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Thread: Top Five Posts Of 2018

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    Top Five Posts Of 2018

    I put this one forward from today from Turiya >

    Quote Originally posted by Fred Steeves View Post

    On a more serious note: My armchair prognosis is that the people who are sucked into this type of stuff are good people, and intelligent; but they are so desperate for hope and change that they will suspend their better judgment and fall for the likes of 2012 ascension, The Galactic Federation of Light swooping in, Benjamin Fulford's white ninjas, Kerry Cassidy's white hats, The Red Dragon Ambassador spreading his riches, Drake's mass arrests, now Q's mass arrests, etc.

    Anyone who is able to administer the needed hopium fix.

    Of course it's kind of fun playing along as well, not dissimilar to the party faithful bursting with pride that their latest incoming President is going to make things okay. Again, and again, and again. Disappointment, after disappointment, after disappointment.

    Neither is it dissimilar to the religious faithful, ever waiting for Jesus to return and set things straight.

    It's all the same thing, just different.

    I never was into Drake 'the Fake' Baily, Benjamin Fulford's ninja turtles, Kerry Cassidy's Annunaki White Hats, or David Wilcock's mass arrests or any of that stuff the New Age Ascension crowd was pushing.

    In fact, when I first joined over at PA (2012), one of my first posts hammered Drake's rhetoric so much (speaking of hammers) that PA moderator Paul forced me onto a thread that he created for me, just so that I, & others, could express an opposing opinion to the pro-Drake crowd. That was what first set moderator Paul off on his tirade to have me banned from the forum. He really had never stopped trying to find ways to ban me ever since then.

    But now, getting to what you've stated. I will start with the following:

    There are believers & there are disbelievers. They are both on the same coin - just on different sides of that same coin. And, the name of that coin is 'ignorance'. Because, you see, they both are trying to take a shortcut to get to the truth.

    When someone says they believe in something, what they're really saying is, "I am ignorant, because I don't really know, but I want to 'believe' that I know. So I will take the substitute for knowing, and I will 'believe'."

    The same is the case with the one that 'disbelieves'. He is saying the same thing. "I don't really know, but I 'believe' that the other is wrong to believe in what he believes to be true. I believe the other is believing in nonsense, so I will substitute my NOT knowing, for 'believing' in the opposite of what he believes in.

    The 'disbeliever' is saying the same thing. He is just standing on his head when he is saying it. They are really not that much different. Just one is standing on his head compared to the other.

    There is a third alternative.
    That third alternative is the category of 'knowing'.

    What I am saying is that neither 'belief' nor 'disbelief' is needed - because you really don't know, so how can you believe? And, because you really don't know, so how can you disbelieve?

    When you don't have either a belief or disbelief going on in your head, then you are more open. You become more available to 'see' what is actually taking place. You will be better able to sense what is being said. When the belief & disbelief are both dropped, then there is no longer any prejudice. Then the mind is no more projecting a bias. Then, one becomes receptive. One is more open for 'seeing' more clearly.

    In this regard, 'seeing' is NOT believing. 'Seeing' is NOT disbelieving, either. On the contrary, seeing with a clarity is 'knowing'.

    Neither believe nor disbelieve. Just be watchful, receptive, open! And, you will come to know. You will see it.

    What is Hope?
    Hoping is not accepting things as they are. It is a state of non acceptance. Hoping leads to disappointment. Hoping leads to frustration. Frustration leads to potential angst, anger, for not getting what you want, for not getting what is desired.

    In knowing, there is no need to hope, because you know. In knowing, there is no need for a change to take place. Because change always is happening. Its happening all the time. There is no effort need be exerted. In knowing, there is no need to be desperate, because you know it, you see where its going. 'Knowing', and all that other nonsense disappears.


    Clinton Foundation whistleblowers
    come forward, Rep Meadows says

    (Dec 9, 2018)

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    Where are the other four, Aianawa? As it stands alone, your post above has already been posted, so why is it here? You started this thread, so why is it not complete?

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    Tisa complete when other members feel into if, say Shadowself or Enjoy Being, did a post n feel top 5 effort was within, maybe the 1st post was a bad choice given Witch hunt season has not finished yet, feel there is enough silliness going on and maybe if it is desired, eraze this thread.

    Was a great post imo but not mine or imo anyone elses absolute truth.

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