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Thread: Hunt for new matrial, whistle blowers.. Something... Anything?

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    Quote Originally posted by Dreamtimer View Post
    Dumpy! I was wondering when you would post. Weirdly, I was thinking yesterday of you taking about Tracey's "creepy Clock Shavings book" and here you are mentioning her.

    I personally have been disappointed that she seemed to be completely down the Q rabbit-hole, thinking that Q is Trump who is speaking directly to her. She's pretty smart and so I think she should be too smart for that.

    But smart isn't always smart...

    Good to see you post. I was getting ready to send out a

    Randy Rainbow is hilarious and quite talented. I've been watching his videos for some time now. And I didn't post any here because of the so predictable reaction evidenced by Fred.

    Randy has been doing his satirical videos for years now. He has gotten much more attention since Trump took office.

    As Jay Leno said, he just keeps giving material. A comedian would be stupid not to use it.
    Thanks. A few things have changed in my neck of the woods since I last posted...more lurking and reading.
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    Quote Originally posted by Dreamtimer View Post
    You’re good at jumping through hoops Fred.

    I neither have a burning need to post Randy nor do I have the desire to be labeled yet again by you, Fred.

    The twain can coexist.

    And if you help me earn another badge, that’s too!
    I'll let our little conversation speak for itself DT, but I've been wondering now that you bring it up again, what's the deal with these badges you've been collecting? Are they virtual badges, or can you pin them to your lapel like military medals? Can we get a picture of you sporting them?
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    If you haven't noticed by now, Fred, the point is moot. I've been very clear. You don't understand because you see what you want to see. Nothing more than that.

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