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Thread: Gary McKinnon -->Solar Warden...SSP?

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    Gary McKinnon -->Solar Warden...SSP?

    So I was watching this the other day, which might be the oldest PC video (can someone check me on that? They don't come up on chronological on YouTube on the iPad):


    My takeaway from this is the Gary McKinnon stated he saw exactly two pieces of evidence for an SSP in his wanderings through the USgov computers he made his way into:

    1. A spreadsheet listing names of "non-terrestrial officers"
    2. A pic he didn't even get to fully download of a ship above earth's atmosphere

    I am being lazy for now, and not watching any other Gary McKinnon videos. The beauty of the forums (to me) is getting other peoples' perspectives. Anyone have (or remember) any good ones where he's disclosed more (as Kerry pushes him so hard to do in this video...she just KNOWS he's holding out the good stuff, for his own protection )

    Also, I can't seem to find it, someone posted the 2010 PA thread our own malc started on "Solar Warden", could someone kindly post a link here?

    Amid the slew of information and noise, McKinnon's name has been coming up, as well as the veracity of the idea of a secret space program. Any information about a connection would be appreciated

    Of note:

    -I think the video I posted may be a good case study of an "Alt media figure" pushing a "whistleblower" to embellish a story.
    -I was interested in this as I was trying to discern my thoughts on why Bill was ever initially interested in Corey Goode, especially in light of Christine's disclosure of her relation with CG...I got ask her I guess, chicken or egg...was she being friends with Corey what drew Bill to him, or did Bill's interest in the SSP/solar warden/something-else-entirely what had Christine making friends with Corey.
    -I think the problem with any "media", alternative or that the audience rarely has a clear picture of the intent of why any piece of information is in their awareness...and worse, the audience rarely questions this...WHY it's there, WHY (or why not) they believe it--especially when it resonates or repulsed...Nearly all of my posting is exploring this emotional attachment to information/beliefs
    What is the purpose of your presence?

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