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Thread: Steve Judd astrology

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    Quote Originally posted by Chuckie View Post
    Interesting...Capricorns are great...Sagittarians have never agreed with me which was always frustrating...
    As I've told this before, my oldest brother is Capricorn. Then again he is different so not so sure how much it applies.

    My mother is Sagittarius, great rapport there. I found out that my school "friend" is Sag too instead of late Scorpio.

    Now he too is being suspected of BPD instead of just ADHD... I'm wondering why there's so much BPD around me!

    My astrologer told me that my father is Aries with Scorpio moon and my mother has some Scorpio influence on her chart, and my older brother of course is Scorpio so there is quite a bit of Scorpio energy in my life, except in my own chart. All in family have some Scorpio influence as the 4th house cusp shows in my birth chart the kind of family I was born into. Then my dearest friend is Scorpio too although in general I think I tend to get along best with other Virgos although some of them can be quite the pain in the ass, although in my experience they are kind, organized and logical, maybe a bit mental. I'm supposed to learn more from Sagittarian type of people.
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