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Thread: GitHub billionaires...

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    GitHub billionaires...

    several of Aragorn’s friends have sold out to the Evil Empire...

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    Quote Originally posted by Dumpster Diver View Post

    several of Aragorn’s friends have sold out to the Evil Empire...
    Yeah, there's been quite a bit of talk about it over at Slashdot, and several developers have already pledged that they will be moving their projects off of GitHub and onto some other Free Software development platform.

    Even though the Microsoft of today is no longer the Microsoft that was once run by Bill Gates and then by Steve Ballmer, Microsoft remains a generally distrusted company because of their 30+ years of corruption, lies, spin, bribes, extortion and other customer abuse.

    Their new CEO Satya Nadella is trying to build a bridge between Microsoft and the FLOSS community — for instance, under Gates and Ballmer it was simply unthinkable that Microsoft would one day be developing GNU/Linux software — but the damage has been done, and it's still a monopolist mega-corporation.

    I don't trust them either, although at this point in time, there are quite a few other evil empires to look out for already. Microsoft isn't the only monster in the ocean anymore. Facebook has already been in the news almost every day over the last couple of months, but Google is even worse, and they're much, much bigger too.

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