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Thread: What Its Like To Share A UFO Sighting - 3d Animated Short

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    What Its Like To Share A UFO Sighting - 3d Animated Short

    I started making little music video and comic shorts in 2009, many of them with a UFO theme.

    Then what I thought was "out there" someplace got alot closer...and I had a few actual UFO sightings that knocked my socks off.

    The experience is one of the most unique to have, but not half as unique as trying to "share" the experience with others. Talking about probable "UFOS" end up learning more about other "humans" than you would ever know.

    After accumulating my share of experiences on forums and facebook, I started to expand my animation suite and play around with this theme.

    So here is the first one. The sound is not perfect, but it still conveys the "constipated nature" of trying to share what having a UFO experience is like.

    Hope you enjoy for a little chuckle or smile. Its so heavy why not? Happy New Year.

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