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Thread: The Use of Crisis Actors

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    Quote Originally posted by WantDisclosure View Post
    To know what I was talking about, one has to go to the post that I quoted, "The use of crisis actors, coupled with a complicit mainstream media, is making fools of people who go along with this nonsense."

    You don't remember that?

    It was made before I was first put on Sabbatical by Aragorn, and then Retired, by staff here.

    Your response that I have in mind did not occur directly after my post.

    It was later in the thread, and was out of the blue, as far as I was concerned. What were you talking about here:
    As I recall, you spoke of smearing when people were simply offering up facts or information. I mentioned the event w/our former moderator because it's a very good example of what smearing really is.

    My goal was to clarify the difference between smearing and critical analysis.

    Related to that, there is a vast record here of Corey's own words. There is much discussion 'out there' about Mr. Goode and his work. People could come here and read his very own words in order to assess his credibility and character. Yet they choose not to. That is strange to me. Granted, it's a pain in the neck to read through long threads. But if people are going to give him the gravitas that they do, they should have the whole picture. Especially when it's from the horse's mouth.

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    Quote Originally posted by Dreamtimer View Post
    As I recall, you spoke of smearing when people were simply offering up facts or information.

    You accused me of smearing.

    My comment about a public figure being smeared is not me smearing someone.

    Can you not see the distinction?

    Smearing is done to public figures by dishonest critics who take things out of context, grossly exaggerate, or outright lie. There are smears in the media all the time. When they are posted on forums, it is right and appropriate to identify them. Of course, honest forum members disagree. But disagreeing is not smearing.

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