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    Well Amen, my brother Chris...
    "We are one thought away from changing the world!"

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    I think you mean

    I'm currently focusing on the fact that order does come out of chaos and neither I nor the rest of us has to sit back and wait for that order.

    I am busy doing things, creating things, spreading calm rather than conflict. I'm not a pacifist, I will fight back without hesitation. (and I have been) But I'm not an aggressor and I seem to have a natural talent for diffusing anger and tension. It's not something I tried to learn, but it is something my Dad was good at. He used humor to break tension and was very good at it.

    Funny thing is, he had quite a temper and could get very angry and go off.

    We have an economy which has been driven for most of my adult life by immigrants. Even if white people wanted to and could handle the hot, backbreaking work, they won't be able to fill the gap. There ain't enough of them.

    And they can't make enough to live in this economy. They won't live like the immigrants do.

    In other words, they don't have a plan. They are reactionary. They will be their own undoing, as they have been all along.

    They have made their bed. And now they don't want to lie on it.

    And they want to ship all the mattress makers "back to where they came from".

    Ridiculous. (I'm imagining them in their Grandma's clothing)

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