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Thread: How to Stay Healthy Until You’re 105 (It’s In Your Gut) | Dr. Steven Gundry on Health Theory

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    How to Stay Healthy Until You’re 105 (It’s In Your Gut) | Dr. Steven Gundry on Health Theory


    Published on May 9, 2019 by "Tom Bilyeu

    This week’s guest on Health Theory is Dr. Steven Gundry. Steven Gundry is a cardiothoracic surgeon, researcher and author who has performed over 10,000 surgeries throughout his 40-year career. In this episode, he talks about the impact our diets have on our health, why the gut is the source of our health, and how to stay young at any age.

    The myths of aging [01:52]
    Why aging starts in the gut [03:28]
    How to gut actually works [07:55]
    Why glyphosate is everywhere [10:18]
    Why we're thinking about heart disease all wrong [12:18]
    What are lectins and why are they so dangerous? [16:49]
    The role of fat in areas of inflammation [19:32]
    How your immune system reacts to misplaced bacteria [22:59]
    Why amyloid plaques aren't the cause of dementia [26:09]
    What is the APOE-4 gene mutation?[29:04]
    How fecal microbial transplants may fix your gut [30:39]
    Is the key to health in the holobiome? [35:12]
    Why women are more able to listen to their gut [37:03]
    The potential causes of autism [38:15]
    Foods that can improve your gut health [41:57]
    Why exercise can prevent Alzheimer's [44:05]
    The importance of "washing" your brain [46:10]
    Why olive oil is miraculous [49:35]"
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