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Thread: Iran War Before or After November 2020, or Never??

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    I'm not sure what it is that you think is so obvious, Aianawa, other than that some things predicted by some people didn't happen.

    N. Korea continues to test and build nukes. America has lost the control it had over Iran. It has much less international backing. And Trump is dying for a war or something to take folks' eyes off his failures. He'd do it in a snap, especially if he thought he'd profit.

    He already tried to blame the generals for 'profiting' off war, which is ridiculous. They're not the ones who profit. They're also not the ones who take us to war. That would be the President.

    But it is nice to live in bubbles of safety and wondrous peace. When do you start selling these bubbles? You'll make a tidy profit, methinks.

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