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Thread: 260 Days of Cosmic Healing

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    260 Days of Cosmic Healing

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    260 Days of Cosmic Healing

    Posted on 8 November, 2018

    “…the transition to the noosphere is the shift to an entirely new state of mind and consciousness – the mind of the Earth made whole and One.–Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

    As of this New Moon, Kin 13 (7 November, 2018), there are 260 days remaining in this Red Cosmic Moon year.

    I invite you to telepathically join me these next 260 days on an inner journey of accelerated Cosmic Healing.

    We want to build our energy and make ourselves into a cosmic medicine bundle to counteract the negativity, confusion, and polarity that is sweeping our Planet.

    “The main reason for healing is love.” –Paracelsus

    The first step is setting an intention for healing.

    The second step is to remember that everyone is suffering.

    The third step is to work to cultivate more compassion.

    Inner peace is more valuable than all of the Gold in the world. How much inner peace and outer harmony can you create in this timeframe? How much can you transform by the Day out of Time (25 July, 2019)?

    Universal Water and Healing

    “Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”– Lao Tzu

    Cosmic Moon brings the healing power of Universal Water, the master memory elixir that is sometimes referred to as a liquid computer.

    Also keeping in mind that this 260-day cycle concludes the end of a potent 13 year purificatory cycle that began in 2006 with the Red Magnetic Moon year.

    December 21, 2012, Kin 207, was the midpoint of this 13-year cycle that concludes on Day out of Time, Kin 13, July 25, 2019. This day coincides with World Water Appreciation Day as put forth by the late Dr. Emoto.

    “By holding the intention of peace towards water, by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace towards water, water can and will bring peace, to our bodies and to the world”
    — Masaru Emoto

    We invite you to join us in Teotihuacan, Mexico on the Day out of Time to conclude this cycle, or else create an event or meditation in your area. More details for Mexico event forthcoming.

    Healing Dream of Cosmic Rememberance

    This Day out of Time vision was further inspired by a dream with Valum Votan on the morning of White Spectral Mirror (23 October, 2018).

    In the dream a large group was gathered at pyramids in Mexico. An anticipatory feeling filled the air. Then Valum Votan appeared and said:


    As he spoke these words, a high frequency beam felt to be simultaneously ascending up through the earth and descending through the Sun.

    This beam penetrated everyone’s body activating a spontaneous cellular rememberance and full recall of our Cosmic Origins. It was the most amazing feeling beyond articulation. The Earth Kundalini had awakened and a deep feeling of Wholeness, warmth and well being flooded all of our bodies. This was followed by what felt like aeons of repressed joy being liberated in the most ecstatic feelings of a happiness that we have long forgotten.

    All the obscurations, confusion and pain dissolved in the warmth of a new light. It was as if no suffering had ever happened. Such pristine love filled us all with Divine Rememberance and a great celebratory feeling ensued.

    When I woke up I was filled with such joy, encouragement and a deep sense of gratitude and awe. I felt that these Ones in the dream were the People of O.M.A. called back to this particular timespace vector in Mexico for a date with destiny foreseen in another time.

    If you are reading these words and are feeling an activation within your body, then you are likely one of the original people of O.M.A.

    260 Days: Create a Healing Journal of Inspiration

    “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

    We are all aware of the intensity of our planetary situation, so I will not list the endless “tipping points.” Except to say that Truth is far stranger than fiction and not to be surprised at what is revealed within the planetary field over this 260 day cycle. Pay attention to your dreams.

    This cycle is a window of opportunity to amplify our healing power and then extend it into the planetary field.

    The knot of this world can be transcended by coming into resonance with the patterns of the original crystal matrix. The crystal matrix core is the heart of the earth.

    Study and practice the synchronic order and 13 Moon calendar. These codes are keys to descrambling the time distortion matrix and realign us with the original crystal matrix.

    Question Yourself

    Example questions for self-reflection:

    Is inner peace dependent on the fluctuations of outer events? Or are outer events manifesting as part of the fluctuating inner terrain?

    What are you doing with your time on this earth?

    How can you best utilize your time?

    Instead of focussing on bad news, why not start creating the good news? Our mind becomes what we focus on.

    What is your duty and to whom?

    When responding to different situations, ask yourself: Will this create healing or more suffering?

    Is it possible that we may learn through Joy, Wonder and Appreciation, rather than learn through pain and suffering? Who created that program and why do we reinforce it?

    Body Healing

    The body is a divine gift and a time travel vehicle. Keep it clean. Purify it inside and out. Study its systems. It is easier to stay positive and centered when our body is in a pure, alkaline state.

    If your body is in pain (physically or emotionally) try talking to your pain and applying the ancient Hawaiian practice, Hoʻoponopono:This really works if applied sincerely. You can also use it with people as needed.

    Consider a fast or detoxification program. The cleaner the body the easier it is to remain in a positive mind-set.

    Gratitude is the highest frequency. Stay close to Source. Love … Love … Love … Love … Love … Love … Love

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