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Thread: Reincarnation Free Book on Life Between Lives by Dr Michael Newton

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    Reincarnation Free Book on Life Between Lives by Dr Michael Newton

    Michael Newton’s free book Journey of Souls on life between lives is a follow up to my last thread on the subject of reincarnation. His patients are remarkably in agreement with the Akashic information.

    Long before I had ever heard of Chris Thomas, I read books by the past life regression therapists, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Michael Newton and Dr. Brian Weiss. So I decided to read Newton’s book again to refresh my memory and determine how it relates to the more recently available facts taken from the Akashic.

    My neighbour and friend for 20 years took her post-graduate degree with Newton and we both agree that he has fixed structural beliefs which he tends to impose in his analysis of the results of his many regressions on clients. I say “clients” rather than “patients” because some of the individuals with more advanced souls are there solely to help him with his work, and not because they need help in their lives.

    Of course I recommend the entire book for anyone who has not read it, but I have excerpted lines from his free book because I see certain aspects as very significant in our gaining a better understanding of life between lives in the non-physical world, and how
    things are changing even in the ‘spirit world’ that have an impact on our physical lives.

    [Please note that anything in square brackets is my interpretation in light of the Akashic information we now have at our disposal between 1996 and 2011, coming after the above book was written.]

    His closing remarks make it clear that something significant is happening in the spirit world and it may be explained by the arrival of new energies in 1996, and with the 6th sun in 2012, that is affecting our physical reality with a positive and changing upheaval to the previous centuries of growing elite control over human thinking. The average human is waking up on many levels from years of amnesia about who we really are.

    Following are excerpts of interest from Dr. Newton’s book on past life regressions of his clients:

    [Remember that an individual’s long term memories are stored in their unique cellular DNA (not the brain) and are taken (as an electromagnetic counterpart) with the non-physical soul mind (consciousness) when it leaves the body. These are the memories that he is accessing with the regression therapy]

    Dr. Newton:
    “Note: When two spirits come so close to each other they are conjoined, my subjects say they can send private thoughts by touch which passes between them as "electrical sound impulses." In most instances, subjects in hypnosis do not wish to talk to me about these personal confidences.”

    “The concept of souls having fallibility comes as a surprise to some people. The statements of Case 8 and all my other clients indicate most of us are still far from perfect beings in the spirit world. The essential purpose of reincarnation is self improvement. The psychological ramifications of our development, both in and out of the spirit world, is the foundation of my work. We have seen the importance of meeting other entities while entering the spirit world. Besides uniting with our guides and other familiar beings, I have mentioned a third form of re-entry after death. This is the rather disconcerting manner in which a soul is met by no one.”

    Dr. N: Explain to me how this pulling process works which will take you to your destination?
    S: I am riding on a wave ... a beam of light.
    Dr. N: Is this beam electromagnetic, or what?
    S: Well ... it's similar to the bands of a radio with someone turning the dial and finding the right frequency
    [dimensional resonance] for me.
    Dr. N: Are you saying you are being guided by an invisible force without much voluntary control and that you can't speed things up as you did right after death?
    S: Yes. I must go with the wave bands of light ... the waves have direction and I'm flowing with it. It's easy. They do it all for you.

    Dr. N: Who does it for you?
    S: The ones in control ... I don't really know.
    Dr. N: Then you are not in control. You don't have the responsibility of finding your own destination.
    S: (pause) My mind is in tune with the movement ... I flow with the resonance ...
    Dr. N: Resonance? You hear sounds?
    S: Yes, the wave beam ... vibrates ... I'm locked into this, too.
    Dr. N: Let's go back to your statement about the radio. Is your spiritual travel influenced by vibrational frequencies such as high, medium, and low resonance quality?
    S: (laughing) That's not bad-yes, and I'm on a line, like a homing beacon of sound and light... and it's part of my own tonal pattern-my frequency.
    Dr. N: I'm not sure I understand how light and vibration combine to set up directional bands.
    S: Think of a monster tuning fork inside a flashing strobe light.
    Dr. N: Oh, then there is energy here?

    If our transgressions are especially serious we call them evil. My subjects say to me no soul is inherently evil, although it may acquire this label in human life. Pathological evil in humans is characterized by feelings of personal impotence and weakness which is stimulated by helpless victims.

    S: He ... had hurt a girl ... terribly ... and did not rejoin our group. There was extensive private study for him because he did so poorly while in that body.
    Dr. N: What was the extent of his punishment?
    S: Punishment is ... a wrong interpretation ... it's regeneration. You have to recognize this is a matter for your teacher. The teachers are more strict with those who have been involved with cruelty.
    Dr. N: What does "more strict" mean to you in the spirit world?
    S: Well, my friend didn't go back with us ... his friends ... after this sad life where he hurt this girl.
    Dr. N: Did he come through the same spiritual gateway as yourself when he died?
    S: Yes, but he did not meet with anybody ... he went directly to a place where he was alone with the teacher.
    Dr. N: And then what happened to him? S: After awhile ... not long ... he returned to Earth again as a woman ... where people were cruel ... physically abusive ... it was a deliberate choice ... my friend needed to experience that ...
    Dr. N: Do you think this soul blamed the human brain of his former host body for hurting the girl?
    S: No, he took what he had done ... back into himself ... he blamed his own lack of skill to overcome the human failings. He asked to become an abused woman himself in the next life to gain understanding... to appreciate the damage he had done to the girl.
    Dr. N: If this friend of yours did not gain understanding and continued involving himself with humans who committed wrongful acts, could he be destroyed as a soul by someone in the spirit world?
    S: (long pause) You can't destroy energy exactly ... but it can be reworked... negativity which is unmanageable ... in many lives ... can be readjusted.
    Dr. N: How?
    S: (vaguely) ... Not by destruction ... remodelling ...

    Later, we will learn a bit more about the formation and restoration of intelligent energy. Most errant souls are able to solve their own problems of contamination. The price we pay for our misdeeds and the rewards received for good conduct revolve around the laws of karma. Perpetrators of harm to others will do penance by setting themselves up as future victims in a karmic cycle of justice. The Bhagavad Gita, another early Eastern scripture which has stood the test of thousands of years, has a passage which says, "souls of evil influence must redeem their virtue." No study of life after death would have any meaning without addressing how karma relates to causality and justice for all souls. Karma by itself does not denote good or bad deeds. Rather it is the result of one's positive and negative actions in life. The statement, "there are no accidents in our lives," does not mean karma by itself impels. What it does is propel us forward by teaching lessons. Our future destiny is influenced by a past from which we cannot escape, especially when we injure others.

    The key to growth is understanding we are given the ability to make mid-course corrections in our life and having the courage to make necessary changes when what we are doing is not working for us. [Both the incarnated 25% portion of the divided soul and the 75% Higher Self portion of the soul have free will] By conquering fear and taking risks, our karmic pattern adjusts to the effects of new choices. At the end of every life, rather than having a monster waiting to devour our souls, we serve as our most severe critic in front of teacher-guides. This is why karma is both just and merciful. With the help of our spiritual counsellors and peers we decide on the proper mode of justice for our conduct.

    Some people who believe in reincarnation also think if negative souls do not learn their lessons within a reasonable span of lives, they will be eliminated and replaced by more willing souls. My subjects deny this premise. There is no set path of self-discovery designed for all souls. As one subject told me, "souls are assigned to Earth for the duration of the war." This means souls are given the time and opportunity to make changes for growth. Souls who continue to display negative attitudes through their human hosts must overcome these difficulties by continually making an effort to change. From what I have seen, no negative karma remains attached to a soul who is willing to work during their many lives on this planet. It is an open question whether a soul should be held entirely at fault for humanity's irrational, unsocialized, and destructive acts. Souls must learn to cope in different ways with each new human being assigned to them.

    The permanent identity of a soul stamps the human mind with a distinctive character which is individual to that soul. However, I find there is a strange dual nature between the soul mind and human brain. I will discuss this concept further in later chapters, after the reader learns more about the existence of souls in the spirit world.

    [only 3% of our DNA is contributed by the physical body, the rest (including junk DNA) is brought into the body by the unique identity of the soul that enters the body between conception and birth. The soul does not, per se, possess DNA but rather an electromagnetic counterpart which it takes with it when it leaves the body.]

    S: By reaching into ... my being. I'm so tired from my last life and with the body I had.
    Dr. N: Are you saying the ravages of the physical body and the human mind leaves an emotional mark on the soul after death?
    S: God, yes'. My very expression-who I am as a being-was affected by the brain and body I occupied.
    Dr. N: Even though you are now separated from that body forever?
    S: Each body leaves ... an imprint ... on you, at least for a while. There are some bodies I have had that I can never get away from altogether. Even though you are free of them you keep some of the outstanding memories of your bodies in certain lives.
    Dr. N: Okay, now I want you to finish with your shower of healing and tell me what you feel.
    S: I am suspended in the light ... it permeates through my soul ... washing out most of the negative viruses. It allows me to let go of the bonds of my last life ... bringing about my transformation so I can become whole again.

    All soul evaluation conferences, be they with our guides, peers, or a panel of masters have one thing in common. The feedback and past life analyses we receive in terms of judgement is based upon the original intent of our choices as much as the actions of a lifetime. Our motivations are questioned and criticized, but not condemned in such a way as to make us suffer. As I explained in Chapter Four, this does not mean souls are exonerated for their acts which harmed others simply because they are sorry. Karmic payment will come in a future life. I have been told that our spiritual masters constantly remind us that because the human brain does not have an innate moral sense of ethics, conscience is the soul's responsibility. Nevertheless, there is overwhelming forgiveness in the spirit world. This world is ageless and so too are our learning tasks. We will be given other chances in our struggle for growth. [Evolution of the non-local mind consciousness]

    Members of the same cluster group are closely united for all eternity. These tightly knit clusters are often composed of like-minded souls with common objectives which they continually work out with each other. Usually they choose lives together as relatives and close friends during their incarnations on Earth. It is much more common for me to find a subject's brother or sister from former lives in the same cluster group rather than souls who have been their parents. Parents can meet us at the gateway to the spirit world after a death on Earth, but we may not see much of their souls in the spirit world. This circumstance exists not for reasons of maturity, since a parent soul could be less developed than their human offspring. Rather, it is more a question of social learning between siblings who are contemporary in one time frame. Although parents are a child's primary identification figures for both good and bad karmic effects, it is frequently our relations with spouses, brothers, sisters, and selected close friends over a whole lifetime that most influences personal growth. This takes nothing away from the importance of parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who serve us in different ways from another generation.

    Since spiritual energy has been described to me as a moving, living force, the amount of electromagnetic energy required to hold a soul on our physical plane could be another factor in producing different earthly colours.

    To equate what I have heard about soul energy with the physical laws which govern the colour spectrum we see in the heavens is just supposition. However, I have found some similarities. The energy of radiated light from cooler stars in the sky is a red/orange, while the hotter stars increase from yellow to blue-white. Temperature acts on light waves that are also visible vibrations of the spectrum with different frequencies. The human eye registers these waves as a band of light to dark colours. The energy colours of souls probably have little to do with such elements as hydrogen and helium, but perhaps there is an association with a high energy field of electromagnetism. I suspect all soul light is influenced by vibrational motion in tune with a harmonious spiritual oneness of wisdom. Some aspects of quantum physics suggest the universe is made up of vibrational waves which influence masses of physical objects by an interaction of different frequencies.

    Light, motion, sound, and time are all interrelated in physical space. I was hearing these same relationships applied to spiritual matters from my cases. Eventually, I concluded both our spiritual and physical consciousness project and receive light energy. I believe individual vibrational wave patterns represent each soul's aura. As souls, the density, colour, and form of light we radiate is proportional to the power of our knowledge and perception as represented by increasing concentrations of light matter as we develop. Individual patterns of energy not only display who we are, but indicate the degree of ability to heal others and regenerate ourselves.

    People in hypnosis speak of colours to describe how souls appear, especially from a distance, when they are shapeless. From my cases, I have learned the more advanced souls project masses of faster moving energy particles which are reported to be blue in colour, with the highest concentrations being purple. In the visible spectrum on Earth, blue-violet has the shortest wavelength, with energy peaking in the invisible ultraviolet. If colour density is a reflection of wisdom, then the lower wavelengths of white through yellow emanating from souls must represent lower concentrations of vibrational energy.

    Figure 3 (page 103) is a chart I have designed for the classification of souls by colour coding, as reported by my subjects. The first column lists the soul's spiritual state, or grade-level of learning. The last column shows our guide status and denotes our ability and readiness to serve in that capacity for others, which will be explained further in the next chapter. Learning begins with our creation as a soul and then understanding, although we may slip back in certain lives before regaining our footing and advancing again. Nevertheless, from what I can determine, once a spiritual level is attained by the soul, it stays there. In Figure 3, I show six levels of incarnating souls. Although I generally place my subjects into the broad categories of beginner, intermediate, and advanced souls, there are subtle differences in between, at Levels II and IV. For example, to determine whether a soul is starting to move out of the beginner stage at Level I into Level II, I must not only know how much white energy remains, but analyze the subject's responses to questions which demonstrate learning.

    A genealogy of past life successes, future expectations, group associations, and conversations between my subjects and their guides, all form a profile of growth. Some of my subjects object to my characterizing the spirit world as a place governed by societal structure and organizational management symbolized by Figure 3. On the other hand, I continually listen to these same subjects describe a planned and ordered process of self-development influenced by peers and teachers. If the spirit world does resemble one great schoolhouse with a multitude of classrooms under the direction of teacher souls who monitor our progress-then it has structure. Figure 3 represents a basic working placement model for my own use. I know it has imperfections. I hope follow-up research by regression therapists in future years may build upon my conceptualizations with their own replications to measure soul maturity.

    My classification of soul development is intended to be neither socially nor intellectually elitist. Souls in a high state of advancement are often found in humble circumstances on Earth. By the same token, people in the strata of influence in human society are by no means in a blissful state of soul maturity. Often, just the reverse is true.

    In terms of placement by soul development, I cannot overemphasize the importance of our spiritual groups. Chapter Nine, on beginner souls (Levels I and II), will more closely examine how a soul group functions. Before going further, however, I want to summarize what I have learned about the principles of soul group assignments.

    * Regardless of the relative time of creation after their novice status is completed, all beginner souls are assigned to a new group of souls at their level of understanding.

    * Once a new soul support group is formed, no new members are added in the future.

    * There appears to be a systematic selection procedure for homogeneous groupings of souls. Similarities of ego, cognitive awareness, expression, and desire are all considerations.

    * Irrespective of size, cluster groups do not directly intermix with each other's energy, but souls can communicate with one another across primary and secondary group boundaries.

    * Primary clusters in Levels I and II may split into smaller subgroups for study, but are not separated from the integrated whole within a single cluster of souls.

    * Rates of learning vary among peer group members. Certain souls will advance faster than others in a cluster group, although these students may not be equally competent and effective in all areas of their curricula. Around the intermediate level of learning, souls demonstrating special talents (healing, teaching, creating, etc.) are permitted to participate in specialty groups for more advanced work while still remaining with their cluster group.

    * At the point where a soul's needs, motives and performance abilities are judged to be fully at Level III in all areas of self-development, they are then loosely formed into an "independent studies" work group. Usually, their old guides continue to monitor them through one master teacher. Thus, a new pod of entities graduating into full Level III could be brought together from many clusters within one or more secondary groups.

    * When they approach Level IV, souls are given more independence outside group activities. Although group size diminishes as souls advance, the intimate contact between original peer group members is never lost.

    * Spirit guides have a wide variety of teaching methods and instructional personifications depending upon group composition.

    Chapter 8
    Our Guides

    I HAVE never worked with a subject in trance who did not have a personal guide. [Higher Self] Some guides are more in evidence than others during hypnosis sessions. It is my custom to ask subjects if they see/feel a discarnate presence in the room. If they do, this third party is usually a protective guide. Often, a client will sense the presence of a discarnate figure before visualizing a face or hearing a voice. People who meditate a great deal are naturally more familiar with these visions than someone who never called upon his or her guide.

    The recognition of these spiritual teachers brings people into the company of a warm, loving creative power. Through our guides, we become more acutely aware of the continuity of life and our identity as a soul. Guides are figures of grace in our existence because they are part of the fulfilment of our destiny.

    [In his apparent obsession with structure, Newton often confuses one’s Higher Self with what he consistently calls ‘guides’. Yes there are guides but they are not always the source of wisdom by any means. That is the whole point of reintegration back to what we were prior to 7,000 yrs. ago when we purposely split our souls. See his end notes for evidence of a growing movement in the spirit world toward less forgetfulness during physical incarnation.]

    …And yet, people know in their hearts-as they have always known-that someone, some personal entity individual to them-is there, waiting to be reached… [Higher Self 75% portion of the soul]

    [Meeting our Higher Self portion of the soul is often a costume party because the whole soul is a composite of all the lives we have ever lived since the creation of the soul]

    I have the theory that guides appear to people who are very religious as figures of their faith.
    There was a case on a national television show where the child of a devout Christian family suffered a near-death experience and said she saw Jesus. When asked to draw with crayons what she saw, the little girl drew a featureless blue man standing within a halo of light. My subjects have shown me how much they depend upon and make use of their spiritual guides during life. I have come to believe we are their direct responsibility not God's. These learned teachers remain with us over thousands of earth years to assist in our trials before, during, and after countless lives. I notice that, unlike people walking around in a conscious state, subjects in trance do not blame God for their misfortunes in life. More often than not, when we are in the soul state, it is our personal guide who takes the brunt of any dissatisfaction. I am often asked if teacher-guides are matched to us or just picked at random. This is a difficult question to answer. Guides do appear to be assigned to us in the spirit world in an orderly fashion. I have come to believe their individual teaching styles and management techniques support and beautifully integrate with our permanent soul identity.

    Our relationship with guides is one of students and teachers rather than defendants and judges. Our personal guides help us cope with the separateness and isolation which every soul inherits at physical birth, regardless of the degree of love extended by our family. Guides give us an affirmation of Self in a crowded world.

    During our lives, especially in periods of great stress, most people feel the presence of someone watching out for them. We may not be able to describe this power, but it is there nonetheless.
    [H.S. multidimensional non-physical portion of our soul]

    It is essential for people to have faith that a prayer for help will be answered by their own higher power. This is why guides are vitally important to our spiritual and temporal lives. If we are relaxed and in a state of concentrated focus, an inner voice speaks to us. And, even if we didn't initiate the message, we should trust what we hear.

    National surveys by psychologists indicate one person in ten admits to hearing voices which are frequently positive and instructional in nature. It is a relief for many people to learn their inner voices are not the hallucinations associated with the mentally ill. Rather than something to be worried about, an inner voice is like having your own resident counsellor on call. More often than not, these voices are
    those of our guides.

    Guides assigned to different souls do work together relaying urgent mental messages for each other. People unable to help themselves in critical situations may find counsellors, friends, and even strangers coming to their aid at just the right moment.

    [This is an example of how our H.S.’s communicate and work with each other on many occasions and it demonstrates why we are prone to say “people are god”]

    The inner strength which comes to us in our daily lives does not arrive as much by a visual picture of actually seeing our guides, as [it does] from the feelings and emotions which convince us we are not alone. People who listen and encourage their inner voice [Alignment of Ego with H.S.] through quiet contemplation say they feel a personal connection with an energy beyond themselves which offers support and reassurance. If you prefer to call this internal guidance system inspiration or intuition, that is fine, because the system which aids us is an aspect of ourselves as well as higher powers.

    Dr. N: Allum, do you believe your criticism of each other [within your soul group] is always constructive?
    S: Sure, there is no real hostility. We have fun at each other's expense-I admit that but it's just a form of ... acknowledgement of who we really are, and where we should be going.
    Dr. N: Is any member of your soul group ever made to feel shame or guilt about a
    past life?
    S: Those are ... human weapons... and too narrow for what we feel.
    Dr. N: Well, let me approach your feelings as a soul in another way. Do you feel safer getting feedback from one of your group members more than another?
    S: No, I don't. We all respect each other immensely. The greatest criticism comes from within ourselves.

    We can be anything familiar to our past experiences. For instance, souls can become rocks to capture the essence of density, trees for serenity, water for a flowing cohesiveness, butterflies for freedom and beauty and whales for power and immensity. People deny these actions represent former earthly transmigrations. I have also learned souls may become amorphous without substance or texture and totally integrate into a particular feeling, such as compassion, to sharpen their sensitivity.

    Some subjects tell of being mystical spirits of nature including figures I associate with folklore, such as elves, giants and mermaids. Personal contact with strange mythological beasts are mentioned as well. Theses accounts are so vivid it is hard for me to simply label them as metaphoric. Are the old folk tales of many races pure superstition, or manifestations of shared soul experience? I have the sense that many of our legends are the sympathetic memories of souls carried from other places to Earth long ago.’

    Souls eventually made us human, not the reverse. [We are a soul who has created for itself a body]

    One of my advanced subjects remarked, "Souls have seeded the Earth in different cycles."

    [1st cycle: Atlantis 85,000 yrs. ago to 60,000 yrs. ago; 2nd cycle: 6 settlements 20,000 yrs. ago to 15,000 yrs. ago; 3rd cycle: 13 settlements begin about 12,000 yrs. ago when languages were first developed to 8,000 yrs. ago; 4th cycle: Biblical age from 7,000 yrs. ago to present we divided our soul into 2 parts: 25% incarnates into the physical body while 75% is the Higher Self or conscience often referred to as the 'personal god' by religious people. Culmination of this splitting after 7,000 yrs means reintegration of the H.S. into the physical body, thereby making us wholly human again]

    A composite of information collected from a wide range of clients suggests to me that the land masses we know today deviate from earlier continents, drowned, perhaps, by cataclysmic volcanic or magnetic upheavals. For instance, the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean have been said to represent the tops of mountains of the submerged continent of Atlantis. Indeed, I have had subjects discuss being in ancient lands on Earth that I cannot identify with modern geography.

    Dr. N: So where does a soul's integrity fit into this?
    S: The extension of desire. Integrity is the desire to be honest about Self and motives to such an extent that full awareness of the path to the source is possible.
    Dr. N: If all basic intelligent energy is the same, why are souls different in their character and integrity?
    S: Because their experiences with physical life change them and this is intentional.
    By that change new ingredients are added to the collective intelligence of every soul.
    Dr. N: And this is what incarnation on Earth is all about?
    S: Incarnation is an important tool, yes. Some souls are driven more than others to expand and achieve their potential, but all of us will do so in the end. Being in many physical bodies and different settings expands the nature of our real self.
    Dr. N: And this sort of self-actualization of the soul identity is the purpose of life on our world?
    S: On any world.
    Dr. N: Well, if each soul is preoccupied with Self, doesn't this explain why we have a world of self-cantered people?
    S: No, you misinterpret. Fulfilment is not cultivating Self for selfish means, but allowing for integration with others in life. That also shows character and integrity. This is ethical conduct.

    Dr. N: You said the ultimate objective of souls was to seek unification with the supreme source of creative energy-do you remember?
    S:... The act of conjunction, yes.
    Dr. N: Tell me, does the source dwell in some special central space in the spirit world?
    S: The source is the spirit world.
    Dr. N: Then why do souls speak of reaching a core of spiritual life?
    S: When we are young spirits we sense power around us everywhere and yet we feel we ... are on the edge of it. As we grow older there is an awareness of a concentrated power, but it is the same feeling.
    Dr. N: Even though you have called this the place of the Old Ones? [I am sure this refers to the 13 who make up the “skin” of this universe.]
    S: Yes, they are part of the concentrated power of the source which sustains us as souls.

    Dr. N: Well, lumping this power together as one energy source, can you describe the creator in more human terms?
    S: As the ultimate selfless being which we strive to be.
    Dr. N: If the source represents all the spirit world, how does this mental place differ from physical universes with stars, planets, and living things?

    S: Universes are created-to live and die-for the use of the source. The place of spirits ... is the source.
    Dr. N: We seem to live in a universe which is expanding and may contract again and eventually die. Since we live in a space with time limitations, how can the spirit world itself be timeless?
    S: Because here we live in non-space which is timeless ... except in certain zones.
    [Dimensional limiting skins or boundaries such as contain galaxies of high frequency energy of non-physical reality.]
    Dr. N: Please explain what these zones are.
    S: They are ... interconnecting doors ... openings [Stargates like Orion] for us to pass through into a
    physical universe of time.
    Dr. N: How can time-doors exist in non-space?
    S: The openings exist as thresholds between realities. [Another Stargate would be Draco leading from the semi-physical realities.]
    Dr. N: Well, if the spirit world is non-dimensional, what kind of reality is that?
    S: A constant reality state, as opposed to the shifting realities of dimensional worlds which are material and changing.

    Dr. N: Do past, present, and future have any relevance for souls living in the spirit world?
    S: Only as a means of understanding succession in physical form. Living here ... there is a ... changelessness ... for those of us not crossing thresholds into a universe of substance and time.

    Note: A major application of time thresholds used by souls will be examined in the
    upcoming chapter on life selection.

    Dr. N: You speak of universes in the plural. Are these other physical universes besides the one which contains Earth? [There are 12 separate universes each designed to ask a specific question. Our universe, the 1st created, is to ask 2 questions.]
    S: (vaguely) There are ... differing realities to suit the source.
    Dr. N: Are you saying souls can enter various rooms of different physical realities from spiritual doorways?
    S: (nods) Yes, they can-and do.

    Quantum mechanics is a modern branch of physics which investigates all subatomic movement in terms of electromagnetic energy levels where all things in life are thought to be ultimately non-solid and existing in a unified field. Going beyond Newton's physical laws of gravity, the elements of action on time are also considered to be unified by light wave frequency and kinetic energy. Since I show that souls do experience feelings of the passage of time in a chronological fashion in the spirit world, doesn't this contradict the concept of oneness for past, present, and future? No, it does not. My research indicates to me that the illusion of time progression is created and sustained for those souls coming to and from physical dimensions (who are used to such biological responses as aging), so they may more easily gauge their advancement. Thus, it makes sense to me when the quantum physicists hypothesize that time, rather than being an absolute of three phases, is only an expression of change.[Time passage and the speed of light varies according to dimensional frequency. As Earth's Schumann Resonance rises so too do the dimensional frequencies available to all of life life rise]

    I have suggested to my subjects that if the spirit world seems round to them, and
    appears to curve when they travel rapidly as souls, this could represent a finite,
    enclosed sphere. They deny the idea of any dimensional boundaries yet offer me
    little else except metaphors. Case 23 says the spirit world itself is the source of creation. Some have called this place the heart, or breath, of God.

    Case 22 defined the space of souls as "fabric" and I have had other subjects give the spirit world a quality of "the folds of a seamless dress swishing back and forth." They sometimes
    feel the effects of a gently "rippling" motion from light energy which has been
    described as "waves (or rings) rolling outward from a disturbed pool of water."
    Normally, the geography of soul spaces has a smooth and open consistency to people
    in superconsciousness, without displaying the properties of gravity, temperature,
    pressure, matter, or a time clock associated with a chaotic physical universe.
    However, when I attempt to characterize the entire spirit world as a void, people in trance resist this notion.

    Although my cases are unable to fully explain the place where their souls live, they
    are all outspoken about its ultimate reality for them. A subject in trance doesn't see
    the spirit world as being either near or far away from our physical universe.

    It is important for the reader to understand that when people do recall living on
    other worlds they seem not to be limited by the dimensional constraints of our
    [Not “our universe” but the physical dimensions reality of this sectioned off part of our galaxy]

    When souls travel to planets intergalactically or interdimensionally, they
    measure the trip by the time it takes them to reach their destinations through the
    tunnel effect from the spirit world. The size of the spatial region involved and the
    relative position of worlds to each other are also considerations. After listening to
    references about multiple dimensional realities from some of my subjects, I am left
    with the impression they believe there is a confluence of all these dimensional
    streams into one great river of the spirit world. If I could stand back and take apart
    all these alternate realities seated in the minds of my cases, it would be like peeling
    an artichoke of all its layers down to one heart at the core.

    [Generally speaking, Galaxies are sectioned off alternate and alternative dimensional realities to be experienced by soul choice. The exception is our physical reality which is a sectioned off portion of the Milky Way Galaxy]

    Chapter 12
    Life Selection

    THERE comes that time when the soul must once again leave the sanctuary of the
    spirit world for another trip to Earth.
    [He seems to think that “the spirit world” exists outside of this universe failing to recognize that it is in fact just a higher non-physical dimensional frequency located within this universal reality. It could be thought of as inner space meaning the space between the lines on a ruler where frequency is very high]
    This decision is not an easy one. Souls must prepare to leave a world of total wisdom, where they exist in a blissful state of freedom, for the physical and mental demands of a human body. We have seen how tired souls can be when re-entering the spirit world. Many don't want to think about returning to Earth again. This is especially true when we have not come close to our goals at the end of a physical life. Once back in the spirit world, souls have misgivings about even temporarily leaving a world of self understanding, comradeship, and compassion to go to a planetary environment of uncertainty and fear brought about by aggressive, competing humans. Despite having family and friends on Earth, many incarnated souls feel lonely and anonymous among large impersonal populations. I hope my cases show the opposite is true in the spirit world, where our souls are involved in the most intimate sharing
    on an everlasting basis. Our spiritual identity is known and appreciated by a multitude of other entities, whose support is never ending.

    The rejuvenation of our energy and personal assessment of one's Self takes longer for some souls than others, but eventually the soul is motivated to start the process of incarnation. While our spiritual environment is hard to leave, as souls we also remember the physical pleasures of life on Earth with fondness and even nostalgia. When the wounds of a past life are healed and we are again totally at one with ourselves, we feel the pull of having a physical expression for our identity. Training sessions with our counsellors and peer groups have provided a collaborative spiritual effort to prepare us for the next life. Our karma of past deeds towards humanity and our mistakes and achievements have all been evaluated with an eye toward the best course of future endeavours. The soul must now assimilate all this information and take purposeful action based upon three primary decisions:

    * Am I ready for a new physical life?

    * What specific lessons do I want to undertake to advance my learning and

    * Where should I go, and who shall I be in my next life for the best opportunity to
    work on my goals?

    The purpose of reincarnation is the exercise of free will. Without this ability, we would be impotent creatures indeed. Thus, karmic destiny means we are not just caught up in events over which we have no control. This also means we have karmic lessons and responsibilities. The law of cause and effect for our actions always exists.

    But whatever happens to us in life, it is important we understand that our happiness or pain does not reflect either blessings or betrayal on the part of a God-over soul, our guides, or life selection coordinators. We are the masters of our destiny.

    Even as victims, we are beneficiaries because it is how we stand up to failure and duress which really
    marks our progress in life. Sometimes one of the most important lessons is to learn to just let go of the past.

    Using the analogy of life as being one big stage play, we will have the lead role as an actor or actress. Everything we do in the play affects other minor characters (minor because they are not us) in the script. Their parts can be altered by us and ours by them because script changes (the result of free will) can be made while the play is in progress.

    I hate to tamper with your fond recollections of a supposedly spontaneous past meeting, but such descriptions as chance, happenstance, or impulse aren't applicable to crucial contacts. This makes them no less romantic. [Given our amnesia] In cases involving soul mates, I have heard many heartfelt accounts of close spiritual beings who journeyed across time and space to find each other as physical beings at a particular geographic spot on Earth at a certain moment. It is also true our conscious amnesia can make meeting significant people difficult and we may take a wrong turn and miss the connection at some juncture. However, there can be a prearrangement here for back-up contingencies.

    There is one main course of life we choose in advance, but alternatives always exist and we learn from them, too.

    S: (long pause) The signs are there. But, sometimes I overrule my ... inclinations.
    There are times in my lives when I change directions because of too much thinking
    and analysis. Or, I do nothing for the same reasons.
    Dr. N: Ah, so you might do something other than what was planned in the spirit
    S: Yeah, and it may not work out as well ... but we have the right to miss the red flags.

    My advice to people about meaningful encounters is not to intellectualize coming events too much. Some of our best decisions come from what we call instinct. Go with your gut feelings at the time. When a special moment is meant to happen in life, it usually does.

    When I ask my subjects how a loving God could permit suffering, surprisingly there are few variations in their responses. My cases report our souls are born of a creator which places a totally peaceful state
    deliberately out of reach so we will strive harder.

    A number of my more advanced subjects have stated there is a growing movement in the spirit world to "change the game rules on Earth." These people say their souls had less amnesia about Self and the inter-life when they lived in earlier cultures.

    As we approach the next millennium, the masters who direct Earth's destiny appear to be making changes to permit more information and understanding of who we are and why we are here to come into our lives.

    [This matches up well with the Akashic information regarding the conclusion to the 7,000 year Human Plan, loss of amnesia, and waking up to our purpose of reintegration of the Higher Self into the physical body while being assisted by the energies of the 6th Sun]
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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    Oh Wow Herbert....Thanks! This is more to my liking and things that resonate. I've read this book and have a copy somewhere. I will spend the time to read what you've highlighted here in reference.

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    I'm still reading this but wanted to stop and share something I wrote yesterday. This is in regards to guides that are spoken of here...

    This is the end statement on my post and one more follow up post:


    Artemis is my guide

    Artemis anagram

    Artemis ~ Master I

    Artemis is me...with my higher/inner knowing of universal knowledge I have attained thus far. And that's a very long time.

    Just one little correction. My guides are not deities. They are all part of me and my past lives. someday I will explain that. They all have various functions within my psyche.
    Synchronicity eh?

    edit to add:

    Holy crap! I'm having a real hard time reading section 12. My focused energy is repelling it for some reason. Now I know why.

    section 12 starts:
    THERE comes that time when the soul must once again leave the sanctuary of the
    spirit world for another trip to Earth.
    And yesterday I said:
    Future emotion can create Error
    That was regarding death...a death...I had and have to deal with still....

    I'll tell you while I love this it's sort of freaking me out slightly for some reason I can't explain at the moment.

    I still love it and thank you for sharing it!
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    Wow are an angel or messenger. As hard as it was to read Chapter 12 I did amid tears of grief and tears of joy.

    I should explain that that statement "Future emotion can create Error" was followed by a video. A video my guide Artemis played for me on May 3, 2012...the following day May 4th my son was killed in a motorcycle accident. I was posting on a forum that day and made comment that out of nowhere my computer played that song....the following post was about untimely demise. About a year earlier I had a dream I was at my son's funeral and it was just like at the funeral. For years since then I've had this crazy notion that if I had paid attention to what my guide was telling me I could have stopped it because an hour before he died he called me. That was the last time I got to hear his voice and have since suffered grief and PTSD over the whole thing. So that brought tears of grief. Here is a screen shot of that post I made where Artemis ~ Master I sent me that video...Don't fear the reaper.

    Then tears of joy because I'm in a health situation that I will not be far off from seeing him again.

    I truly thank you Herbert for sharing this...and I will find and dust off my copy as I think this is a sign for me to pick the book up again and read it.

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    This is the book that truly started my awakening journey some nine years ago.

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    Well then, looks like I should read this work.

    Once back in the spirit world, souls have misgivings about even temporarily leaving a world of self understanding, comradeship, and compassion to go to a planetary environment of uncertainty and fear brought about by aggressive, competing humans.
    I usually feel like I belong in a place of "self understanding, comradeship and compassion" that is not here. However, I don't feel like I don't belong or that I'm not supposed to be here. Just that where I would fit in would be what's described in quotes. And so I always have to learn how to fit in.

    And my life has involved constant moves from one place to another where I always must learn to fit in.

    I must do this while still being myself. I can't just put on a front and act. That wouldn't work and I would feel like a fraud and would be a failure.

    So it's always hard to fit in.

    (not that that is a bad thing)

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