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Thread: Channelling Experience Thread

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    Channelling Experience Thread

    Hello all,

    As promised, I will start a channeling experience thread on this forum. This is not just for me, but for anyone who has had some experience channelling entities or interacting with them in other ways, both positive and negative. Most channelled entities do not appear to be entirely benevolent, often they are tricksters or deceivers.

    I am starting this thread with the full knowledge that you can never entirely trust information received through channelling, not just because you can't actually physically see these entities and thus verify that they are really telling the truth about themselves, including what they look like in reality. No, there is more to it than that and it involves the channelling process itself, which is in itself highly problematic.

    Channelled information has to go through and be processed by the physical brain of the channeller. In an ideal situation, the channelling is automatic and unconscious. This reduces contamination by the channeller's own beliefs, expectations and perceptions to a minimum. Such was the channelled material of Edgar Cayce, The Law of one and Seth materials.

    The advantages of this type of channelling include highly specific information that the channeller could not know by himself. Sometimes an entirely new history, information about faraway places, worlds and the beings that inhabit them are revealed. Since there is a questioner who directs the flow of information, it tends to be higher quality and more organised.

    The disadvantages include the fact that it requires at least one other person's assistance, so it can't be done alone. The other major one is the fact that the channeller does not remember anything that happened or was said during the channelling. This also puts them more at risk in terms of being taken over by a malevolent entity. They are also unable to gauge what kind of person the channelled entity is and there is no interaction between them to speak of. The channeller is literally just an instrument and nothing else, so no real bond or relationship can be formed between the channeller and the channelled entity.

    The other type of channelling is the conscious type, which is what I'm familiar with.

    The disadvantages of this are legion, mostly to do with mind contamination of the channelled information. There is also a limitation as to what kind of information can be transmitted this way. If the channeller doesn't have the intellectual capacity and a certain amount of foreknowledge to be able to consciously understand what is being channelled, he won't be able to express the thoughts he is receiving, or he will have to work off cryptic clues and images.

    Let me give you a couple of examples from my own practice.

    - A PA forum moderator messaged me about a medical condition they were having and asked me if I could ask my channelled entity, Inanna, about what would work in treating it. I offered them Inanna's healing, but they weren't comfortable with it. As soon as they sent me that message, Inanna flashed a cat's paw in my mind's eye. So I wrote to them if that meant anything. He/She eventually figured out that there is an anti-inflammatory naturopathic herbal medicine from Peru called cat's claw that might actually be able to treat his/her condition. I have no idea what this person's condition is, but Inanna knew straight away what the right treatment was. Because I had never heard of this herb before, she had to use visual imagery to help me figure out the right treatment. I won't mention their name or gender to protect him/her from any possible backlash.

    - Another PA member asked for personal guidance regarding past life information he was given by another psychic, that was recommended to him by Bill Ryan. He used to be an Egyptian person whose name I have never heard before. Inanna flashed various images, such as an ankh and the names of various ancient Egyptian names that I did know. Eventually I managed to figure out the correct name by trying a few variations and combinations. This would not be an issue with automatic channelling, where an unfamiliar name would come through seamlessly.

    As for the advantages of conscious channelling, they outweigh the disadvantages by quite a margin, I believe. The most important aspect is safety. If the channeller feels that an unwanted entity wants to connect to him, he can reject their advances. Usually a forceful no will do, but it may also be necessary to use spiritual warfare, such as erecting a protective energy barrier or shield around the channeller. There are also various spiritual weapons that anyone can learn to use, but that's another topic.

    Another advantage of conscious channelling is that it can be done instantaneously as the situation requires, with no preparation whatsoever. In my case, if Inanna had something to say, such as in reply to a forum member or someone else asking for help via email, she would touch me to indicate she was there and we would connect to each other as I went into a meditative state. It usually took less than a minute to establish a useable connection.

    This requires that the channelled and the channeller fully trust and know each other. It is essentially like a Vulcan mind meld from Star Trek, a very intimate experience. Both parties could potentially take advantage of each other by trying to probe the other's mind and go places the other party would rather they didn't. Unlike in unconscious channelling, it is very hard to hide anything in this state as any attempt at deception will quickly become obvious.

    This sort of channelling isn't an "I hear voices" kind of experience, it is more like a "My mind to your mind, your mind to my mind" sort of thing. There are no voices heard, only a free flow of thoughts between the minds of two independent entities. Images, visions, pure thoughts, concepts and emotions get exchanged, so you feel that you have temporarily merged with this other person. It doesn't just work with two people either, I was able to have a three-way conversation with Inanna and his brother Utu on a few occasions.

    It is important to point out that the entities involved have to be present in the room, at least in my case. A partial connection for brief exchanges of thought is possible even without physical presence, but it will usually only last a few moments. Distance definitely seems to be a factor.

    I would also like to briefly touch on the technical or biological side of channelling, depending on how you look at it. There is a certain amount of fine tuning needed, which is very similar to tuning an old-style radio set. As a human, you have to raise your energetic frequency, which can be learnt through meditation. At the same time, the entity in question has to lower theirs. When your frequencies get close to each other, there is audible interference. First you hear static.Then there is a whistling noise. As the fine tuning continues, you eventually find a matching frequency and you feel a sensation similar to your ears popping. An energy field will usually descend on your face, which feels a bit like a cobweb. In my case it always started with the tip of my nose and gradually extended over my whole face and neck. There is also a sound in the ears that can be compared to the buzzing of bees. This is when I know a connection has been established and the conversation can commence.

    A lot more can be written about this subject, but this will do for now. I hope others will also contribute their own experiences and of course, questions and comments are more than welcome.

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