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Thread: Samadhi

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    Quote Originally posted by pointessa View Post
    I have experienced three episodes of dramatic change of consciousness. The first one, which was the longest and most profound happened at 22 years old. Up until that time I had been self medicating feelings of anxiety and depression with alcohol and sometimes other drugs. I had given that up and immersed myself in a job where for the first time I was really focusing on caring for others. The change in consciousness was profound and I had no idea whatsoever what was happening except that there was a wonderful clarity and purity about everything. I was happy and peaceful. It really was a blissful state that stayed with me for months, only to dissipate slowly over time, yet I was always changed by it.

    The second event happened when I was practicing a mindfulness meditation in the evening before bed. I had a strange feeling of something shifting in my head. A literal feeling and then there was a profound calmness and clarity of mind. This time I was able to acknowledge that the calmness was happening because there was no internal chatter. So this time I knew that for some reason the ego had dropped out of the picture. I went to sleep and the next day observed that there was still not chatter. I took my dogs for the same walk I take them on every day but this time I really saw the beauty. I was no longer "lost in thought". The peace and well being was profound and lasted for several days before I began to notice the judgements and internal dialogue slowly creeping in. This experience cemented in me the realization that I am not the egoic structure that banters on incessantly in my head. The ego has never again held the power that it had in the past.

    The third event happened while contemplating an excerpt from Eckhart Tolle. I experienced the dropping feeling and again, no egoic banter and the feeling of peace. After the return of the ego, there has been a greater awareness each time it creates mental disturbance. I can turn it off immediately by entering the present moment. Sometimes it will return immediately, insistent on picking the drama back up, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I allow the ego to continue, and choose to be lost in its drama, although I am finding that less and less rewarding. I have observed that I am particularly drawn to internal drama that allows me to take a martyr or self righteous stance....go figure.

    I believe each of these experiences is a process of integrating the consciousness that lies behind the busy chatter and judgement that creates havok for self and the world we live in . There is truly a observer of pure consciousness within each of us, covered up and muddied by this other self that seeks for itself. The way in which it can be dissipated into nothingness, merely by moving into the present moment shows me that it is smoke and mirrors. We spend most of our lives serving smoke and mirrors and the funny, ironic part is that it will never be satisfied.

    I don't see much hope for mankind unless it can collectively transcend the egoic self. Is that our goal here? I know that it can happen. It can happen all at once or it can be a slow integration process.
    Where oh where is pointessa? This was her last post - a truly excellent post... I sure wish she would post again.

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    Quote Originally posted by Sammy View Post
    Where oh where is pointessa?
    Over at Project Avalon, but under a different name...

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