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Thread: Excerpts from Jon Rappoport's "The Matrix Revealed"

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    Quote Originally posted by WantDisclosure View Post
    Brian Deer is the person who smeared Andrew Wakefield.
    Maybe you’re thinking of another Brian Deer The Brian Deer I’m talking about spent decades investigations into the pharmaceutical industry,
    exposing the shoddy practices, lies and corruption.

    So far, his investigations have resulted in:

    the withdrawal of the painkiller Vioxx
    the sale of the Wellcome Trust
    the withdrawal of the antibiotic Septrin
    "The drug trial that went wrong"
    examination of fabricated research relating to the safety of the contraceptive pill
    the documentary of the drug trial for the antibody TGN1412

    He is no friend of Big Pharma. I’m surprised that you don’t seem to value his work.

    Quote Originally posted by Aragorn View Post
    The "VAXXED" pseudo-documentary serves a knee-jerking agenda, and it should come as no surprise that Wakefield was all too happy to cooperate on that.

    A film about Andrew Wakefield, written and directed by Andrew Wakefield, starring Andrew Wakefield and telling Andrew Wakefield’s
    version of events is not to be taken seriously - for obvious reasons - by anyone who wants to try and dig out the truth.

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