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Thread: Still don't think a HOLOGRAPHIC ALIEN INVASION is Possible? WATCH THIS!

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    Quote Originally posted by Barbarella View Post
    I didn't say it was in the main stream media, because as far as I know the MSM had lost interest by the time the 'solution' to that spiral appeared.

    And impressive as the OP might seem, I doubt phone video can count as proof of anything much, and certainly not evidence of what Project Bluebeam's capabilities might be in a night club.

    I've seen missile failures here in AZ from White Sands missile base.
    I'm not going to debate this because it is just so self evident. Most discerning minds would not fall for this Missile Test explanation BS.
    That's like calling the crashed flying saucer at Roswell a weather balloon.

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    I think the Norway Spiral was definitely a test - but - not of a missile. I think that HAARP and other technology that is funded by the taxes of society but run/managed/overseen by the cabal/illuminati/whatever is involved.

    I am not a scientist but I will admit to having come to science late in life. It is not a failed missile attempt for the pure fact that - if it was a missile it would have caused some type of destruction. Think of the NASA launches that ended in a burst of flames. If it was a failed missile launch then there would be far more than video footage of a large ever widening spiral. From a burst of flames type failed launch to an holographic type image in the sky - that is a huge leap - isn't it?????

    My instincts and intuition tell me it is a test run - for what - I am not sure? What am I sure of - that the powers that be will not be explaining in any detail what the Norway Spiral was or is or how it will impact on our ecology and shared Human psychology.

    A friend who is an historian with connections to many of the people who research ooparts (out of place artefacts) was very informative when I asked a question. I had been looking at ancient rock carvings and artefacts and noticed that many many many Indigenous Cultures have circles within what they have left behind. There are also spirals depicted and of course the cup like formations that still exist within rock.

    Apparently the Spirals and Circles have particular signifigance. I think I have remembered my lesson correctly: Circles represent other dimensions. Spirals represent energy and spirit - I think that is correct. I am sure we have historians here who can correct me. Thank you in advance. I just want to mention that there are Ancient Texts that are stored away - that explain it all!!!

    Much Respect & Much Peace - as we make our way through all the created chaos - Amanda

    NB: Just saw this and thought it would be an excellent example of what happens without mainstream news/media sharing of information and evidence. FEMA - how many people would know it even exists or what the acronym stands for or what is going to happen should the system be activated????
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