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Thread: Did Dinosaurs/Reptiles Evolve?

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    Did Dinosaurs/Reptiles Evolve?

    We realise that Earths history isn't anything like we have been programmed to believe - as Elens excellent thread shows.

    Therefore to think that mammals are the Darwinian 'next step' in evolution up from reptiles may need to be closer looked at.

    We have no clue as to what the whole reptile era involved/evolved to. Is it not logical that reptiles would have been given the same 'training ground' as we have in the evolution of our consciousness? Every life form in the Universe is subject to the same laws.

    Therefore did reptiles gain entry into higher densities before mammals were introduced?

    Does this explain the continued reference from various sources of reptiles being involved in our 'current affairs', being both positive and negative in nature?

    Humans are said to be the result of various genetic tinkerings - especially the Annunaki influence.

    Was the 'extinction' of the dinosaurs put in place to allow the human/Annunaki experiment to take over, and if so did the reptiles agree to their own demise?

    If reptiles have evolved in consciousness would this explain the various myths around the planet of huge winged reptiles commonly known as Dragons?

    Are Dragons of higher densities still very much involved in the energetic evolution of the planet? Both positive and negative?

    A woman of 'influence' told to me a couple of years back that "five of my little babies have hatched"!

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    All good questions.

    My current stance is that the Agarthians fully manipulated this timeline so:

    - Precursor reptilians/dinosaurs were (allowed to be) zapped by non-reptilian ETs/ITs (inner terrestrials)
    - Reptilians are still pissed about this
    - there is at least a 3 way fight for control: Maldek/Mars Pre-adamite “Annunakki” allied with Zionist/Vatican/Rothschild folks, Reptilians allied with Nazis, and Agarthians. There are thousands of differing ETs/ITs looking on with various levels of coordination with the 3 main groups with a large group of Neutrals and at least a few negative other agendas.
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