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Thread: Another one bites the dust...

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    Lightbulb Another one bites the dust...

    There's a very interesting thread going on over at Bill Ryan's place right now regarding alleged SSP whistleblower Mark Richards and Kerry Cassidy's unconditional knee-jerk backing of the man.

    Turns out that Mr. Richards is not quite the innocent whistleblower who was set up for a murder he hadn't committed in order to silence him, but that he's rather a coldblooded murderer, a megalomaniac and a pathological liar. The thread features documented evidence of all of this a little farther down the first page.

    But then again, who'da thunk, right?

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    I read all the interviews. From the start, a number of things didn’t quite wash so it became intertainment, especially since Kerry wrote things regarding the interviews from memory... this rate, I’ll soon be the only true whistleblower left
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