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Thread: David Wilcock interview w Pete Peterson - base 6 number system

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    Quote Originally posted by Dumpster Diver View Post
    When I was young, I built base 8, 12, and 16 slide rules (8 and 16 as they are offshoots of binary, for computers). The base 12 was because it was shown to be superior to base 10, but nobody mentioned base 6. I tried to calculate in base 12 and had the hardest time with it. I think this is the whole idea, once you have ingrained a certain base number system, it is very hard to go back. Sez Deep State Bad Guyz: "give 'em a broken numbering system, drill 'em hard on it, they will never go back and they certainly can't use it for anything useful like getting into space."

    It's like Christianity, another broken system. Raise 'em up in it, and they will never shake it.
    Once you see what it looks like from/on the in-side it's a remarkably easy thing to do ...
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    Quote Originally posted by KeepTrying View Post
    Dumpster did you miss post #11?
    Nope, looked thru it. I suspect all that would be "better" in base 6.

    Thanks for checking, tho.
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