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Thread: Full body teleportation system

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    Quote Originally posted by Barbarella View Post
    I hope we do all realise that if this ever becomes a reality, how do we know that the traveller's soul is not separated out from the original body to wander the infinite beyond for eternity? While an immaculately reassembled copy looks and acts like the original, but is just that, a copy. But without a soul!

    No one will know that until they do it them selves. All the reassembled "transportees" may well appear normal, but...


    (I didn't mean to edit your post, I meant to quote it)

    I've thought about that. I believe the soul exists with and also beyond the body (after death)

    I'm not sure a reanimated body would really work without a soul. Perhaps it wouldn't function, perhaps it would be some kind of drone. I don't know.

    I don't think the soul would be lost, but it may need to find another body, as it would after death.

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    Quote Originally posted by Dreamtimer View Post
    I'm not sure a reanimated body would really work without a soul. Perhaps it wouldn't function, perhaps it would be some kind of drone. I don't know.
    So now you're essentially talking of what is known in Jewish lore as a golem, or perhaps better put, a zombie ─ a soulless being with only primitive instincts. And how timely that this subject would come up ─ even if it's not really related to the topic of this thread ─ given that it was in the news in the past couple of days that scientists have managed to revive parts of the brain of a dead pig.

    The body is a very complex machine, and in the non-organic world, dead machines can be brought to life again ─ metaphorically speaking, of course. After all, the body's functions are primarily driven by electrical signals and chemistry ─ which is in itself also electrical in nature ─ but I too believe that if it were possible to fully reanimate a dead body, then it would only be like artificial intelligence, i.e. a soulless machine.

    Or otherwise put, yes, I too believe that it takes actual consciousness ─ and perhaps a soul, although I consider consciousness and the soul to be two very distinct and different things ─ to make a human being, or for that matter, an animal, and maybe even a plant, or whatever other organism. I don't believe that what constitutes life could be reduced to merely electrical and chemical activity.

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    FYI, Chris T writes about portals. Stonehenge is one of them snd he claims it is fully active if you know how to use it.

    Portals are real. The Norway spirial was an attempt to open one.

    I don’t understand them but going from point a to b instantly has apparently been around a long time. The Knights Templar used them.

    He also writes about time travel. In interviews he matured his view saying you can only go backwards and I think you have to stay. That’s a big commitment if you think about it.

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