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    Just a place holder here -

    "Just when I thought 'Life/life' could not get any weirder..." On July 11, 2019, I was faced with a horrific experience which I am currently still unable to post about (I may never be) but just so happens to be exactly 7 years to the day that my 2nd son (I have three) went on a crime spree which could have been deadly where I soon became involved in an effort to "help him" such that he might be able to receive a probation instead of going to prison. My son was just 18 years old at the time. He is now 25 and the experience involves this same son as the center piece of the experience. As dark as one could ever imagine... potentially, permanently relationship ending... taking my other two sons along with him.

    Background -

    I had only recently returned to the US (Dallas, Texas... my original home which also had been my "home base" for most of my life prior to leaving the US, in 1997) due to a personal life crisis of my own when his sad day happened. Strangely, my personal life crisis became a pivot point in this particular lifetime where I was able to experience the key changes at the deepest levels of my being and thus ever since, my life experience has steadily improved and to the point I can only describe as wonderful with a major caveat.

    That caveat is - my wife of 17 years and her daughter, a wonderful 21 year old was able to immigrate to the US (they are from Medellin, Colombia) on what would have been my father's birthday, January 13, 2017 (he would have been 82) - and the caveat is that when I describe my life as wonderful, I am speaking from the perspective my life experience as to my current "living in my home" family life experience is concerned. Sadly, all of my external, recent experiences, especially those involving my sons who no longer live in my home (they had to move out when my wife and step-daughter arrived in that January of 2017), have been pure psycho/twilight zone/Stephen Kingish...

    And so all the above is written and posted for the one or two that might read but more because this is a method I use to "process" what may be "processable" (if processable).

    And I know that I am (once again) pointing to something which surely "ya'll" may be curious as to what could have possibly happened, but I cannot speak about it yet...

    Note that I have not posted in days (since July 10, 2019) and this is because I am still pretty rattled by it all AND that things related to this are still unfolding where I am advised NOT to discuss at this time.

    As for my idea regarding a listing of X22 predictions (Q related), I am dropping the idea. As Fred suggested, it would be a waste of time (but I had already known that). I only wanted to do it because I thought it might be entertaining... maybe even fun. Sadly, at this time, I have no time for any fun and even more important - no space for any fun.
    All the above is all and only my opinion. It may contain some sharing of components of my current operating strategy and some foundational components of my current world view - all subject to change and not meant to be true for anyone else regardless of how I phrase it.

    It's just a ride

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    Feel blessed to know you Sam, keep strong. everything happens for a reason, sending blessings to you n family.

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