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Thread: The white flight of Derek Black

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    The white flight of Derek Black

    Did he jump out of the red hot pan that is white nationalism into the fire of propaganda that R D Steele calls “the Shabbat Supremacist Cult that believes Goyim and Gentiles are animals”?

    He was not only a leader of racial politics but also a product of them. His father, Don Black, had created Stormfront, the Internet’s first and largest white nationalist site, with 300,000 users and counting. His mother, Chloe, had once been married to David Duke, one of the country’s most infamous racial zealots, and Duke had become Derek’s godfather. They had raised Derek at the forefront of the movement, and some white nationalists had begun calling him “the heir.”

    “All of my strengths without any of my weaknesses,” Don would later say about Derek back then. “He was smarter than me. He had more insight. He never held himself back.”

    So many others in white nationalism had come to their conclusions out of anger and fear, but Derek tended to like most people he met, regardless of race. Instead, he sought out logic and science to confirm his worldview, reading studies from conservative think tanks about biological differences between races, IQ disparities and rates of violent crime committed by blacks against whites. He launched a daily radio show to share his views, and Don paid $275 each week to have it broadcast on the AM station in nearby Lake Worth. On the air, Derek helped popularize the idea of a white genocide, that whites were losing their culture and traditions to massive, nonwhite immigration. “If we say it a thousand times — ‘White genocide! We are losing control of our country!’ — politicians are going to start saying it, too,” he said. He repeated the idea in interviews, Stormfront posts and during his speech at the conference in Memphis, when he was at his most certain.
    New College ranked as one of the most liberal schools in the state — “most pot-friendly, most gay-friendly,” Don explained on the radio — and to some white nationalists, it seemed a bizarre choice. Once, on the air, a friend asked Don whether he worried about sending his son to a “hotbed of multiculturalism,” and Don started to laugh.

    “If anyone is going to be influenced here, it will be them,” he said. “Soon enough, the whole faculty and student body are going to know who they have in their midst.”
    Matthew had spent a few weeks debating whether it was a good idea. He and Derek had lived near each other in the dorm, but they hadn’t spoken since Derek was exposed on the forum. Matthew, who almost always wore a yarmulke, had experienced enough anti-Semitism in his life to be familiar with the KKK, David Duke and Stormfront. He went back and read some of Derek’s posts on the site from 2007 and 2008: “Jews are NOT white.” “Jews worm their way into power over our society.” “They must go.”

    Matthew decided his best chance to affect Derek’s thinking was not to ignore him or confront him, but simply to include him. “Maybe he’d never spent time with a Jewish person before,” Matthew remembered thinking.
    It was the only social invitation Derek had received since returning to campus, so he agreed to go. The Shabbat meals had sometimes included eight or 10 students, but this time only a few showed up. “Let’s try to treat him like anyone else,” Matthew remembered instructing them.
    He hadn’t spoken to anyone in white nationalism since his defection, aside from occasional calls home to his parents. Instead, he’d spent his time catching up on aspects of pop culture he’d once been taught to discredit: liberal newspaper columns, rap music and Hollywood movies. He’d come to admire President Obama. He decided to trust the U.S. government.

    Derek watched in his apartment as Hillary Clinton gave a major speech about the rise of racism. She explained how white supremacists had rebranded themselves as white nationalists. She referenced Duke and mentioned the concept of a “white genocide,” which Derek had once helped popularize. She talked about how Trump had hired a campaign manager with ties to the alt-right. She said: “A fringe movement has essentially taken over the Republican Party.”

    Don, who usually didn’t vote, said he was going to support Trump.
    Derek said he had taken an online political quiz, and his views aligned 97*percent with Hillary Clinton’s.
    Full article
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    Quote Originally posted by palooka's revenge View Post
    Did he jump out of the red hot pan that is white nationalism into the fire of propaganda that R D Steele calls “the Shabbat Supremacist Cult that believes Goyim and Gentiles are animals”?

    Full article
    that's an amazing story...not to mention so very revealing. It validates so many 'intuitive thoughts' and makes them manifest.

    In reading the article I did 'worry' where the indoctrinated 'ugliness' might emerge. Freud argued that counter-productive internal mechanisms cannot be superficially erased. They can be removed by the behaviorist but they still remain fomenting beneath the surface.
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    My brother likes to occasionally refer to himself as Goyim. "I was honored they asked a Goya to join their group." He's being a little sarcastic and also somewhat sincere. But he throws the word around casually and I don't think he should ever, in any way, call himself by that name.

    I told him that, and he does as he chooses.

    My best friend in college was a black woman from Jamaica. She was very beautiful. She had dated a former white supremacist who went down a very similar road. He set out to prove whites were superior and discovered that we're all human in the process.
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