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Thread: Talk About Power of Words

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    Talk About Power of Words


    "Streamed live on Jun 4, 2019 by R Wayne Steiger

    Words they can lift us high above the clouds or they can put us so low. We all have certain words that will trigger certain emotions without us even thinking about it. The thing is words define our reality and words do change things. Some say words are not important I say call your lover a different name while being romantic you will get a solid dose of reality real quick.

    Trina joins us as we discuss this important topic.

    Trina's YouTube Channel subscribe:

    BSW Bachelor Social Work
    30 years of study of natural healing
    LMT Journey Work LaSone Polarity Hypnotherapy Reiki Reflexology
    Quantum Healing , Intuitive

    Calling those "things" that be not as though they are.

    Natural Magic is a path of self discovery it is a path that neither Angel or Demon will dare tread upon only a MAN can do so. Are you one who can walk the path of Magic and Self discovery?

    We continue with The Philosophy of Natural Magic by Henry Cornelius Agrippa and introducing Franz Bardon Initiation Into Hermetics. For your magic to work and be effective there are some things you will need to learn if you are to be successful at mastering your magic.

    For those who seek knowledge understanding that Knowledge of itself is neither "Good" or "Evil" it just is and that is what true MAGICK is as well "it just is". Now how one chooses to use Magick will determine the effects be it for good or be it for bad and so it is for all who seek such knowledge weigh your heart before venturing forward for the thing about true Magick it will reveal who you are so be warned."

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