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    I can give one example about one dream being involved with reality this week.

    I don't usually take naps anymore, but once in a blue moon I have to for various reasons. I did that and then during the dreaming phase I saw my online friend, who I consider to be a dear friend or like a sister writing to me. I can't tell how many minutes after that was, but it felt like a few minutes when I woke up to her writing to me. Not exactly like in the dream, but we communicate through a chat app so I get notifications when ever she does that and it's not always every day, sometimes it can be even a week that I don't hear from her. Also there are many times before that I have not only connected with her on a strange way through dream realms and other ways too, but not only with her though. Her father is a demon wearing a human skinsuit, a psychopathic narc that is so we kinda have connected that way too, but I have "known" her for half a decade now. I must suppose that with some people we just tend to have a certain kind of energetic connection though and that connection remains in different realms too. All is connected.

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    The little guy I posted about the other day is back in North Carolina since Wednesday evening. My sister-in-law got a call from her sister a few minutes ago saying that 'Dax' was taken to the emergency room by his mother. They won't let my sister-in-law's sister in to see him because of apparent covid restrictions. I'm sure he will be alright. A seizure due to fever might be the emergency. He was a little congested when he was here in Kansas.
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