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Thread: UFO Crash Wreckage, Off World Vehicles & the NY Times

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    UFO Crash Wreckage, Off World Vehicles & the NY Times

    In December of 2017, the NY Times was responsible for bringing news about the “Secret Pentagon UFO Study” known as AATIP to the world.

    And since then, they have oddly chosen to rarely tackle the issue.

    But recently, they published a new article that offered bombshell revelations about “Off World Vehicles” being recovered by our U.S. government.

    Yet, is it all accurate? With multiple corrections by the New York Times being posted, and with other changes to their original article without any acknowledgement at all, who knows what to believe any more?

    Join me – as I dissect the claims put forward by the NY Times… and you can decide what it all may mean.

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