as "toddlers" emotionally as adults.

    I am probably still too young to talk about aging, but I know how things have been for me. I am not as a person the same as I was even two years ago, much has happened. Then even more so within the past four or five years, let alone ten years. Yet the essence of "me" is still very much the same as when I was a young boy. If my brain would shut down now and would not receive the consciousness from my soul or higher self, then it would only be the end for this body and perhaps personality too. Which is me, but it's only like a part for the soul to play. The soul or consciousness has gained all those experiences throughout time and it is what it is, the personality of the human being is it's own thing too. The soul is a combination of many experiences or lives, if you will. It has grown and evolved that way.
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