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Thread: Deep State

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    She is Trump's mother...and she sang loud and hard and most xlent if one is an avowed Satanist...kind of like Michael Langdon's follower Kathy Bates. American Horror Story is an great series b.t.w. It starts slow but it gets progressively better through the seasons... There's that word
    “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

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    I will submit this post from "over there" that says it more succinctly than i could.
    Sometimes God shines his magic light beam from outer space, and it works in mysterious ways.

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    Great post by Melinda, Trump trumping along best able, not enough for judgers of course, HRC in meant bye bye to most with a dollop of suffering on top.

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    That is a good post by Melinda. I have some military in my family. A couple are navy seals.

    I recall after 9/11 supporting the war became a measure of patriotism. The phrase was 'support the troops'. If you didn't do that, then you weren't patriotic. And you couldn't eat French Fries because France refused to go along with false information. I have friends who still hate France.

    Trump dodged the draft as well as demanding that his children never enlist in the military or the peace corps.

    If he wants to stop war he'll be in for quite a battle. What he is good at is telling folks what they want to hear. But he doesn't build things. He breaks them. He profits off others' work (often without paying them) and investors' money, even if he loses it.

    He'll break America because it won't help him, and then he'll take his ball (of money) and go home.

    The folks like Hillary would be content with just lining their pockets while keeping the system going. Trump will break it because that's what he does. Just like his casinos.

    Rex Tillerson spoke in an interview about how Trump would propose what he would want to do. Tillerson would tell him that we can't do it that way because it breaks laws and treaties. And Trump would get very angry. He doesn't like being told 'no' and he doesn't seem to care about laws.

    I really don't know how folks think the outcome with him will be a good one. Burning down a poorly built house before purchasing/buying another is just plain stupid.

    Trump is cuddling up to authoritarian leaders while snubbing and dissing allies.

    If we do get attacked, how many of our allies will come to our aid? What kind of coalition can we expect to build when another nine-eleven event arrives? Trump will likely find safe haven in one or another of the authoritarian regimes he's becoming buddy-buddy with.

    But the rest of us won't.

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