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Thread: The Use of Crisis Actors

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    Musicians who win audiences have been feared by those who wish to control directions society moves, for a long long time.
    In parallel with the evolution of sound and image reproduction, the power of a star has increased. The power of oratory and theatre was seen long before, when theatre an live performance was king.
    Linked also into our ancestral memory, watching fires, stars, and then singing and telling stories. This is our heritage. Our way. This is part of us and has direct access to our emotions. Y'know, because the subset descriptor, "Emotions" gets referred to often and easily, we are talking about driving forces. Peoples sensibilities, and hopes and dreams, their pain body if you wish, interacting with thought loops, and forming that person's narrative.. or narrative's' I should say.
    The library of stories and reasons and excuses that people have within them, to explain to themselves why they are who they are and do what they do.
    People's story. Their world view. Their motives. The reasons behind actions. It all comes from the story within, the emotional narrative. The bonds made to ideas and events and institutions, via either negative or positive experience.

    That is, people coupling emotional symbolism to events, ideas, or people by way of their personal narrative and emotional interaction with the story.

    Powerful orators can "capture people's imagination"
    Powerful singers, story tellers, and artists can "capture people's hearts"

    The joy bag and the woe bag. These are where all useful toils come from, it seems.
    Nothing is done for nothing.

    Along the way clever people have observed and learned, and they have used what they have learned to embellish and garnish events and ideas.
    The things which need to be embellished or obfuscated can change or evolve over time, dependant on the general state of entrainment of the audience.
    For instance, modern musicians don't have to sound skilled anymore because the audience mind does not necessarily seek for skilled crafting in that way these days.
    This is partly because of technology enhancing recordings and therefore the skill of the performer has become a lessor box to tick in the selection process of choosing players for roles, more credits can be spent on the image of the performer, their beauty and their complicit malleability.
    To have the sorts of actors filling our society, they have to come from somewhere. They have to be, in turn, driven to be the best they can be in their role. As in they have to have bought in to the gag of it all enough to give of themselves to be effective in their role.

    I would be careful of the term, crisis actors, becoming a new trigger word. Oh, too late.

    Remember what we are talking about under the labels we toss over them.

    That sticky point where one says, "stop going into so much detail, I already understand"
    And then before long, so much is being omitted, that there becomes huge chance for distortion between the dialogues.
    Speaking one to one is one thing. Addressing faceless groups is another.

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    Enjoyed that, thought provoking, ta Nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepTrying View Post
    There is a free 426 page PDF of this first edition available on the Natural News dot com website.
    From page 199 (247 of the PDF) of the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control, in the chapter "The Nexus of Tyranny: Tucson, Aurora & Sandy Hook" by Dennis Cimino:

    Crisis Actors and the Coroner’s Press Conference

    Now it has been firmly established that many crisis actors were used in Newtown, the most notable one is Robbie Parker, who is told ‘just read the card’ and has to get into character to act ‘distraught’ when moments before he is seen smirking and laughing, very much like FBI agent Yacone had in Aurora at the Chief of Police press conference.

    I don’t know about you, but nobody can explain away his very poor acting here, and nobody can explain the “just read the card” scenario, either. In virtually all of the follow up interviews of parents, they are all dry eyed and not puffy faced, although they are said to have lost their children. This is acting. By crisis actors. By Greenberg crisis actors. . .

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    By Jim Fetzer:

    Sunday, April 15, 2018
    On its 5th Anniversary, a Pair of Proofs that Boston was Staged

    The Boston bombing was sold as a terrorist attack.

    But, while there were bodies missing arms and legs, there was no blood, a physiological impossibility for body parts blown off by explosives.

    They used crisis actors who were amputees! We even have the FEMA “actor waiver” contract.

    And when they photo-shopped the brothers into the scene, they committed another blunder.

    The FBI established that the bombs that exploded were in black nylon backpacks.

    But neither of the brothers was wearing the right kind of backpack. Dzhokhar’s backpack was silver, Tamerlan’s was too large!

    Because the backpacks don’t match, there wasn’t even probable cause for an arrest, much less for an indictment and conviction at trial. . .

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    The joy bag and the woe bag
    I really like this.

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