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Thread: [Misinformation & Alt-Right Propaganda] Here we go . Globalises monetise climate change hoax

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    I understand Fred...and truly, there is some legitimacy to your 'feeling'. What precipitates the polarization, though. Me, DT, Aragorn...I don't think is those individuals that insist on strident propaganda to voice their opinions. An individual that has a true interest in dialogue will not lead with sarcasm, bitterness, ugliness, hatred, pomposity, etc. You get my drift. And we can't focus on those in the public sphere that represent the is counter-productive. The hard truth is, when the center of a political position is represented by the likes of Rick Santorum, there is a major problem with that political philosophy.
    "We are one thought away from changing the world!"

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    Labelling this forum left or right is foolish. Why would people bother? It's a silly waste of time.

    People here have an array of beliefs and most here seem to be in the sensible section of the spectrum.

    That means not on the edges or extremes.

    If people are really labelling a forum like this as left then perspectives have become greatly skewed.

    I have no reason to give those opinions much time or credence. I'd rather continue sharing and communicating and trying to learn.

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