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Thread: Fruit Walls

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    Fruit Walls

    Never heard of this, can see this coming back very easily >

    Fruit Walls
    The design of the modern greenhouse is strikingly different from its origins in the middle ages[*]. Initially, the quest to produce warm-loving crops in temperate regions (and to extend the growing season of local crops) didn't involve any glass at all. In 1561, Swiss botanist Conrad Gessner described the effect of sun-heated walls on the ripening of figs and currants, which mature faster than when they are planted further from the wall.
    Gessner's observation led to the emergence of the "fruit wall" in Northwestern Europe. By planting fruit trees close to a specially built wall with high thermal mass and southern exposure, a microclimate is created that allows the cultivation of Mediterranean fruits in temperate climates, such as those of Northern France, England, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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    Nice find Vern, thanks!
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    Someone posted about apple trees trained on a wall. Maybe Gio? It may have been part of the hugelkultur thread.

    This is very interesting. I don't have walls which would work for this purpose. I considered the apple tree idea before. (no wall)

    I've considered building a greenhouse, but it would be a building, not a metal frame.

    Well, I don't see it on the hugelkultur thread. It was probably one of Gio's threads. I'll see if I can find an image.

    Here's an image. You have to cut the tree as it grows to control how it grows.

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