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Thread: The black vault radio. Ep. #29 – Special Guest: Lt. Tim McMillan

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    The black vault radio. Ep. #29 – Special Guest: Lt. Tim McMillan

    In episode #29 of The Black Vault Radio — Retired police officer Lt. Tim McMillan steps into the Vault. We speak about his amazing background on the force; an interaction during a routine stop that changed his life; a personal UFO sighting which piqued his interest into the unknown; and finally, his research in obtaining the official police records about the raid of United Nuclear – the Michigan based business of Bob Lazar. This incident was profiled in Jeremy Corbell’s recent documentary on Lazar, and Mt. McMillan weighs in, on what he found out.Could the raid have been about Element 115? What was the homicide the feds were allegedly investigating? How does Lt. McMillan's expertise play a role in unraveling it all?

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