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Thread: Robert Wilkinson - Aquarius Papers

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    Robert Wilkinson - Aquarius Papers

    Especially for those of you who are more astrologically inclined, you might find this quite interesting.

    This video is from June 2019 and you can see how what he said back then has played out right now.

    The Grand Mutation of 2020 – Moving Toward A 200 Year Evolutionary Leap!

    Obviously the topic refers to the coming Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 1 Aquarius in 2020, which ushers in a 20 year era but also a much larger 200 year era. Because this is the Cosmic Moment of moving out of Earth conjunctions and moving into Air conjunctions, we are moving out of 2 centuries of materialism and into 2 centuries of knowing our interrelatedness.

    I’ll be writing more about how this momentous year quickens and strengthens the coming Age of Aquarius in the near future. Of extraordinary importance is the Mars conjunct Saturn on March 31 at 1 Aquarius, since that initiates the “structural pulse” which will be developed by both Jupiter and Saturn beginning December 2020. Greater ways will open to us wherever we have 1 Aquarius in our charts, so prepare to leave the past behind beginning April 2020, knowing that by 2021 we'll be in a radically new adventure with everyone else on Earth!

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    Thanks. I had gone to his site. This will be interesting.

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    Indeed, it is interesting.

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    Using Astrology To Transcend Suffering And Make Your Life A Joy

    In my 50 years of studying the craft, I’ve found that Astrology is truly “the intersection of fate and free will.” We may feel like many things in our lives are destined, but in fact there are only two things in life which are fated, while the rest is free will.

    The Intersection of Fate Street and Free Will Street on Eternity Boulevard

    Given the amount of choice we have in every single moment of our lives, I’ve come to the view that literally everything is determined by our "free will" except for two things: 1) To be born where we were, when we were, into a certain family, and 2) The timing on when certain choices will be offered. Not what choice, or how that choice came to be necessary, but the timing on when we will have to make a choice.

    Everything else is dependent on someone’s "free will," whether ours, our parents, our bosses, and so forth. All things related to free will involve habits in thinking, feeling, and doing, and moments when we choose to act consciously or unconsciously. Even to defer to an unconscious response pattern is using our free will, if only in a passive way.

    As I stated in A New Look at Mercury Retrograde we are always acting, reacting, or being acted upon. We can see these points of choice and change using astrology, which can help us anticipate what’s coming and when. However, in the final analysis astrology cannot tell us how we will choose, or in any way negate our responsibility to act as best we are able.

    Astrology serves as a road map and weather report as we navigate the tides and times of life, and even shows us the forces at work in any given situation, but it can’t make us act in a productive way. Regardless of how favorable our stars are, we still have to learn certain life skills and coping mechanisms or our lives will be run into a ditch from time to time due to our errors in judgment or response.

    That’s why a trine may be the ease with which we slip into a bad habit or relationship or attitude, and a square may show us when we must reorient toward a better intention. Astrology helps us with the timing on our choices, but we must still practice self-discipline of the mind and emotions if we are ever to reach our higher potential.

    There Are Four Sources of Suffering in Each and All of Us

    According to HH Dalai Lama and other venerable Buddhist teachers I’ve sat with and/or studied across the decades, our mind has four fundamental afflictions that are the source of all human suffering, our own as well as others. Though they have been expressed in many ways according to local tradition, I will describe them as 1) Attachment, 2) Aversion, 3) Delusions and illusions resulting from misunderstanding of the cause-and-effect process and why things appear and disappear, and 4) The mind suffering over its own suffering.

    Of course, these are interrelated, as we seldom find one at work without at least one of the others as well. These are also common to all of us, and the true source of many problems, individual and social. One or more of these 4 causes of suffering are present in every individual and international misunderstanding, all hurtful behaviors, all crimes against people or property, animals or the Earth Herself, and every other kind of human mischief that can be imagined.

    When attachment, aversion, illusions, and pessimism are mixed with the four fundamental emotions of fear, vanity, desire, and attachment to sensation, we humans have a great big problem that won’t go away by itself. Until we’re ready to face it, deal with it, and persevere in taking a higher road regardless of the ignorance, violence, willful egotism, and avarice that pervades our planet, we’re just rearranging the deck chairs as the boat sinks.

    The good news is that there are antidotes to these afflictions that are hardwired into the human existence. These also are offered in Buddhist philosophy. At this juncture I’ll point out that since Buddhism does not compel belief in anything, it is not a religion. It is a way of living that decreases the causes of suffering as a daily practice, and so a way we may claim our divine power to choose our responses at crucial life intersections.

    Points of Crucial Choice and Change

    We can know the crucial life intersections and the energies we’ll confront using astrology. It is said we do not get our act together when we “see the light,” but more often when we “feel the heat.” The frictional aspects in astrology provide the heat and perspective we need to cut and polish the diamond of our personalities to perfection.

    Oppositions are perfect times to see a bigger picture and a more complete understanding of the wholeness of any polarity. We can come to see other points of view with ease, and find ways to resolve any opposing views or positions. Regardless of the tension, oppositions are the way to greater realizations.

    Squares are when old belief systems collide with new requirements. They are when we must choose to turn one way or another, or stop what we are doing. Though this usually works out through other people, still, if we are troubled by a square, or having a problem during a square, we must examine the source of the trouble within ourselves, and find an antidote to whichever source of suffering is creating the problem.

    Semisquares, squares, sesquisquares, and oppositions are perfect times to examine our attachments, aversions, delusions born of misunderstandings, and our suffering over our own suffering. They mark points in the “whole cycle” when we must find the right response to whichever causes of suffering and friction are presenting themselves.

    This of course requires consistency, since weeds are tough to exterminate. Over time, we can maintain the focus in the midst of the friction, and not be thrown off balance by the 4 primal emotions and the 4 causes of suffering in each of us.

    Remember – either we’re driving our boat, someone else is driving our boat, or no one is driving the boat except the current and the wind. In examining the forces which push and pull us, it’s useful to remember that we live in a hyper-distractible reality and most of what our world and local belief systems try to sell us is a lot of overblown opinion based in vain imaginings. We have the power to step back from the illusion and take command of our personality so we no longer fall into suffering or get confused at another’s suffering.

    In part 2, we’ll discuss the antidotes to human suffering, and ways we can stop generating anything which leads to suffering. Until then, take a deep breath, and remember that since all of this is impermanent, we should not take a lot of the illusion too seriously or too personally. Even when we suffer, it's impermanent, and in remembering that, we identify with the timeless aspect of ourselves, that aspect of pure consciousness which is beyond suffering.

    We have a body, we have feelings, we have a mind, but we ARE Spirit. We are Eternals having human experiences, dipping into various aspects of "reality" in an eternal journey into ever-greater awareness of All-That-Is.

    We are not our suffering. We are not our fear or any other impermanent thing. We are not our 5 senses or our mind. We are timeless Beings that live, learn, and are forever free to explore the nature of light, life, and love. And that's a very good thing.

    See you tomorrow with how to stop the sources of suffering.

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    The Grand Irrationality

    by Robert Wilkinson

    For the past 27 years, we’ve all been experiencing a configuration I termed “The Grand Irrationality” back in the late 1990s. If you’re wondering why things have been so strange, irrational, and hard edged since then, this article will explain why.

    I’ve been including this in every Lunation article for many years, but because it’s grown so long, I’ll be linking this article in future Grand Irrationality sections rather than reprint the entire thing each time. I’ve rewritten this material for readability.

    This extraordinary evolutionary configuration has been a major factor in our lives since the mid-90s, and was set into long term play by various Solar Eclipses falling in the hot zones, including the 2011 Solar Eclipse, as well as subsequent Solar Eclipses whose influence continues. These effects are triggered each time any transiting planet occupies any of the 7 zones of the Grand Irrationality. Since then it’s been reinforced and triggered by various Lunations, planetary stations, and transits.

    It’s been active in past Solar Eclipses in Pisces (2017) and Leo (2018), with subsequent effects still in play now and for a while to come. It’s why we are in a period of dynamic unstable energies which at times make no sense. This configuration was set into motion by any conjunction with or septile-series aspect to Neptune or Pluto, and is currently activated by any 7th harmonic aspect to Uranus or Pluto.

    What Is the Grand Irrationality?

    The Grand Irrationality is a phenomenon we’ve been living within since 1993. Since then, we’ve been in an extraordinarily irrational period which continues to this day. The Grand Irrationality is a long wave non-rational influence that has put everyone on Earth on the unceasing edge of major choice and change.

    Everyone has been confronting inner compulsions, continual choices that seem to have a major impact on our destiny, and occasionally irrational behaviors in others or external conditions. It is why things seem to have an unending hard edge, why so many choices are continually thrown in our faces that require immediate attention, and why reason seems to fail at critical moments of decision.

    When the Grand Irrationality is in play, it’s a time when things don’t have to make sense. We’ve been living with it for about 25 years, and it will be active for a couple more years to come, even though we’ve begun to be on the far side of the original Neptune/Pluto relationship that created it. However, effects continue to be felt due to past Solar Eclipses which triggered the configuration.

    The First Grand Irrationality is Different than the Second Grand Irrationality

    In the past 27 years this evolutionary configuration has had two iterations: the Grand Irrationality anchored by Neptune septile Pluto which lasted from 1993 through 2017, and the Grand Irrationality V.2 which began in 2017, and continues for as long as Saturn and Pluto (and any other planet in late Capricorn) configure in a biseptile to Uranus.

    The first Grand Irrationality was a long wave configuration set into motion every time a planet made a conjunction, septile, biseptile, or triseptile to Neptune and/or Pluto. The second Grand Irrationality is set into motion every time a planet makes these aspects to Uranus and/or Pluto. Septile series aspects show us points in time when our future destiny is precipitated by critical choices made in the present.

    Because this configuration involved Neptune and Pluto, two powerhouse Transpersonal planetary representatives of Spirit, they symbolized the long wave planetary crisis the entire human race has been going through since 1993. From then to 2017, as well as the subsequent Uranus/Pluto spiritual revolution, at one point or another, everyone on Earth has experienced a nonstop energy of having to choose, at the bottom of our beings, the path to evolution or devolution, progress or regress, love or fear, joy or control. It’s why things have been so weird, irrational, and hard-edged.

    So the Grand Irrationality V.1 was the period when Neptune was septile Pluto which began in 1993. It was very strong and in constant movement the last 5 years of the 20th century and the first 15 years of this century. This phase has now waned, since Neptune no longer makes a forming or partile separating septile to Pluto and won’t again for many centuries.

    Even though we’re past the era of Neptune septile Pluto, the irrational pulses continue because of other transits making 7th harmonic aspects to both of these planets creating an “off set” pulse. Because of their orbits, late Autumn through mid-Spring narrows the distance between these two planets, but as we get into late Spring through mid-Autumn, they are closer to a sextile than the previous septile. That means we’ve moving into a new era we last experienced between 1942-1995.

    The First Grand Irrationality Has Given Way to the Second Grand Irrationality

    As noted, since 2017 we’ve moved into a new phase of The Grand Irrationality, as that Summer Uranus began to biseptile Pluto, briefly setting the new configuration into play. That period began the current “never-ending revolution” since Uranus, the Cosmic Awakener, is dancing off and on at its “fork in the road of destiny” with Pluto, the Lord of Transformation.

    The Grand Irrationality V.2 is an even stranger, more hard-edged period than the Grand Irrationality V.1, since this period combines the on-again, off-again Uranus’ semisquare to Neptune with Uranus biseptile Pluto. So along with the hard edge of the Grand Irrationality involving Uranus and Pluto in a 7th harmonic aspects, we also have Uranus in a Rhombus Diamond 8th harmonic frictional aspect to Neptune. So we have all three traditional Transpersonal spiritual planets in dynamic activation at this time in history!

    Uranus made its first exact biseptile to Pluto in 2018, and as it moved further into Taurus, it again biseptiled Pluto for the second time at the end of May and beginning of June 2018. Even during the few months when Uranus was not biseptile Pluto, the nonrationality was still triggered any time a planet made a 7th harmonic aspect to either Uranus or Pluto, so it’s still been in regular play if only in an “offset” way. As I offered in May 2018 when Uranus first entered Taurus, “.... they will soon make a biseptile, guaranteed to be a very unstable and irrational time!” That prophesy has certainly played out in the news in 2018 and 2019 with trumpets blaring, thanks to other transits triggering these 7th harmonic non-rational energies.

    This means we can’t relax too much while moving through the “forks in the road of destiny” at this time in history. Both the Grand Irrationality AND the off-set 7th harmonic pulses made as planets aspect Uranus and Pluto get triggered every few weeks by transits, and of course the Moon triggers both of these 7 times each month. Each time there’s a transit to any of the 7 zones made by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto septile series aspects, it profoundly affects those with a planet or angle in any of the 7 “hot zones” defining the phenomenon.

    The Grand Irrationality V.2.

    We first encountered Uranus biseptile Pluto very briefly in August 2017, and it went into nonstop pulses beginning at the end of June 2018 with Uranus again 101+ degrees from Pluto. This lasted through October when the orb became too wide. We experienced the return to the biseptile between May and July 2019 and was back at full volume between October 2019 and December 2019.

    This is the first biseptile in the larger Uranus/Pluto cycle that began at their conjunctions in the mid-1960s. The waxing septile occurred 1989-1991, so this is the next point in that larger “Pulse of Destiny.” That means the “transformative revolution” begun in the 60s took a turn in 1989-1991, and how has reached a phase of externalizing itself as a spiritual grounding force.

    This configuration involving Uranus biseptile Pluto symbolizes the irrational revolutionary conditions and upheaval of our times. Uranus is pulled into the configuration as it gets further into Taurus, which is being re-activated in the Spring and Autumn of 2020. That means even when Neptune makes a constant sextile to Pluto by next Summer, we’ll still be in the thick of a time of some very wild rides!

    The current degree spans that trigger this transformative mass configuration are around 3-7 Taurus, 26-30 Gemini, 17-21 Leo, 8-12 Libra, 29 Scorpio-3 Sag, 21-25 Capricorn, and 12-15 Pisces. If you have a planet or angle in any of these zones, you are making critical choices and decisions that will alter your future in important ways.

    This event requires that we allow what’s been stuffed down to come up to the surface of our lives, and see how we can allow use the available power wisely. The Wisdom Forms coming to us in 2019 and early 2020 show us how we’ve navigated a fork in the road of our greater destiny, leaving us ready for our greater adventure and group work in 2020 and beyond!.

    So TGI V.2 began from May through November 2018, and except for a few weeks in August-September 2019, the Uranus biseptile Pluto was in full swing between May 2019 and December 2019 and will be again March through June 2020 and Nov 2020 through April 2021. This chapter of global craziness won't be going away anytime soon, so get your navigational skills in shape to ride this storm out!

    As I’ve offered many times during this era of the Grand Irrationality, if things don’t make sense, they don’t have to. The only thing that matters is to know how to focus and not get distracted by the craziness in the atmosphere. Sometimes, when we keep our heads when all around us are losing theirs, we come out on the other side looking and feeling good!

    If you’re wondering why some people are being irrational in their responses at this time in their life, it’s likely because they have a planet in one of the 7 zones affected by the configuration. The 2019 Uranus biseptiles to Pluto have formed “revolutionary seeds” which are being released during the time the planets transit Capricorn between late November 2019 and March 2020, with Jupiter keeping the tension through November 2020 en route to the Grand Mutation.

    We can expect very dramatic non-rational events to continue to dominate the world stage over the next few months as we all navigate the larger planetary “rendezvous with destiny” promised by the many conjunctions, septiles, and biseptiles made to and from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto over the next few months. Things may not make sense, but they don’t have to. We just have to learn to navigate with a steady hand and an eye for abrupt changes.

    Saturn’s Dance With Uranus

    Saturn made the first of its long wave biseptiles with Uranus between January and May 2019, bringing the configuration into mass consciousness, triggering major life changes and realignment of responsibilities. Saturn crystallizes whatever it touches; when it biseptiled Uranus from Capricorn, it brought the Plutonic “invisible seeds” of transformation into concrete form as a structure.

    What Saturn structured in 2019 is now going to be part of the larger irrational shifts in destiny indicated by the transpersonal transformational energies again in play. Saturn is giving structure to the Plutonic seeds of the zones it occupied the past few years. Each time any inner planet transits the 7 active zones, choices, changes, and forks in the road of destiny are set into motion!

    The second Saturn biseptile was active between late April and the end of May 2019, and served as a dress rehearsal for the third and final one which happened in December 2019 and early January 2020. These “structures of the invisible seeds of revolution and transformation” will be expanded by Jupiter throughout 2020, boosted by transits to any of the 7 hot zones.

    Especially dynamic periods involve Mars conjuncting Jupiter and Pluto while Mars and Jupiter biseptile Uranus in the second and third weeks of March. Mars will trigger it again when it transits Pisces and septiles both Uranus and Pluto in early June. The final phase of Saturn’s part of the dance is between July and November 2020, when it makes its final biseptile to Uranus en route to the very powerful and volatile square to come in 2021, indicating some very entrenched larger forces at odds with each other.

    Final Thoughts

    This year marks the culmination of these larger transformational energies, since by early 2021 Jupiter and Saturn will both be square Uranus, and Uranus makes its final biseptile to Pluto. That implies last year, this year, and early next year are a period where the future destiny of the world is being shaped by the decisions made during this 1000 day period of The Grand Irrationality V.2!

    Also, whether we’re speaking of the first Grand Irrationality or the second one, everyone on Earth at some point has had the outer Transpersonal Spiritual planets in a conjunction, septile, biseptile, or triseptile to one or more natal and progressed planet. That means even when it wasn’t “generically crazy,” WE still had to go through irrational periods where we made choices which shaped our current destiny.

    In 1997, the zones were around 5-9 Sagittarius, 26-30 Capricorn, 18-22 Pisces, 9-13 Taurus, 1-5 Cancer, 22-26 Leo, and 13-17 Libra. In 2002, the zones were around 14-18 Sagittarius, 6-10 Aquarius, 27 Pisces-1 Aries, 18-22 Taurus, 9-13 Cancer, 1-5 Virgo, and 22-26 Libra. By late 2008 the zones were around 28 Sagittarius-2 Capricorn, 20-24 Aquarius, 11-15 Aries, 3-7 Gemini, 24-28 Cancer, 16-20 Virgo, and 7-11 Scorpio. By late 2014 the zones were around 11-15 Capricorn, 3-7 Pisces, 24-28 Aries, 15-19 Gemini, 7-11 Leo, 28 Virgo-2 Libra, and 20-24 Scorpio. I gave you the current zones earlier.

    As you can see, every part of the zodiac has been impacted by either Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto making a 7th harmonic aspect to it. We’ve ALL been through some crazy times the past 25 years, and are finally getting to the end of the run. That’s not to say there won’t be irrationality in the future, but at least the intensity of the eye of the storm will have passed by 2022. And that’s a good thing!

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    An Astrological Overview of November 2020

    by Robert Wilkinson

    As the editor of the Arizona Society of Astrologers newsletter, I compose an overview of each month. Today we take a look at the primary factors for the month.

    This year the month of November sees Mercury, Mars, and Neptune all going stationary direct, showing the pace will begin to pick up after the Mars retrograde in September and October! We’ve navigated nonstop squares and oppositions since early July which are now over except for an opposition of Venus to Mars in mid-November, and the three Venus squares to the stellium in Capricorn during the third week of November.

    Mercury moving forward shows that the rehearsals, reversals, reconnections, and delays of October can now be used to know when to apply soft power and when to apply hard power, when to use heart power and when to use mind power, and when to be Yin and when to be Yang. In the days before and after it goes stationary direct, Mercury makes squares to Saturn, showing our need to mobilize and rise to some occasion, as well as use our imagination to reclaim an opportunity thought lost. Do not play to the general heaviness, and see the bigger picture.

    As it races forward through its shadow zone until November 20, remember we’ve already seen these lessons twice before, so we should know what to do and how to do it in all Mercurial areas of life. Of note is that all the aspects Mercury made between late September and mid-October which it made again between mid-October and early November will be made a third time in November as Mercury again moves through late Libra and early Scorpio.

    When planets are retrograde, we do a review. When they are direct, we move forward on the basis of what we've learned. Mars moving forward shows that after our time of slowing things down, (or even reversing direction or setting things on hold for a while), it’s time to resume our forward progress, though at first it will entail finding a new inspired view and choosing a dignified withdrawal from some old life areas which no longer need our attention.

    We’ve now revisited the theme of what parts we’re singing in "The Cosmic Choir" during the Mars retrograde period, and are now prepared to play our role and help the group effort as things begin to speed up again. We’ve all learned to practice patience and endure delays while avoiding active or passive aggressive people and circumstances. There has been a marked decrease in the national violence related to the Summer squares, and everyone has learned to play it safe, guarding what they value and not taking needless chances. Now that Mars resumes its forward motion, it’s time to put our plans in play (even if slowly in the initial phase, of course!)

    This month’s transits through Scorpio, first by the Sun and then by Mercury, indicates high specialization and productivity due to the numerous quintiles and sextiles made by those planets to the Capricorn trio. (Venus will track these in early December, bringing us concretely valuable experiences related to what the Sun and Mercury bring forth this month.) This favors gifts and specialized situations and circumstances for those with planets near 22-28 Capricorn, 4-10 Aries, 16-22 Gemini, 28 Leo-4 Virgo, and 10-16 Scorpio and maximum productivity for any planets we have in the last ten degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

    Even though Venus races through its home sign of Libra this month, because Mars is no longer square any of the Capricorn planets, Venus will not replicate the Cardinal T-squares of September and October. It opposes Mars in the second week of November, but doesn’t square Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn until the third week, so the opposition should bring us a fine tuned awareness, and be excellent for any planets we have in the middle degrees of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Just make sure you’re using the right means to attain your ends, and don’t get distracted by passing things. Eyes on the prize time!

    Besides Mars going direct, the big news of November is the third Jupiter conjunct Pluto, which is exact on November 12, but extremely active all month! As it falls on the degree of “rewards for fulfilling our duty under exceptional conditions,” it should begin the growth of Plutonic seeds of power rewarding us for our courage, diligence, and willingness to take responsibility during the many storms and tag-team retrogrades in play this entire year.

    Because Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all less than 6 degrees apart, we continue to be in a time of a gigantic square across the last 10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn! Those with one or more planets in those zones have been making some serious decisions all year, and wherever the Capricorn stellium has occupied our charts will be a focus for us for many years to come, given the numerous long wave cycles set into motion in our Capricorn sector in January and March 2020. This whole year has been one of building structures and accepting disciplines related to the quantum leap coming at the Jupiter conjunction with Saturn marking the Grand Mutation beginning 20 years of Aquarian energies coming to the fore!.

    As with the last 2 months, we still have Saturn biseptile Uranus and septile Neptune with Uranus septile Neptune, generating three points of a 7-pointed “Star of Destiny." This will be activated each time the Moon moves through one of the seven “hot zones” of this evolutionary configuration. November also marks the reappearance of Uranus biseptile Pluto, triggering The Grand Irrationality V.2. with its very hard edge of revolutionary change!

    All the septile-series aspects trigger crucial choices and changes at “forks in the road of destiny.” I have written extensively about “The Grand Irrationality” which has been active for many years at this site and why all of humanity is forging its future destiny at this time. If you have a planet or point near any of the seven zones, your life is sure to be affected. In November these zones are around 24-28 Capricorn, 16-20 Pisces, 7-11 Taurus, 29 Gemini-3 Cancer, 20-24 Leo, 11-15 Libra, and 3-7 Sagittarius.

    If things seem irrational and don’t make much sense, there’s always a septile-series aspect in the mix. During this time, if things get crazy, just go slow and be clear about the choices you’re making. While a lot won’t “make sense,” it doesn’t have to; all we must do is be clear about what we’re doing and why, being balanced, moderate, and caring along the way.

    Remember, transit to transit aspects should not be taken personally, as they are universal energy phase relationships that each of us responds to in our own way. Even if things are hard-edged and make no sense, and people are not listening to reason, we still have the power to respond in productive ways, as these are points of choice and change where we determine our future destiny.

    This is the seventh month of the North Node in Gemini era, showing that our line of greatest evolutionary development is through seeing the many ways to learn and communicate a given thing, especially with an eye to revolutionary ideas coming forth which have been suppressed for a long time. Much will boil up and out to the surface this month, so beware of those who want to argue for argument’s sake.

    We’re still "under the beams" of the Solar Eclipses we’ve been through in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 which are removing a lot of detritus from our lives wherever they fell in our chart. As all Eclipses are “cosmic recyclers” removing that which we no longer need in our lives, it seems this year we’ve been changing our allegiances based on what’s leaving, and aligning ourselves with a larger reality we care about.

    While we made it through Summer’s and Autumn’s friction, as noted earlier we’re headed to a new time of intense friction in January 2021 as Mars conjuncts Uranus and both square Jupiter and Saturn around Inauguration Day. Because Saturn will square Uranus pretty much all year, we can expect some intense conflict to come. The solution to any fixed problem will be to generate positive Leo and Scorpio energy, so consider this month a practice in the latter energy so you can use it wisely in 2021! All of us will have to find focus, disregarding lesser and unimportant things through knowing what’s really pertinent in situations. While sometimes we’ll have to make hard choices, this will help us know our heart.

    So this month the Sun and Mercury make a lot of very favorable aspects, while Venus tracks the difficult aspects these two planets made in September and October. This month has Venus quincunx Uranus on Nov 3, opposed Mars Nov 9, quincunx Neptune Nov 11, square Pluto Nov 15, square Jupiter Nov 16, square Saturn Nov 19, quincunx Chiron Nov 25, and opposed Uranus Nov 27.

    Venus will help us finish finding the right perspective in our relationships, and we now move into the end game of a year of building structures which will serve us in our Aquarian expansions in 2021. Try to keep the ideal in view as you move through the constant pressure and general discontent, and remember that we're all more aware, capable, and stronger together than we are separately. Use the Sun in Scorpio to eliminate what you no longer need, attracting whatever will help your work move forward into the new era dawning. We have navigated some very rough waters these past 4 months, and now are moving toward the Light of a new day in November.

    Since I also include this in the newsletter, I’ll offer it to you here:

    Planetary motions in November 2020

    Sun – 10 Scorpio to 9 Sagittarius
    Mercury – 27 Libra back to 26 Libra, then forward to 28 Scorpio
    Venus – 5 Libra to 11 Scorpio
    Mars – 17 Aries back to 16 Aries, then forward to 17 Aries
    Jupiter – 22 to 26 Capricorn
    Saturn - 27 to 29 Capricorn
    Uranus – 9 Taurus back to 8 Taurus
    Neptune – 19 Pisces (all month)
    Pluto – 23 to 24 Capricorn
    True North Node – 21 Gemini back to 20 Gemini


    Significant astrological occurences in November 2020

    Full Moon – October 31; Sun 9 Scorpio, Moon 9 Taurus
    Mercury stationary direct – November 3 at 26 Libra
    Mercury enters Scorpio; November 10
    Mars stationary direct – November 13 at 16 Aries
    New Moon – November 14; Sun and Moon at 24 Scorpio
    Venus enters Scorpio; November 21
    Sun enters Sagittarius – November 21
    Neptune stationary direct – November 28 at 19 Pisces

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    The Cycles of Life - The Stages of Life As We Age and Evolve Pt. 1

    Over the past 50 years, one of the most interesting areas of Astrology I ever studied had to do with the various “Ages of Life” and their planetary rulerships. It seems like life has specific chapters where we learn specific things, all of it serving our evolving sense of awareness. Today we study what rules various stages of our life.

    I wrote this over a year ago for Celestial Vibes with the title The Stages and Ages of Humanity – Dasha Scenes in the Play of Life. I never published it here, so prepare to enjoy an area of astrology almost no one writes about, but which could very well have the clues as to why we go through what we go through when we go through it. We’ll begin with something Shakespeare wrote about the subject!

    The Bard of Avon once famously wrote in As You Like It, “All the world’s a stage, and each player has their entrances and exits.” What most do not know is the entire speech gives us clues about “the 7 Ages of Life.”

    A human life has definite chapters. They begin in infancy, and each one closes as another one opens at crucial turning points in our lives. So what did William Shakespeare actually write about the chapters of life?

    From As You Like It, Act II Scene VII Line 138, as delivered by “Melancholy Jaques:”

    All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
    Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms;
    And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
    And shining morning face, creeping like snail
    Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
    Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
    Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
    Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,
    Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
    Seeking the bubble reputation
    Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
    In fair round belly with good capon lin’d,
    With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
    Full of wise saws and modern instances;
    And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
    Into the lean and slipper’d pantaloon,
    With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
    His youthful hose, well sav’d, a world too wide
    For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,
    Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
    And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
    That ends this strange eventful history,
    Is second childishness and mere oblivion;
    Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

    As a result of almost 50 years of observation, each time I hear the number 7 associated with anything, I immediately look for the associations with the Seven Sacred Planets. If there are 7 of anything, there’s likely a correlation with the planets. Some of the above correlations are clearly planetary, but I believe slightly off.

    Yes, of course the first chapter of life would be ruled by the Moon, since we are utterly helpless and dependent on our family for life. We have no independent light of our own, and can only reflect our immediate surroundings.

    The second chapter could naturally be assigned to Mercury, with its diversification, multiplication and coordination functions. That is the era of the elementary school child and our evolution into the prepubescent teen.

    The third chapter above sounds very much like Venus, with images like the lover, the ballad, and the mistress, but the fourth chapter above sounds much more like Mars, diverging from the natural order which should be a Solar era, when we let our light shine. Of course, this could also be a “blind” to divert those not ready to know the full picture.

    So Shakespeare apparently assigns the fourth chapter to Mars, the warrior, “sudden and quick in quarrel,” which certainly sounds like Mars! I even contemplated that this was the Solar era, since in Shakespeare’s time the King was expected to be an excellent warrior as well! However, that brings us to the fifth era.

    The fifth chapter sounds a lot like Jupiter, the “wise justice” of “round belly.” This doesn’t describe Mars in the slightest, so it seems Shakespeare omitted the Sun. The sixth chapter sounds like Saturn, and the seventh chapter sounds like the end of the end. I suppose old age is like that. However….

    As you know, I believe Saturn gives us strength and power in its own way so that we may persist as long as it takes to fulfill Dharma. With Saturn as our Friend and Spiritual Master, we cannot fail. Our body may age, but our Higher Self, our Atma-Buddhi-Manas “Soul Spirit” is always there to fulfill our purpose for being on Earth. Even when we are in the season of “the gray hair,” we can still shine our Light to our World.

    Assuming that Shakespeare was on to something known to ancient Astrologers, Alchemists, and Esoteric Philosophers, it’s not hard to see that there are clear stages in a human life which seem to parallel the order of the planets from innermost to outermost, with the Sun standing in for the Earth. When I first discovered Astrology, this was one of the sub-branches which fascinated me. However, the question of how many years to assign to each perplexed me.

    Planetary Correlations With Life Periods

    I first wondered about assigning 7 years to each planetary era, beginning with the Moon. That would yield inner planet correlations through age 49, and even if you added Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, it would still only take us to 70. If you stopped at 49 and then mirrored the same pattern in reverse order, it would end at 98. I suppose 91-98 would be very Lunar! Still, if we are to believe the ancient texts, the human vehicle was designed to live to around 115-120 max, and with our advances in understanding, we are able to live longer than most other generations throughout history.

    Then I discovered two extraordinary offerings in The Encyclopedia of Astrology. The first addressed this Shakespearean order, but gave each chapter different lengths. I do not know who determined the lengths. It offers us

    Moon – Growth – 4 years (Birth to 4) – The mewling babe
    Mercury – Education – 10 years (5-14) – The scholar
    Venus – Emotion – 8 years (15-22) – The lover
    Sun – Virility – 19 years (23-42) – The citizen
    Mars – Ambition – 15 years (43-57) – The soldier
    Jupiter – Reflection – 12 years (58-69) – The judge
    Saturn – Resignation – 30 years (70-99) – slippers

    The second listing is a very interesting set of correlations by the venerable 19th century British medical Doctor and Astrologer Sepharial, who at one point lived with Madame Blavatsky and helped found the Theosophical Society in England. His knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom is probably why he assigned a period to Pluto, even though it wasn’t discovered in his lifetime. In Sepharial’s listing, we find :

    Moon -7 years - 0 to 7,
    Mercury – 8 years – 8-15
    Venus – 9 years – 16-24
    Sun – 10 years – 25-34
    Mars – 11 years – 35-45
    Jupiter – 12 years – 46-57
    Saturn – 13 years - 58-70
    Uranus – 14 years – 71-84
    Neptune – 15 years – 85-99
    Pluto – 16 years – 100-115.

    This makes much more sense in terms of a human life, as the periods tend to resemble the general evolution from infancy to young childhood, to adolescence into adulthood, with ambition, expansion, contraction, and individualization all featured from 35 to 85, which sounds about right to me! It is speculated that because each of these periods is dominated by a planetary influence, where that planet is in our charts and the aspects made between it and our other planets will indicate some of the qualities of that period.

    That implies your Moon will show the earliest years of your life, and that is confirmed through traditional astrology. Our Mercury sign, house, and aspects theoretically indicate what we can expect in the second chapter of life, our Venus sign, house, and aspects show the quality of the third chapter of life, and so forth. In a general way, I see some very specific correlations between those periods and the planets in my chart associated with the periods.

    There is an entire field of study in Vedic Astrology dedicated to Dashas, or planetary periods. There are at least 43 Dasha systems, and they involve assigning various lengths of time throughout life to various planetary rulers and subrulers,

    including the North and South Nodes of the Moon, called Rahu and Ketu respectively. This is one of the areas where Eastern and Western Astrology could probably find common ground and help each other’s understanding of the larger field of the Ages of Life.

    The Cycles of Life - The Stages of Life As We Age and Evolve Pt. 2

    Yesterday we explored several venerable sources which opened up several approaches to the cycles of life, and what planet governs what period of our lives. Today we continue with what Dane Rudhyar had to say about the cycles of life and why we have specific challenges at specific stages throughout our existence on Earth.

    The Seven Year Cycles

    Along with investigating the systems we explored yesterday, including the possible subperiods within those systems, I also discovered another system, developed initially in a basic form by Dane Rudhyar, involving 7 year cycles. His work offered two evolutionary tracks; one for the “non-individualized person,” and one for the “individualizing person.” Without going too deeply into the subject, it might be said that the non-individualized person is dominated by the collective unconscious and its herd mentality compulsions and the second is identified with what it means to be truly an individual.

    He offered that for those who are not individualized, there is a 70 year arc. The first 5 seven year cycles are expansive and involutionary, and the second 5 seven year cycles are evolutionary and about fulfilling our life. There are 5 levels we move through for our first 35 years, and then the same 5 levels become grounds for evolution as we mirror our first 35 years in the second 35 years.

    We spend 7 years experiencing the “body level,” then move into 7 years of the “power” level. From 14-21 we experience the “psychological” level, from 21-28 the “social-cultural” level and from 28-35 the “individual personality” level. We then mirror the process, with 35-42 the declining “individual personality” level, 42-49 the declining “social cultural” level, and so on.

    The 84-Year Cycle of Individualization

    However, for those on a path to individualization, he offered an 84 year cycle, identified with the planet of spiritual individualization, Uranus! In that model, he offers the first 28 years are a product of our physical birth, and our second 28 years are a product of type of rebirth, that of individuality, since around 27-29 we experience both our first progressed Lunar Return and our first Saturn return, both highly significant events which allow us to feel differently, care differently, and claim our Saturnine power to transform from a youth to an adult.

    In my own work, I have found the first 28 years are like “The Thesis, or Point of Life,” from 28-56 “The Antithesis, or Counterpoint of Life,” and 56-84 are “The Synthesis, or Renewal of Life.” I’ve also noted that the first 28 are about realizations, the second 28 are about applying those realizations, and the third 28 are about the skillful use of our wisdom based in how we’ve applied our realizations throughout our lives. And applying what we know from another venerable source, it could be speculated that our first 28 years mostly are about the material world, our second 28 years are about the social world, and the third 28 years are about the spiritual life.

    Qualities of the 7 Year Periods Within the Larger 28 Year Periods

    Over the years, I’ve also noted that each 28 year period naturally divides into 4 periods of 7 years each. Any time there are 4 of anything in play, there will be many correlations. One could be that 0-7 is the Winter of that 28 year period, 7-14 is the Springtime, 14-21 is the Summer of that period, and 21-28 is the Autumn of that period. The cycle repeats with 28-35 being the Winter of the second third of life, 35-42 being the Springtime of that period, 42-49 the Summer, and 49-56 the Autumn, and so forth.

    In a similar vein, we could say that 0-7 is ruled by the East, the place of the rising Sun and new beginnings; 7-14 is ruled by the South, the place of sustainment and security; 14-21 is ruled by the West, the place of passages and endings; and 21-28 is ruled by the North, where we “give report” to our Higher Self, our God, our Master, or the Eternal. Then it repeats, where 28-35 is ruled by the East and new beginnings occur, 35-42 is ruled by the South and we find comfort and sustainment, 42-49 is ruled by the West and we confront important life endings, and 49-56 is ruled by the North, where we must confront the truth as we have experienced it throughout our lives at that point. The cycle would obviously repeat for 56-84.

    Besides the seasonal and directional metaphors, we could also apply the four levels of human life, those being the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual worlds. In that model, 0-7 is physical, 7-14 is emotional-social, 14-21 is individual-mental, and 21-28 is spiritual-aspirational, repeating the pattern with 28-35 having a material, physical and actional focus, 35-42 having more of a social-emotional focus, 42-49 having an intellectual and psychological focus, and 49-56 having a spiritual emphasis. This would obviously repeat for 56-84.

    How each of these life periods works out on the different levels is totally dependent on how evolved we are, and what our various life energies are devoted to. In my work over the years, I have also developed an exact correlation between the planets and each year of each 7 year cycle which I’ll eventually put in a book on this subject. I’ve applied this in my counseling work, and find the planetary correlations reveal the qualities of each year of our lives, how each year relates to previous years, and what to do and when.

    Until then, enjoy reflecting on the various ways of measuring the Ages of your Life, and how certain major shifts occurred every 7 years. These 7 year shifts moved your learning and awareness into a new field of action, feeling, and thought, leading you to higher realizations. Our lives are a continuum of evolving skills, feelings, and ideas, all leading us to the realization that we ARE Spiritual Beings having human experiences. Then we understand all challenges, all changes, and all successes serve our evolving consciousness to become the Wisdom we are to give to our world.

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    It has been asserted that the moon (personality) has sway over one's 1st half of life, the 2nd half the sun sign takes precedence with its (character)
    “I am a social justice...advocate and I say, "Stop the Hate!"

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    Spiritual Astrology – The Friction in our Lives Helps us Grow Spiritually

    by Robert Wilkinson

    It is said that all spiritual progress is the result of “Fire By Friction.” While we all like our pleasant interactions, we also encounter friction, often arising from circumstances without us doing or saying anything. Why do certain encounters generate more friction than others?

    While relative harmony and friction can be seen in the placements of our planets in another’s chart, and theirs in ours, there is a tremendously powerful spiritual factor which determines how much friction there is. We all need to grow. We often must be challenged by people and circumstances so we can refine our responses to a more spiritually harmonized view.

    Many of us have struggled with the fact that throughout our lives, though we may try to harmonize with others, some people just aren’t able to harmonize with us. These are situations where we came together with hope and optimism, but then because of whatever, the relationship just never did come together. While some of this can be seen in the planetary positions, other times it seems like a mystery why we didn’t click.

    We see this in every family. Even though we share genetics and a similar family and cultural matrix, each family produces unique personalities making their choices. Certainly we don’t have the same charts, the same spiritual awareness, or the same responses to events which shape our personalities.

    This is true for everyone we meet; we each have our own level of personality integration, we each have our own desires, whether healthy or unhealthy, and each has their own limitations due to the subconscious mind’s programming from the family and cultural matrix. Obviously we all want harmonious relationships with our neighbors and co-workers, but each is bound by their own limitations. This is why we will never be accepted by some people. If their path is contrary to ours, it is difficult to find common ground.

    It is normal to expect reasonably harmonious relations with others. That’s why we search for them. However, from a spiritual angle, we grow through the Cosmic force of Fire by Friction. In any dynamic relationship, there will always be some small level of friction to spur the relationship forward. It doesn’t have to be a difficult friction, which we have more control over than we think. Even the grind between us and another could polish the gemstone of the Soul in each of us.

    As we move through both harmonious and difficult relationships, Fire by Friction will always move us to a more spiritual view of life’s interactions. The friction which lights up life’s truths for us is how personality is refined.

    Over the years, I’ve observed that people with powerful spiritual planets near the angles of their chart are activators of that energy in others. It works without intention, and creates an energy others respond to according to their level of awareness. So it is possible that our Uranus could activate an awakening in others without either of us knowing what was going on. It’s easy to see that an invisible force activating an awakening in another might be misunderstood and become a source of conflict if the one who is awakening doesn’t have a spiritual practice.

    Neptune dissolves and expands the sensitivity to the collective field. Pluto brings purification and experiences of “the underworld of existence,” whether past or present. An unintegrated personality often fears these things. If our energy is activating a transformation in another, things could get frictional in all kinds of unsuspected ways if they choose to respond from the lower ego rather than their Higher Self.

    If our Saturn activates another and they haven’t dealt with fear or taking responsibility for their actions, they might become afraid of us or evasive, since that’s their lesson. We may not be doing anything except breathing, but if our presence precipitates a spiritual crisis in another, a) we cannot take it personally, and b) we must become the positive expression of the negative planetary energy they’re demonstrating.

    If they are afraid, we must be clear, loving, and unafraid. If they are impatient, we must be patient and thoughtful. If they are touchy and defensive, we must be detached and positive. Our responses may or may not be received as we would like, but then our responses are not dependent on anyone else’s attitude or mood.

    You can also apply this to many frictional encounters with people in your past. If the lessons stuck and activated a growth pattern in you, it was friction activating your spiritual potential by the person who rejected you, or attacked you, or refused you. All conflict serves a spiritual purpose in helping us choose wise responses despite the friction.

    Because we ARE Love, we naturally radiate care to others we meet, hoping to find resonance. As we become a living Light in our world, some will respond with love and others will feel fear. How another perceives our love and care and responds to it is entirely up to them.

    While we always have to own our part in any interaction, because of who we are and what we are to learn from and teach others, whether we want to or not, it’s really less about us and more about the energy we bring to each encounter. We are radiant Loving Wise Intelligences, each in our own way. As we express these qualities and remember we are all as surrounded by Love and Community as a fish by water, we will find our Community through both the friction and harmony of life.

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    The Division of Humanity – Part 1

    by Robert Wilkinson

    We have heard from venerable sources in antiquity that every 10,000 years or so, there is a great division in humanity where who gets to reincarnate on Earth is set for a new Eon, with many Soul/Spirits going on to other evolutionary schemes. Today we crack the door a fraction of an inch on this subject.

    It seems self-evident that around the world, people are dividing into two camps which can be approximately described as “higher humanity” and “lower humanity” based in their level of awareness and critical thinking skills. It’s really a matter of what parts of the brain are being used, and the ability to distinguish subtleties. Because some strive for excellence and integrated understanding, while others live in fear, superstition and ignorance, the division has to do with brain functioning.

    The Problem of Selfishness

    This division is graphically illustrated by how people react to the pandemic, including the disease, the inconvenience, the risk, and the responsibilities. It seems this is going on in many nations. There are those who are fact-based and socially responsible who strive to make a better world despite the inconveniences, and those who are belief and opinion based, and superstitiously afraid of inclusivity and change. The polarization around the pandemic has made this division clear.

    We have those who accept science and their greater social responsibility to take precautions, care about their impact on others, and do what they can to prevent giving or receiving a virus which can kill, and we have those who do not accept science, take no responsibility for the potential to spread the virus, and put money over life itself. This shows as the split between those who are acting in unselfish ways and those who are acting in selfish ways.

    This is clearly a delineating line between those who have a sense of interrelatedness and those who do not, those who know “we are our Brother’s (and Sister’s) keepers” and those who put selfish desires and demands over the greater good. It seems the virus has brought out the best and worst in people, and each is choosing to recognize their part in the greater whole, or continue to stay lost in selfishness and self-separateness.

    The interesting thing about this split is that it is not “equal” for both groups. Those who strive for knowledge and awareness still receive knowledge and awareness, both in easy and tough times. But those who reference lower, or denser frequencies of awareness, tend to become ever more narrow in their focus, knowledge, and understanding. Again, they reference self-reinforcing beliefs as paramount over knowledge.

    We see this in the strong and weak poles of the Higher Mind and the lower mind. The strong pole of the lower mind is desire, and desire is stronger than reason or intellect. This is why we cannot reason with unreasonable people who have rationalized their desire, whether the desire to believe a delusion, a desire to exercise unhealthy power over others, or a desire to destroy what they do not value.

    The Polarization Between Awareness and Ignorance

    As you can see, this division of humanity into higher humanity and lower humanity is not about whether a group of Souls aren't "as good as" those who are more advanced; it's strictly a matter of their personalities not being as advanced as those who have chosen to lead a mindful existence and examined their emotional issues and baggage and dealt with it. This also extends to what they care about and why they care about it. You will see they always frame things in terms of narrow interests and what they believe they know with hostility to all which might contradict their world view.

    A pandemic virus which kills millions of all ages and ethnicities and has no regard for wealth or opinions has brought all of us to a critical point in history: will we accept the science and our shared humanity, or will we ignore the science and participate in a mass die-off of our species? I have noted that while some accept the official death tally and are aware it’s probably much larger than the official totals, there are millions who believe the virus is a hoax, cannot have killed and isn’t killing countless people around the world, and refuse to take responsibility for showing compassion for others by the simple act of wearing a mask.

    Even now, the number of deaths globally are accelerating. We are told it is raging on every continent, and we have no idea how many have really died, since there are no cameras or hospitals in the middle of the Sahel, the Kalahari, and other remote places where people live and die. This is Nature Herself knocking on humanity's door with death on her elbow. Those of us who have learned a certain fearlessness through surrendering to the reality of the underworld are here to maintain our equilibrium when everyone else is off theirs. While we cannot do much about the chaos all around, we can be the Lighthouse in the hurricane.

    The Value of Remembering All Forms Pass Away

    At some point in life, we all must face certain realities about our mortality and our purpose for being alive on Earth. This helps generate courage and determination to kill out fear whenever it shows its ugly face. Our times going through the underworld of human existence can be of great help during these times of transition.

    Because I had an NDE in 1984, I know that we’re all "high risk" every day for checking out. That's why we learn to live fearlessly, not fearing what others fear, generating as much love and joy as we can each day knowing that one day will be our last. All of us who have chosen a Higher Way are here to walk our talk and live the higher Truths we’ve found. As we embrace our experience of the borderland where Life meets death, we find the dream awakens to its impermanence and fear dissolves.

    I believe we have entered a long term period of radical change, as it seems the planet Herself is dishing out more extreme events and more extreme challenges for humanity. And getting back to what I stated at the beginning, according to esoteric history, every so often there's a huge reshuffling of humanity's deck and many Eternals go to other evolutionary schemes simply because their evolution is better suited to a different frequency of existence. We could very well be at the front end of a mass extinction of many species, including a billion or more of our own.

    That said, we Eternals are all part of the web of Life itself, and never separate from “All That Is” or each other for even a moment. Both higher and lower humanity coexist in the field of Loving Light, with the former learning to mentor the latter when they are receptive in karmic moments where a door of understanding might open. Of course, all experiments come to an end someday, and so often we must say goodbye to old ways before we feel ready to do so. And every ending is followed by a new beginning. Even as many Souls are preparing to move on to other evolutionary schemes, there are other Souls preparing to enter our evolutionary system who are more suited to this planet than those who are leaving.

    We who strive to make a better world where “light and love and power restore the Plan on Earth” live and love with every breath we take. We bear witness to our non-separateness. We love with every moment we choose the heart over the mind, and courage over fear. We have the power to be the light in the darkness which will continue until humanity has birthed a new Era and let go of the old. As we’re all just actors playing our parts in the weird scenes inside the gold mine of human existence, then treat each encounter as your last, with an open heart and an open mind in this season of “saying goodbye quickly.”

    Tomorrow we’ll explore more about the split humanity’s going through, and other features of this door opening to a major evolutionary leap for the Earth and all creatures who live.

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    The Division of Humanity – Part 2

    by Robert Wilkinson

    When studying source material decades ago, I read that every 10,000 years or so, there is a great division in humanity where many who have been part of the Earth’s evolutionary scheme move on to other systems, and others who have prepared for human incarnation on Earth is set for a new Eon. Today we continue to take a brief look through a Cosmic Lens at the radical split going on in humanity dividing the species into “higher humanity” and “lower humanity.”

    As I gave you in part one, this split into the higher and lower manifestations of our species is not about whether a group of Souls aren't "as good as" those who are more advanced; it's strictly a matter of their personalities not being as advanced as those who have chosen to lead a mindful existence and examined their emotional issues and baggage and dealt with their responsibilities as part of the greater social existence. It is evident in the split between those who strive for inclusivity and progress, and those who frame things in terms of narrow interests and what they believe they know, with hostility to all which might contradict their world view.

    Because ego-mind is fear based, it sees all other views outside its own as potentially hostile. That means it references its own ignorance as the outer boundary of its belief system. That naturally would lead to a polarization between those who value science, fact, and training for expertise in certain advanced fields, and those who don't know fact from opinion, believe in things that never were and never could be, refuse expertise except when it suits them, and nurse intense hatred and fear of those who don't agree with them.

    The return of tribalism is a feature of the split, and because of the Law of Attraction, each is finding the communities suitable for where they’re at. Those who are fear based are finding others who are fear based; those who are violent are finding others who are violent. However, those who have any degree of higher awareness are also finding others who vibrate to similar frequencies of feeling, thought, and aspiration. There is an organic harmony to how like-minded Beings find each other, since all of life vibrates to the Law of Attraction. And as we find others, we naturally discover that what we each bring to the table of fellowship perfectly contributes to the whole of what is brought forth.

    This division of humanity was "predicted" a long time ago. While I feel compassion for those who are lost in separateness, oppositional thinking, and self-serving attitudes, I also know that the Earth has ways of recycling people who really don't need to be here because their mindset is too destructive for what's coming soon. I think a lot of Eternals are going to different systems soon because they really don’t have any more purpose to be on Earth in a human form. Not necessarily "worse" or "bad," but because of their chosen attitudes toward life, humanity, and how they live, they themselves have declared the Law of their existence and what shall be fulfilled.

    We Are Learning Physical, Emotional, and Mental Intelligence

    Our lives on Earth are a series of constantly changing forms, images, perceptions, and interpretations. Humans are here to learn and adapt, growing in material, emotional, and mental skills so that their personalities can shine the Light of the Soul in everyday affairs. We are a combination of animal and the divine Spark of Soul/Spirit. We are here to evolve our human mechanism to be adept at expressing Love, Wisdom, and Active Intelligence in our world whenever karma permits it.

    Up to this point in human evolution, most have been haunted by the impermanence of all material things. This drives many to cling to the “self-grasping, self-cherishing mind” which fears all it cannot control. Of course all of these mental tendencies are illusions, since we cannot make something permanent in an impermanent reality. However, our responses to the impermanence of material things indicates our level of emotional and mental intelligence, which is a crucial factor in the difference between higher humanity and lower humanity.

    Many humans have little to no emotional intelligence, and that a) cripples them, and b) is a source of sorrow for the rest of us who have emotional intelligence. Because none of us are raised by saint or sages, and our society (and many others as well!) do not really value it, it's understandable that many lack emotional intelligence. This is also a factor creating a schism in humanity, since those who are emotionally aware grow in empathy, and those who are not aware have no empathy. In an evolutionary scheme where we’re supposed to have compassion, or “fellow feeling,” then it is clear we’re supposed to be developing emotional connectedness with others of our species, as well as other species on Earth.

    The value of emotional intelligence is easily seen by how we respond to slogans, propaganda, and opinions. Those who are emotionally intelligent are not seduced by memes, slogans, and propaganda. However, those who are not emotionally intelligent have a subconscious desire mind instantly excited by slogans, propaganda, and any message which makes them feel special and “greater than” other. That prevents them from understanding that some of the rest of us are more aware than they are, since their self-worth depends on their ego conception being “better than” that which is outside that conception.

    Intellect is the weak pole of the Higher Mind, and is a useful tool in training the lower mind to reconsider some of its reasoning, and to a lesser degree, its desires. By our mental adaptability, we learn to consider things outside our conceptual “Ring Pass Not,” and come to a larger view of the whole of things. I explain the value and purpose of the “Ring Pass Not” in Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend, since the three bodies of our lower triad all require constant adaptation throughout our lives in order to remain a fit vehicle to express our Higher Self. As we make our choices, we naturally prepare the path of our future evolution.

    Each of Us Creates the Exact Rewards and Experiences in Our Existence

    Remember the Three Truths from Light on the Path, which makes it clear that each chooses which evolutionary path they want to evolve on.

    "Regard the three truths. They are equal. These written above are the first of the rules which are written on the walls of the Hall of Learning. Those that ask shall have. Those that desire to read shall read. Those who desire to learn shall learn."
    "There are Three Truths which are absolute, and cannot be lost, but yet may remain silent for lack of speech.

    "The soul of man is immortal, and its future is the future of a thing whose growth and splendour has no limit.

    "The principle which gives life dwells in us, and without us, is undying and eternally beneficent, is not heard, or seen, or smelt, but is perceived by the man who desires perception.

    "Each man is his own absolute law-giver, the dispenser of glory or gloom to himself; the decreer of his life, his reward, his punishment.

    "These Truths, which are as great as is life itself, are as simple as the simplest mind of man. Feed the hungry with them."

    Each of us chooses our future evolution with each breath we take, and how we live and respond to Life in the NOW. We all choose our behavior in each moment, what we do and feel and think. All of these create karmic patterns which must be fulfilled in the future.

    That’s why given the way many are screaming, getting angry and hostile, and threatening others, it’s clear they’re having a problem with the way things are on Earth right now. Again, it’s not a question of “good” or “bad” as much as it’s acknowledging that some people just need a different evolutionary system. It’s not about reward or punishment, right or wrong. Some Beings just need a different way to evolve. This place is only appropriate for those who want to learn to cooperate with Gaia as it puts all of humanity through Earth changes which are already accelerating by the year.

    Love and the Power of Attraction

    Over the years I have worked with countless disciples of many branches of the three great Schools of the Wisdom. It seems there's an organic "orbit" to members of any "solar system" or "constellation" of human Eternals fulfilling their purpose. We each build the work we are here to do, and then find others who also have a vision in that realm. Even the FB groups dedicated to the Wisdom have an organic interaction, with some members the transmitting neurons in our local part of the Global Brain-Mind.

    We are in a long wave transitional era where it could be said "each is choosing the frequencies" they want to evolve on for centuries to come. We are literally on the cutting edge of a historical shift like no one on Earth has ever experienced. Many life forms are leaving or evolving, and humanity is just another life form which must adapt to the challenges the planet is dishing up.

    We are at a point in Cosmic Time when the old experiments are ending, so that new experiments may be done. This is the end of a long wave era of materialism and the entry to a new collective vision, understanding, and cooperation. We see a significator in the Grand Mutation of this year, and how it portends the next 20 as well as 200 years. And because Cosmic Time is a much vaster scale than human time, this “door which swings open once every 10,000 years” could take decades to fulfill as many Eternals connected to the Earth move into other more appropriate evolutionary systems, from the densest to the Masters of the Wisdom, and evolved Beings in the animal realm take on human existence.

    We are told this evolutionary scheme is about Love. Love of self, love of each other, love of the Earth, love of the invisible world, and love of “God.” Those who are dedicated to learning and living a greater Love will always do well, even if learning that greater Love entails a lot of headache and heartbreak. This is the planet to learn about Love, and we are living Beings in an ecosphere of Beings all together in a vast electromagnetic field of Love and Light. So as forms come and go, and endings pervade our times, remember you are an Eternal who never dies, and are here to shine the Light of Loving Wisdom to your world, however you do that best.

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    These statements from the Division of Humanity stood out for me.

    I'm very sad for those who so easily accuse others of hatred. They project what is in their own hearts. I hope whatever new template they find will help them move towards love and away from hate.

    And getting back to what I stated at the beginning, according to esoteric history, every so often there's a huge reshuffling of humanity's deck and many Eternals go to other evolutionary schemes simply because their evolution is better suited to a different frequency of existence.

    This place is only appropriate for those who want to learn to cooperate with Gaia as it puts all of humanity through Earth changes which are already accelerating by the year.

    This is the end of a long wave era of materialism and the entry to a new collective vision, understanding, and cooperation.

    We are told this evolutionary scheme is about Love.

    This is the planet to learn about Love, and we are living Beings in an ecosphere of Beings all together in a vast electromagnetic field of Love and Light.

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    Are We Entering the Age of Aquarius?

    by Robert Wilkinson

    Yes, but while we approach the threshold, we’re not there yet! We are now in a transitional Era which is a blend of the old and the new, the established and the innovative, the traditional and the progressive.

    A while back I did two articles about this transitional period, and why we’re not yet fully in the Age of Aquarius. As I mentioned in the article on the Grand Mutation, it takes many hundreds of years to move from an old Great Age to a new Great Age, due to the span of Cosmic Time we’re referencing. A Great Age doesn’t begin or end on a given day. Any transition between Ages requires a vaster view of the length of time it takes to move fully out of an old Age into a new Age.

    So today, I’ll reprint parts of those two articles, with links so if you’re interested you can read the whole thing in context. We’ll begin with

    Are We In The Age of Pisces Or Have We Begun The Age of Aquarius?

    If we conservatively estimate that the first 3 degrees of a sign and the last 3 degrees of the preceding sign represent a transition period, then if each degree equals approximately 72 years, then we're looking at a transition period of about 432 years. Even if we shorten the transition to 2 degrees exiting and entering signs, we're still looking at about 288 years defining the heart of any transitional period. So transitional eras between Ages can last 300 to 400 years!

    H.P. Blavatsky offered us in her masterwork The Secret Doctrine that in humanity’s past, the overlap between Root Races and subraces lasted in some cases for many thousands of years. Proportionally, that would probably hold true for the smaller time cycles we call the Great Ages within the “Circumpolar Cycle” of 26,000 years. She makes it clear that in any transitional era, there will be those who cling to old ways of thinking who exist simultaneously with those who represent the new Era.

    Remember, given human nature, it’s not like everyone on Earth immediately changes their way of relating to consciousness, life, matter, and human existence when a larger shift is going on. Even now we have 19th century thinkers insisting their values should be more important than 21st century necessities.

    That means even when we finally “enter the Age of Aquarius” there will still be many alive on Earth with Age of Pisces consciousness. It could take as long as another century before the current consensus reality agreement is extinct, and Aquarian approaches and values are accepted as a universal norm.

    Awakening to A New Dream

    ... If Uranus awakens us to a Transpersonal individuality, Neptune “dreams” us into a new Transpersonal collective awareness. During the time Uranus was awakening new Aquarian energies in each of us, Neptune began its transit of Aquarius. From early 1998 through early 2012, Neptune weaved and blended that awakened Aquarian energy into the holographic matrix of both collective consciousness as well as the collective unconscious. When Pluto eventually crosses those same points, it will awaken the seeds of the Aquarian era, which will look very differently than most 20th century thinkers suspect.

    Still, because these Transpersonal planets represent the invisible long wave transformational energies of Spirit, all of this momentous activity in Aquarius is just a prelude to the next Great Age of 2100+ years, which will take clearer shape in the world as Jupiter and Saturn move through that sign in 2020-2023, setting structures and opening pathways in Aquarius which Pluto will begin to give life to in March 2023 when it enters Aquarius for the first time since it last left that sign in December 1798. After those Plutonic seeds have sprouted and been purified between 2023 and 2043, we shall see even newer Aquarian structures and efforts when Saturn again transits Aquarius beginning 2050.

    In the next article in this series, we’ll discuss more about the Neptune and Pluto transits in Aquarius, and how we have holographically molded the collective future through our dreams during the time of Neptune in Aquarius, preparing us for the exciting prototypical Aquarian sub-era we’ll be going through over the next 25 years!

    Uranus Awakened the Age of Aquarius, Neptune Dreamed It Into Collective Consciousness, and Pluto Will Sprout It Into Life

    As I just gave you, we began to move into the transition zone leading us out of the Age of Pisces about 240 years ago, around the time of Uranus' discovery, the American and French Revolutions, and the end of the "divine right" of kings, queens, and the priesthood that allowed them to believe they were better than the rest of humanity. Every generation since then has lived in the current “Age in Transition,” with conflicting signals between the inertia of old Piscean belief systems and emergent Aquarian ideals associated with “Enlightenment thinking.”

    Because we all have been and will be living our lives entirely within the larger transitional era, many things will seem uncertain. There will be many emergent ideas which are mere “bridge forms” and only serve to coax future developments to come forth. We know we are in “the in-betweens” of the old Piscean era with its superstitions and obsolete belief systems and the new Aquarian era which will focus on the ideal of the greatest good for the greatest number.

    As the old Piscean patterns are not yet dead, it means we’ll confront many older ways which are dying a slow death even as we experience prototypical Aquarian manifestations of things we have never dreamed of. How much we experience both entirely depends on our state of consciousness. Many are confused because they are experiencing both, with conflict between points of view which are wildly divergent. This is where grounding in the NOW can give us perspective about the fading nightmare being the illusion and the global awareness of our Oneness becoming stronger every day.

    The qualities of the coming Era are in fact entirely different than the dying one. The synthesizing quality of the Fixed Air of Aquarius is a much different energy than the restless ambiguity of the Mutable Water of Pisces. Aquarius is clear; Pisces is murky. Both are totally identified with collective consciousness, but the collective belief systems of the past 2000 years are inadequate to further the advances in human awareness and consciousness which have been patterns established in collective consciousness with the transits of Uranus and Neptune through Aquarius.

    And so in our Age in Transition, while we are on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, it’s going to be a while before we will finally bid adieu to the old, rapidly-fading Age of Pisces. The good news is that those who have learned to tune into the coming global awareness these past 25 years are actually participating in strengthening the approach of the coming era by embodying facets of that awareness in their lives.

    From another part of that article:

    What was awakened by Uranus and “tag teamed” into collective consciousness by Neptune will begin to sprout into widespread global transformative pulses beginning in 2023 and intensify in 2024 with Pluto’s entry into Aquarius. This marks the advent of the "Spring of the 21st Century," when Pluto will activate the seeds of the coming era. The last time Pluto transited Aquarius was the beginning of this transitional era between Great Ages about 240 years ago, and like then, we confront the edge of a huge historical shift in mass consciousness which completely transformed humanity.

    All the Aquarian patterns were re-set with the latest Uranus and Neptune transits of Aquarius at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries. Saturn will soon give us brand new structures as it makes its first transit of Aquarius in this new Uranus/Neptune awakened Aquarian dream. These will be the structures which Pluto will use to begin a new 250 year Aquarian era after it enters that sign in 2023 and stays through 2044.

    As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, in the “century cycle” each century has 4 “seasons.” The first 25 years are the “Winter” of a century, while the second 25 years are the “Spring” of that century. So when Pluto enters Aquarius, it will launch the “Spring” of the 21st century, when collectively we shall awaken from the “Winter” of 2000-2025, and see the growth of what this coming century is all about. It will certainly be a welcome change from the barrenness of what has been and is, and will be a period where much that is good will be redeemed from the wreckage of the destroyed failed systems we presently live within.

    During that season of 2025-2050, Pluto will reawaken the seeds of Life-Light that humanity is in its collective nature, and we shall see things not dreamed of in hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The collective will become aware of things that up to now have been revolutionary ideas and ideals dreamed and revealed by the trailblazers who have tuned into the Uranian and Neptunian patterns.

    As befits the qualities of Aquarius (and coincidentally, the dawning Dwapara Yuga, or the “Age of Electromagnetic Remembrance”), new forms will show us new ways of being alive and using the miraculous electromagnetic principles of creation to bring forth a much more effective and loving way of being Spirits in this material world. We will re-discover miracles of how the natural world works, and find solutions to everything that plagues humanity.

    By all means, check out the whole articles, as there’s a lot more valuable information about our Age in Transition!

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    This is a plane of sorrow, but it doesn't have to break us. It can make us more compassionate.

    Facing Death, Facing Life

    As many of you know, on this day thirty three years ago I was put on a quest I never wanted, never invited, but somehow anticipated after it was too far gone to turn back. I joined “the world’s most reluctant club,” and from that point on was led through hell and back.Today is about finding strength and courage in facing loss so we may live a greater Life.

    It is said there are only two significant points in a human life; birth and death. After early childhood, we make everything else in between, for better or for worse. We welcome new experiences we hope will be “good;” we avoid new experiences we believe will be “bad;” and yet what we call Destiny, or Dharma, or Tao, calls us ever-forward, one step at a time, one day at a time, until we too lay down the joyous burden of our Spirit dragging our body through this existence.

    While we may be Eternals having human experiences, some of those experiences are very difficult, as they bring us face to face with universal truths about life and death. Though we may grow through pleasant experiences, we are called to our strength through painful experiences which teach us how to manage our feelings and attitudes despite being in chaotic agony.

    We come into life without understanding, without wisdom, and without any control over our lives. We learn to fear the unknown, and yet often find ourselves dealing with unknowns because we must grow, whether we want to or not. As an ancient Chinese book of Wisdom states, “those who will not heed must be made to feel.” For a people who are taught we should not feel too much, that creates a lot of unnecessary suffering for us.

    In learning how to feel all there is to feel, there is no way to avoid pain, especially the pain accompanying death and loss. I once heard a great educator speak a great truth: that we fail our young when we do not teach them that death and the passing of all we know or believe are facts of life. I have contemplated that statement throughout my journey of existence. As we experience many deaths throughout our lives, we learn that because all living forms die at some point, we’re all living with a “death sentence,” which means we also are living a “life sentence.” Since tomorrow is not guaranteed, how will we live today, here and now?

    Many things we learn and encounter when we’re young set us up to learn that all forms do pass away. We see people move, people disappear, and sometimes we’re even told when they die. We learn that we feel gigantic feelings at each loss, and yet also are told to “get over it.” I never could figure out what that meant. How can you “get over” the death of a friend? How can you “get over” the death of your grandparents, or any other family member? How can you “get over” the death of your child?

    Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of harsh judgments along the way, putting blame and fault on the dead and the living. When I was young, I was told “the good” went to “heaven” and “the bad” went to “hell.” And yet I remember some who were “good” were not that good, and those who were considered “bad” were some of my best friends who lived, loved, and were good company as we laughed together.

    This past year (and the year before that!) I’ve lost more than a few friends through various diseases. Each time I felt a tremendous sense of loss. When I look back on what we shared, I wish I had taken more time to hang with them, even though the pandemic made it impossible to be with them in person. We are all dealing with the sense of separation enforced by a virus which can kill us in a matter of hours. This is helping many of us re-focus on what really matters, as well as the reality that death is ever at our elbow, whether we know it or not.

    I was ever hopeful for a better tomorrow when I was young. I was taught to ignore the deep grief I felt when friends died. I was never taught how to deal with a simple fact that death is a fact of life. I was taught to assume a lot, and “hope for the best.” So I accepted that view, and stumbled through a lot of life without feeling much.

    We are taught to hope for outcomes which make us comfortable and happy within the cultural matrix we live in, and “put behind us” the hard experiences which throw us into our personal hell. And yet, despite our desire to avoid the hard experiences, when we find ourselves under the pressure of necessity we can claim our strength, courage, and willingness to find a reason to keep embracing life’s adventures. A universal in the human evolutionary plan is the realization that when we embark on a journey of experience, we often learn things we never wanted to learn and feel things we never wanted to feel.

    I always believed that having children was a natural part of life. It was never explained to me that some people cannot have children, or had children who died. I never realized when I was young how much I wasn’t told about life, but certainly learned a lot of hard truths along the way. One of the hardest was the fact that all forms pass away for everyone. There is no permanence in this reality, and we all face eternal endings and beginnings as long as we are alive and functioning.

    While this brought me great sadness when I was younger, I also learned that whatever is taken away yields a void we can fill any way we choose. I have known many who became discouraged, depressed, and bitter when their child died; I have known many who refused to accept they could not have children, and almost died in the process of trying. And I have known that redemption of our Life, Light, and Love are possible if we stay open to these. By releasing my conditional love, I found Unconditional Love.

    A long time ago I wrote about my journey from life to death and back to life in Love Dad: Healing the Grief of Losing A Stillborn. I have just completed a second edition which is available via the link at the bottom In it I share my experience of what I went through in healing the worst pain of my lifetime. It is a “grief manual” for anyone dealing with the loss of their child, and a record of what I experienced, what I learned, and how I healed.

    I faced a lot of pain and learned a lot of truth from facing her death and the feelings I went through when in the underworld for the 6 years, 11 months, and 2 weeks before my life went from 3-dimensional black and white to technicolor and I wasn’t experiencing deep grief as I had. Here’s a piece from the introduction of the second edition which is not in the first edition:

    Over time, I’ve learned the death of a child leads us to reinterpret everything we’ve been taught and think we know. I care about things I didn’t feel before. I am aware of things I wasn’t before. Her death opened me to the shared feelings all parents feel when their child dies….
    As a result of my long journey through the valley of the shadow I have come out unafraid of much of anything. In feeling indescribable pain, I found compassion for others in pain. I have learned how to endure the impossible, and in the process I have learned a universal truth: While life is painful we do not have to suffer. By breaking the link between pain and suffering, we come to a greater love and wisdom because of our experience, and can help others who also are in pain.

    I am still in awe of the divine process in play since Blyth came and went so quickly. My life has transformed in miraculous ways because I chose to learn, accept, and embrace healing myself one day at a time. Blyth helped me become a better person by calling me to examine every response, every motive, every feeling inside of me and be as loving and kind as I was able, to myself and others, in each moment.

    From another part:

    It takes courage to grieve the loss of our loved one in healthy ways, because we must keep our hearts open while not knowing when it will end. In our courage to face our fear, our anger, and our desire to avoid feeling the pain, we purify our hearts and minds, and become stronger human beings.
    After thirty three years walking this path, I know we each have to get through the night as best we can. I also know that as we heal our pain, at some point we are no longer suffer because we come to realize our pain is the pain of countless others and part of the human experience. As we learn to break the link between pain and suffering in ourselves, we demonstrate the redemptive healing power of Love.

    As we persist in love, we become stronger in Love. As we become stronger in our Love, we become the Love we seek, and are able to offer that Love to others we meet. We are the Loving, Wise Understanding they seek in their grief, and are living witnesses to the power of Love to heal all wounds over time.

    I have found a constant joy in the dimensions of growth my daughter opened for me. Though she left this world over three decades ago, she opened me to a never-ending sense of her eternal presence, and I am certainly a more loving and compassionate man than I ever was before she came and left so quickly so long ago. I can certainly affirm I was blessed beyond description for the experience.

    I will close with something I have offered others who know the sting of losing a loved one and struggle with their grief:

    May all of you who have lost a loved one find comfort and healing in the courage, compassion, and unconditional love you were offered from that death. Death is a fact of life. And love is stronger than death.

    Thank you, Blyth. You've changed my life and countless other lives forever. Thank you for making me a better man. Love, Dad.

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    Why Is A Solar Eclipse Such A Big Deal?

    Let’s begin with the belief, thousands of years old, that eclipses are associated with the fall of empires, the death of important figures, and the end of old ways of life. Historically, an eclipse, whether Solar or Lunar, is one of the most dreaded events in all of astrology, with many myths about how they spell “doom and gloom.” In Aquarian Age astrology, we understand that what any eclipse takes away merely fulfills their role as “cosmic recyclers” who mark the removal of old life forms so new ones may take their place.

    Eclipses are actually frequent and predictable. We usually have two Solar Eclipses each year, and two Lunar eclipses each year, except for when we have three of one or the other. Solar eclipse effects are said to last a few years, and Lunar eclipse effects are said to last for a few months, depending on the length of the eclipse. The magnitude determines its strength. Today we’ll take a new look at these important recurring stellar events and how they affect us personally.

    Between December 2019 and December 2020 we had an abnormal number of Eclipses, including three Solar eclipses (one on Christmas Day 2019 and the 2 we’ve had in 2020). We also had FOUR Lunar eclipses in 2020, which is very unusual! The Christmas 2019 eclipse at 5 Capricorn and Solstice 2020 eclipse at 1 Cancer were Annular eclipses, and the December Solar Eclipse at 24 Sagittarius was a Total eclipse. Seven eclipses in 12 months is a very rare occurrence!

    Between December 2020 and December 2021 we’re back to our usual number of 4 or 5 eclipses in a year. December 2020 gave us the Total Solar eclipse at 24 Sagittarius. We just had the Total Lunar eclipse at 6 Sagittarius/6 Gemini on May 26, and are about to have an Annular Solar eclipse at 20 Gemini on June 10. Later this year, we’ll have a Partial Lunar eclipse at 28 Taurus/28 Scorpio on November 19, and a Total Solar eclipse at 13 Sagittarius on December 4, 2021.

    What’s An Eclipse and How Does it Work

    A Solar eclipse is a New Moon conjunct the Lunar Nodal axis, while a Lunar eclipse is a Full Moon conjunct the Lunar Nodal axis. So all eclipses indicate something being taken in with other things being released, as well as a line of evolutionary development (North Node emphasis) and/or a line of demonstrating what we already know (South Node emphasis.)

    All eclipses work like other lunations, where the Full Moon brings to form the promise of the seed represented by the New Moon. Lunar eclipses also bring to fulfillment what was promised by the previous New Moon, but they are considered more influential over a longer period. A useful area of study is whether the Solar eclipse precedes the Lunar eclipse or vice versa.

    This Annular Solar eclipse at 20 Gemini occurs at 3:53 am PDT, 11:53 am BST on June 10. This follows the Total Lunar eclipse we just had at 6 Gemini/6 Sagittarius on May 26. So this pair of eclipses are somewhat divergent in their influences, even though both eclipse Suns are in Gemini and conjunct the North Node.

    Where they diverge is that the previous Lunar eclipse at 6 Gemini/Sag fulfilled the previous New Moon “seed form” of 22 Taurus, while the coming Solar eclipse at 20 Gemini will be fulfilled at the following Full Moon with the Sun at 4 Cancer and the Moon at 4 Capricorn. So the eclipse Suns are in different signs than the preceding and subsequent lunations. I’ll explain more about its unique qualities of the coming Solar eclipse over the next week or so. Today we’ll discuss Solar eclipses in general.

    So Why Are Eclipses So Important?

    Tables of various eclipse cycles have been kept since antiquity in several cultures, and I once read the ancient Babylonians had eclipse tables over a 500,000 year period. Traditional sources of antiquity state that when the shadow of an eclipse falls on a nation or people, it is assumed to have dire consequences for the future of that nation.

    There are many cycles of eclipses, some recurring relatively frequently, some taking decades, even centuries to recur. The ancients felt that its shadow signified the passing from power of a ruling family or dynasty, the invasion of the nation by hostile foreign powers, the death of an era, even famine, drought, or pestilence.

    Historically, more than not this is accurate. From that we infer the Total Solar eclipse of August 2017 at 29 Leo which tracked across the entire US indicated that those places in the eclipse path, as well as those states, towns, and people in power with anything near 29 Leo, have been and continue to be affected! Think of all that has been shut down and/or ended in the US since August 2017 to get a sense of the process.

    Without this becoming a boring recitation of different empires crashing under the weight of their own excesses rather than an astronomical phenomenon, I will remind you that an astrological event does not make anything happen, correlations notwithstanding. That being said...

    Eclipses, Afflictions, and the End of Empires

    Solar eclipses indicate the shadowing of the "great light" by another object that obscures that light, if only momentarily. So an eclipse blocks the light of the Sun for a period of time, from a few minutes to a few hours, and in those places that the eclipses are most visible, the skies go dark and we can see other, fainter light coming from stars we wouldn't ordinarily see.

    This is certainly true of a total Solar eclipse and to a lesser degree during partial eclipses. The ancients also thought that the number of hours a Solar eclipse lasts over a nation shows the number of years it would suffer affliction, and the number of hours a Lunar eclipse lasts shows the number of months it will suffer. But of course, that doesn't happen in our ultra-rationalistic, left-brain reality any more, right?

    Looking at the 2017 American Eclipse, the Umbral (most intense) phase of that eclipse lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes. That translates into 3 years and 3 months. That span of time is the exact period between the eclipse and the 2020 Presidential election! The 2017 Solar eclipse Penumbral phase lasted about 5 hours and 17 minutes, showing the general effect will be through the 2022 election.

    Of major importance is the very long Total Solar eclipse cutting across the US coming in April 2024! That one moves from southwest to northeast, tracks the New Madrid fault line, and makes an “X” with the 2017 eclipse line! Given the activation of “the Ring of Fire” around the Pacific rim these past few years, the coming “X” Total Solar eclipse could very well portend a shifting of the tectonic plates affecting the US, Canada, and Mexico as a region. In any case, it seems the US is being forced to deal with letting go of a lot.

    Leaving aside any argument of causality, on a personal level I have found that where an eclipse falls in a birth chart corresponds with something ending in that part of the life. Whatever house it occurs in is where something is about to end in a significant way. Again, as we can never lose what really belongs to us, it’s useful to see eclipses are “Cosmic Recyclers,” taking away what we no longer need, creating space for new things to present themselves.

    How Does An Eclipse Affect Me Personally If It Conjuncts A Planet in My Chart?

    We can learn a lot about how they impact us by seeing how they aspect our planets and angles. If the eclipse conjuncts a planet, we can expect to see endings in that old planetary psychological function in the house (life area) the Eclipse falls in. And of course, it will affect the houses ruled by any planet it touches.

    For example, if an eclipse conjuncts your Venus, you may assume that sooner or later you will confront the end of an old way of enjoying life, an old value, or an old relationship. You will see this work out in the houses ruled by Taurus and Libra as well as planets in those signs.

    If it conjuncts Mercury, an old mindset, perception, attitude, or way of interpreting or communicating that was a significant part of your life will pass away through the life areas ruled by Gemini and Virgo, and if you have a planet in Gemini or Virgo then that part of the personality will be affected as well.

    If an eclipse conjuncts your Saturn, an old important responsibility, limitation, obligation, hindrance, or fear will leave the life. Old ways of looking at the areas of life (houses) ruled by Capricorn and Aquarius will end, as will how planets in those signs express themselves.

    If the eclipse affects the Moon, expect the ending of an old habit or way of experiencing life. Usually there are major personality shifts and endings associated with parts of the life represented by the houses where you have Cancer and Leo, and any planets you have in those signs will experience a loss of old ways of expression.

    If Mars is affected, it could mean that an old hassle, aggravation, or quarrel will end, or there will be a hassle or aggravation as a result of an ending in the houses ruled by Aries and Scorpio. It could also accompany the end of an old way of “attacking the problems of life,” or an old way of responding to a call for immediate action. If there are planets in Aries or Scorpio, It would shut down some parts of the ways those planets express themselves.

    If a Solar Eclipse impacts our Jupiter, an old vision, philosophical view, or an obsolete moral stance will end, or there will be something taken away that affects the houses with Sagittarius and Pisces on the cusp and any planets we have in those signs. This contacts show an end to a spiritual focus or aspiration, or a line of opportunity ceases and another one opens wherever the Eclipse falls in the chart.

    If the eclipse falls on your Sun, you can expect the end of your Light or Life in some way. This shows the passing of an old life order, but of course since Nature abhors a vacuum it also shows that a new life and light will begin. It will most affect the houses with Leo and Cancer on the cusp, any planets we have in those signs, and transform the part of the life represented by the house the Eclipse falls in.

    So it primarily shows as three things: a) an ending in the life area represented by the house in which it falls; b) an ending of a psychological function if it conjuncts a planet; and c) these endings work out through the houses and any other planets ruled by the planet an eclipse touches. If it does conjunct a planet which rules other planets as their dispositor, then those planetary functions will have some parts shut down, to be replaced with new expressions of that planetary “department of labor” or internal function.

    Endings Allow Us To Begin Anew

    Since “planets are people,” with all the planets representing various important people in your life, both past and present, if an eclipse conjuncts one of your planets, it’s likely someone representing that planet in your life with leave, or change dramatically. For example, if an eclipse conjuncts your Jupiter, expect a relationship with a Jupiterian, or someone with strong Sagittarius or Pisces in their charts, to end or go through such a radical change that it will seem like you're relating to an entirely different person.

    If it impacts your Sun, expect the passage of someone of power, authority, or significance to your life or who illuminated you in some way. It may be someone with a “sunny disposition,” or someone who behaves like the ruler of a realm. If the Moon, someone from your past, someone who you cared for or cared for you, or someone who you were intimately familiar with will leave or change.

    The same with Saturn and the rest of the planets. When an eclipse conjuncts your Saturn, it usually signifies the passing of an elder, someone in a position of power in your life, or someone who kept you under a limitation or fear. It also indicates the ending of an old duty, responsibility, or purpose in our lives so we can redirect the energy of Self-mastery to other ends.

    If Saturn is our “Ring Pass Not,” or that part of our Higher Self which binds our lower self to certain limits until we are ready to grow in our awareness, then an eclipse affecting our Saturn, whether directly or indirectly, could indicate a time when old limits fall away, and we can direct our organized efforts to expand our ability to fulfill our life purpose. You can find out more about this by referring to chapter 5 in Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend

    Every ending is beneficial because they remove obsolete elements in our lives, or people that no longer symbolize who we really are, or who we have become since we originally met them. Old illusions give way to greater realizations. When a fulfilled planetary manifestation ends, we are free to recreate a higher and greater manifestation of that planet in our lives in new ways. Lesser Wisdom gives way to greater Wisdom, and lesser forms of love give way to greater Love.

    All Eclipses indicate coming endings, obscurations, and the passing of people and things out of our lives, and maybe even deaths, both literal and metaphoric. We always are under the influence of several Solar eclipses from recent years, and there’s always a Lunar eclipse two weeks before or after a Solar eclipse. It’s like the Lunar eclipse shows us what is immediately passing, while Solar eclipses show us what is passing over many months and years.

    Summing Up

    Now we know Solar and Lunar eclipses occur several times a year, and not all eclipses are equally influential. As I offered earlier, the strength of an eclipse is determined by their magnitude (brightness) and longevity. Generally speaking, we’ve been on a run of very bright Solar eclipses for the past 7 years, with only their length fluctuating to any great degree. Some have been of VERY long duration, showing effects lasting years, while others have been so short that the influence came and went fairly quickly.

    Taking a look at recent years, 2017’s Solar eclipses were relatively bright but only one was of any significant duration, while all of 2018’s Solar eclipses were relatively short and weak. The one in August 2018 was the strongest since Summer 2017, and slightly stronger than the one which occurred in January 2019. After that one, the Solar eclipses for July and Dec 2019 were long and strong, as were the two in 2020.

    This June 10, 2021 Annular Solar eclipse is fairly bright and long, indicating about 5 years of effects where we have 20 Gemini, with the most intense period lasting about 21 months beginning in late 2022. This year’s Total eclipse on December 4 is bright but not very long, indicating a powerful effect where we have 13 Sagittarius which will last a little over 4 years, with the most intense period lasting a little over a year beginning around June 2023. Seems 2024 is going to heat up in major ways!

    Because Lunar eclipse effects last a few months, and Solar eclipse effects last for years, it could also be said that Lunar eclipses distill essential elements which must be shut down in the weeks it is in play, in some way related to the larger changes portended by the Solar eclipse which always comes just before it or just after it. We can learn a lot about the timing on these endings by observing the transits happening before and after the Eclipses.

    Often eclipse effects are not very obvious until a significant transit happens, triggering the previous eclipse related to that transit. That’s why an Eclipse can still be triggered years down the road by the outer planet transits, and demonstrates the importance of what houses and planets have been impacted by past eclipses. And as I mentioned, we always have several from the past that are still at work moving things out of our lives so we can attract other things more appropriate to who we are now.

    See you soon with part one on this Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini!

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