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Thread: Forum Borealis: Antarctica Unveiled w/ Clif High (complete)

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    Forum Borealis: Antarctica Unveiled w/ Clif High (complete)

    Will share and close this out here ...

    Antarctica Unveiled (Act 4: Postscript ) - Cliff High

    Forum Borealis
    Published on 12 May 2019

    Ready for updates? Clif brings us up to speed on recent developments not covered in the main show. Some topics touched: What can we learn from the Strava Heat Map fiasco? Why's Antarctic traffick exploding? Why hiring thousands for civil service occupations? What's up with the incredible security clearance? What of the cruise and flight tourism? How's the Voyager relevant? Is the Classified Space Program relocated south? What to deduct from the recent Giza Pyramid energy phenomenon disclosure? Why is there still unclaimed areas while fighting over claimed land? + learn a hack to get from pole to pole by Google Earth zooming...
    1:45:41 minutes


    Please note these previous video/series releases:

    1) Antarctica Unveiled (Pt. 1 of 3) - A conversation with Cliff High

    Forum Borealis
    Published on Jan 26, 2018
    We welcome the webbot guru to explore the obscurity that is Antarctica. In this 3-part show we deal with everything - some issues touched in Part 1: Why did Clif take interest in this mystery? What say web-bot about it? What happened there in the late 90ies? Why was it promoted for tourism after that? What's the large magnetic anomaly under the ice? Why's all satellite images censored & manipulated? What did Russians find in Lake Vostok? Are there really hot zones? Was there a nuclear meltdown in the 70ies? Where was Atlantis? Was Admiral Byrd right? What say the Ancients? What happens if the ice melts? And learn how Earth grows...

    2) Antarctica Unveiled (Pt. 2 of 3) - A conversation with Cliff High

    Forum Borealis
    Published on Feb 3, 2018
    In part 2 we move through history with topics like: What's the Expanding Earth theory implications for Antarctica? Why is most ancient habitation zones submerged? Is Mars a dead planet? What say Salish & Jain about former civilizations? What's the Royal belief? Were humans incarcerated by ancient invaders at Antarctica? Was it frozen due to war? Is humanity a hybrid species? Were we once 600 billion people? Is the Sun cause to climate change & ice ages? Is Smithsonian destroying history? What did Nazis discover in New Swabia? What happens to polar expeditions? Who stole Cliff's Antarctica data? And hear about his Giant pyramid images.

    3) Film: Antarctica Unveiled (Pt. 3 of 3) - Cliff High

    Forum Borealis
    Published on Jul 30, 2018
    In this crescendo closer Clif deals the final cards of the SP enigmas, incl. the 4 basic scenarios: Ancient Civ, Nazis, Aliens, & Hollow Earth. Some issues raised: What's his original info before blue chicken pollution? Why did polar scientists suddenly get ill? What's the weird energy radiation from SP to Hawaii? Is an ancient village uncovered? What power players visits & why? What say the Salish about sky people? Why was SP nuked in late 50ies? What's the origin to polar lights? Why are globalist corporations there? Why did U.K. battle over Falklands? Is UFO's from Inner Earth via polar holes? And hear what horrors the night vision goggles revealed...

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