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    Joe Parr, J.D. - CA - Before Joe died he was a electronics engineer with over 40 years experience, inventor of the gamma ray transducer, and holds a law degree. He has wintered in Antarctica twice, once at the South Pole during DF75 and once at Palmer Station during DF78. In October of 1978, while Joe was at Palmer Station, he discovered the Gamma Ray Transducer. He has also wintered once at Thule Greenland and has been involved in 8 major projects throughout the world.

    Joe Parr is one of the few people who has spent an entire night on two separate occasions (1977 & 1987) on top of the Great Pyramid conducting electrical, magnetic, and radioactive measurements all night long. It is interesting to note that through all this travel and research Joe has Marfan's Syndrome. He has also attributed some healing due to his work and proximity to the Great Pyramid.

    He has done some incredible experiments with rotating pyramids, electro-magnetic and radioactive sources.

    Joe Parr discovered interesting physical phenomena happen because of the shape of the pyramid. Joe has discovered and measured an energy field that forms around the pyramid. He sometimes calls this energy field a bubble or orb. This energy field can be strengthened or weakened by certain kinds of energy.

    A pyramid normal has this bubble or energy field around it but it may not be very strong or measurable. Joe has measured this energy field for over 20 years and found out that it varies with the 11 year sunspot cycle. Joe developed an elaborate experimental setup. By rotating a pyramid in an alternating magnetic field, he can increase the energy to this bubble so you can do experiments with it and see what kind of effect it has.

    This increase in energy to the energy field causes the bubble to become opaque (that is it starts to block energy fields from passing through it - shielding). Joe discovered that it can partially block all known energy fields (gravity, electromagnetic, and radioactivity). It also appears that objects in the bubble as measured with sensitive equipment during this time lose weight. Joe actually placed radioactive sources, radio frequency sources, and magnetic sources inside the pyramid and measured the shielding of these sources by the energy field or orb.

    Joe has done over 55 experiments which seems to indicate that this pyramid can pass through physical objects. Thus, Joe thinks it enters hyperspace at this time. Thus, it does not occupy the same physical space but is now in another spatial dimension, which we call HYPERSPACE.


    To read a listing of some of the discoveries of Joe Parr


    The mystery is; I have been trying to get this report written for 15 years now and unless death overtakes me, this is the last time! My rendition of the secret of the pyramids only applies to pyramids that are not solid at the geometric center. Size and construction material is not important for this report. I feel certain my presentation will rub somebody the wrong way. This situation is not new. Please make allowances for my grasp of nuclear physics. My overview covers 25 years of experience. For definition of certain terms, please consult the article at the end.

    Now let me unlock a door into a new world of possibilities. First off, to my knowledge, there is only one secret of the pyramids! It would still be a secret today if not for the Gamma-Ray Transducer (l) and the Negative Ion Generator (2). That secret, which Antoine Bovis discovered in dehydrated animal bodies during the 1930’s and all the pyramid energy reports since 1970, is an Orb(3) surrounding the pyramid. See drawing below

    The Orb expands and contracts with the moon phases and requires the energy of the ion generator to study it. The edge is not detectable by conventional methods. Stationary pyramids can use positive or negative ions, but not an equal mix. If you aren’t affected by depression, positive ions won't bother you! Thousands of hard data bits were logged using stationary pyramids. Unfortunately "good times" ended on December 4, 1979 when all experiments except one started loosing their accumulated energy. In 9 days the isotopes were again on track with their half-lives. The only experiment still operating was the one that was rotating 5 degrees every 10 days. That experiment continued to grow in energy to exceed all others.

    The technique to rotate a pyramid properly took years to develop. The results were quite dramatic when I reached the projected speed. The experiment self- destructed. As each new test self destructed, one thing was evident. The ABS plastic pyramids were getting "beat-up". A few, which left the machine containment, imbedded in the wall. Two pyramids mounted back to back always self-destructed earlier than the rest. Something inside the pyramid was causing the problem. To study this, a piece of aluminum foil was installed behind one pyramid. This was rotated inside a machine having a strobe synchronized to the motor shaft. By viewing this rotating pyramid through an observation port, impressions could be seen on the metal foil. 50 experiments were conducted with the foil, 15 self-destructed. What was learned follows;

    I) The Orb existed around the pyramid because of them.

    2) The machine could be "fine-tuned" using their bunching.

    3) They had sufficient energy to burn holes in test objects .

    4) The History(4) of the machine was a factor in their performance.

    5) They become more active as the inertia increases.

    What are these things inside the pyramid? I chose to use the definition by Leonard G. Cramp(5) and refer to them as Mass Particles(6). The mass particles are excited into being by inertia at around 360 Hz. The particles have a magnetic signature, the Orb does not. As the inertia increases the density of the Orb increases and this is expressed as Opacity(7) because of it's attenuation to the entire electromagnetic spectrum from DC to Cosmic Rays. At some point in the experiment it is hoped that the Orb will Pinch-Qff(8). After pinch-off, gravity can no longer penetrate inside the Orb. Gravity now pushes or pulls on the Orb, depending on the polarity of the ions being used.

    At this point in the report I would like to talk about the Orb. Let me say with all seriousness the Orb is not "user friendly". It has the ability to extract energy from any source either mechanical or biological for the benefit of the mass particles. Meditating inside an Orb is NOT recommended. There is evidence that extended exposure will cause debilitation of the higher brain functions. It never has been possible to supply enough energy to an experiment to cause the Orb to pinch-off. The machine mostly conditions the Orb in preparation for some event called a "trigger" to come along.

    The illusive trigger remained a secret until 1993 when a new generation of machine went into full operation 24 hours/day. The new machine tested the ability of a 2-dimensional pyramid rotating in a magnetic field to capture and hold a mass particle. This experiment would not self-destruct. The experiment lost weight as predicted and the $1200 expense for an Ohaus scale was justified. After the experiment started, recordings indicated periodic events of greater weight loss occurring. Fortunately the Ohaus machines designed by the Ohaus family could be modified to investigate this new event. The machine was modified to allow recording each time the experiment lost 5 grams of weight. 400-500 events were logged each day until December 9 when the numbers started to climb. On December 16, 1992; 135,272 events were recorded before the machine burned up. Analysis of the motor showed that the stress on the motor from the experiment going from no load to full load and back to no load in milliseconds completely wore out both motor brushes. 32 motors burned out during the 6 years of the experiment. The event that burned out the motors has been termed a Conduit (9). From 12-16-92 until 9-1-97; 23 conduits were crossed by the earth going around the sun. The best conduit occurs between December 12 and 16. The latest one recorded 87,346,836 particles. The conduit was so intense that we recorded crests of 3500/second with intervals between crests of 35 seconds.

    Now if you draw a line from our sun, through the earth on December 12 and continue the line into space, some of you might not be surprised to find out that the conduit is heading for the star group called; Belt of Orion!

    Last subject before I close. Dimensions of the Kings Chamber were fed into a acoustic computer used for sonar studies. A stream of fundamental and harmonics came forth which formed the basis of a 3 year acoustic study of the shape. The 2 dimensional gravity wheel experiment was the experiment it was focused at. The object was to find some method to eliminate the ions from being used. -ions around computers tends to blow them up, not to mention any other static sensitive device. Two fixed and one variable frequency was found which caused the Orb to be stimulated. Surprisingly one of the 3 frequencies was 51.5 Hz which happens to be the angle of the side of Cheops.

    In closing let me mention two interesting tidbits;

    I) Rocky Mc Collum, on March 26, 1979, took a photograph in the queens chamber of a rare event. I am in possession of that photograph. I believe it is a mass particle because it is in the geometric center of Cheops.

    2) During the year 2000, the newest machine stopped producing data. An investigation showed that something had plated itself all over the gravity wheel. This shorted out critical areas. Removing the material restored normal operation. The flakes removed are mallable, metalic and conductive. Anybody having access to an X-Ray Defraction Sgectroscopy machine and would like to test these samples, they might give a clue to the particles striking the experiment. Please contact Dr. John DeSalvo and ask him to forward your request to me.To Contact Joe Parr email Dr. John DeSalvo and he will forward the message to him


    I. Gamma-Ray Transducer - The mating of a 1.0 uc isotope of Cs137 and a dosimeter of 200 mr. Read and reset every 24 hours, averaged every 10 days.

    2. -Ion Generator - A lOKV-12KV device which sprays negatively charged electrons into the air. Normal density is 350,OOO/cc at 1 meter.

    3. Pyramid Orb - A containment bubble which surrounds specific pyramid shapes and has no detectable edges.

    4. History - The exact rate of linear time an object rests on the surface of the earth undisturbed. A clock unwinding at the rate of the fibonacci spiral determines the useful periods.

    5. Leonard G. Cramp - PIECE FOR A JIG-SAW, page 96.

    6. Mass Particle - An inertial mass, not subject to the quantum laws, which is trapped inside the pyramid shape and shielded by the Orb.

    7. Opacity - The degree of shielding from 0-100% assumed by the Orb. The lowest percentage effects the lowest electromagnet frequencies first.

    8. Pinch-Off - The instant the shielding of the Orb reaches 100%.

    9. Conduit - A concentrated stream of particles coming from the sun which the earth passes through during certain times of the year and governed by the 11 year solar cycle.

    10.Rocky Mc Collum - THE PRIME MOVER, opus 2, Pyramid of Aquarius Pub. Co.

    More interesting links below

    Article by Joe Parr in "Electric Spacecraft Journal

    Excerpt from "Shape Power" describing Joe Parr's work

    The Discoveries of Joe Parr

    Graph of Experiment Transfers 'vs' Bermuda Triangle Documented Losses

    Sun-Moon Angular Relationship

    Particle Vibration/Magnetic Field Calendar

    Comments on Ley Lines w Introduction by Director John DeSalvo

    The Evolution of an Energy Field

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