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Thread: Fascinating discussion of the searl generator

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    Quote Originally posted by Asger View Post
    Hi Dumpster Diver.

    In your view and the views of others what are your thoughts on how far up the chain is this and other technologies denied. From us obviously but how far up say like in the military or everyday elitist people. It seems from what I see that the everyday goings on in life and the military use what we know as standard technology and energy applications.
    The entire Secret Space Program is running on it. All the off planet tech, and a fair part of the hidden tech not shown us runs on it. Only reason not to use it is to not alert us that it exists.
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    Quote Originally posted by Ntonyo View Post
    Well, there are plenty examples of non-conventional science Geniuses, who created numerous fascinating things which could have totally altered Our modern society... Essentially, One of Them was Tesla. So, where is Tesla and his work? Most of it just hidden and what does remain in use? Radar? Electric meters to charge us with incredibly high bills for cheap electicity?

    Ahh I forget about this mad transhuman salesman who had adopted Tesla's name not only just to sell more fancy IT junk but to completely wipe out the memories (using Tesla cars dependant on batteries!) about real message of Tesla's work which has nothing do with technology...

    Tesla is the famous one but what about others? Although, he was unique but certainly not alone, there were many thousands of individuals globally who have done pretty much the same things what Tesla have, however using different approaches. For example latest news about China EM drive:

    I know a story behind this EM drive project which has been created long ago in mid 70s in USSR but never had been released for mass usage (We all know reasons why) in 1990s after SU a lot of technologies just were sold to China by some corrupted officials. This is another reason why there are almost none videos where you can see working free-energy devices, because most of them are very hard to be built by common man due their complexity and high price of the materials needed for construction. Don't forget that the ultimate number of this zero-energy studies have been done under governmental control, so You know about potential consequences for Peoples who can not hold their mouth closed on certain highly sensetive topics. As Tesla, Searl been working with government agencies therefore there are many things which He'd not discuss in anyway. The subject about big agencies monitoring global activities to find out information about current advanced technologies created by Enthusiasts just to buy them out and keep secret from Public, is very well known so I'd not want to cover it here...

    It should be noted that there are thousands of projects dedictated to usage of free-energy, so they don't use any kind of fuel at all! Total independentce of anyone or anything. The problem is - these devices don't meet current trend of dependency and control. That's why I don't agree with rubbish like "We are not ready for these technologies" on the countrary We are, totally at any time. The great cause which stops spreading of these ideas is global financial circles, they are the only ones who making profit of modern day madhouse called global economic based on fossil fuels. Because of that the supreme aim of their control was and still is to control science/education. By controlling that branch of human society they can litterally control the defenition of what is possible and what is not. Funny to say that current education system produces not only fools ultimately brainwashed by these indoctrinational structures, but self moderators which will "teach" others about stuff they were told at educational institutes to redicule those who are actually moving understandging of this reality forwards (like saying something like free-energy does not exist - it is impossible! LOL).

    Once these shacles of brainwashing education are broken a moment after that We are gonna get huge realisation of what We used to find almost impossible in quite recent past, going to be common thing in not too distant future. This realisation or awakening would not take like years, it will happen suddently. Needless to say that power crazy know about that so they are trying to ride a wave of this upcoming awakening promoting products of Tesla corporation or trying to make use of some technologies like EM drive to maintain their control over Human consciousness. Well, the game is over "bad guys" it is time to switch to Your Consciousness and move forwards with others.
    I still stand by what I said, I'm not entirely sure what your point was.
    ..and Tesla died quite some time ago.
    But yep lots of people can be subject to brainwashing......

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