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Thread: Is a Solar Flash Coming?

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    Is a Solar Flash Coming?


    "Started streaming 53 minutes ago by R Wayne Steiger

    Heard of a Solar Flash? It is said this could be why Mankind cannot remember our past because our brains have been somehow impacted and impaired because of our Sun as strange as this may sound there is mounting evidence that this does happen and has happened in the past and from all other evidence another is expected.

    Join me and my good friend and guest Brian from Milly Way Weekly as discuss the pending implications if such an event is going to happen and what does this mean for all of us.

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    Calling those "things" that be not as though they are.

    Natural Magic is a path of self discovery it is a path that neither Angel or Demon will dare tread upon only a MAN can do so. Are you one who can walk the path of Magic and Self discovery?

    We continue with The Philosophy of Natural Magic by Henry Cornelius Agrippa and introducing Franz Bardon Initiation Into Hermetics. For your magic to work and be effective there are some things you will need to learn if you are to be successful at mastering your magic.

    For those who seek knowledge understanding that Knowledge of itself is neither "Good" or "Evil" it just is and that is what true MAGICK is as well "it just is". Now how one chooses to use Magick will determine the effects be it for good or be it for bad and so it is for all who seek such knowledge weigh your heart before venturing forward for the thing about true Magick it will reveal who you are so be warned.

    We will be covering hundred's of books on all kinds of Magick this will be an experience that will surely change your life forever. Pull those seat belts tight this is going to be a trip.

    Calling those "things" that be not as though they are."

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    Maybe. But no more likely than in the past 3000 years or so. Might happen tomorrow. But probably not.

    (Just two guys talking. Do they have any appropriate background in solar physics?)

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