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Thread: Easy path to be a Doer: Just one thing, every day.

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    Quote Originally posted by Dreamtimer View Post
    Resin and burls. It makes me want to get a lathe.

    Really? A lathe? And where would I put it, I ask myself?

    I guess I can fantasize.

    A simple tool called a "dremel" can get one into woodworking and sculpting - artwork really if one has the time to learn to actualize one's visualizations in wood for instance..

    Possibly Denise (silly wabbit) would want to offer a few suggestions too - she I believe is into jewelry construction (fine gold/silver/stones)..

    Would anyone want to reach out to Erik (aka TargeT) since he was also abused at Laughlin and afterwards? (and made nothing of like so many contributors for his years and years of thoughtful and assistive posts at that other place...)

    Possibly he would feel there are humans who do care about his thoughts and feelings over here?


    Quote Originally posted by TargeT View Post
    I'm basically just being devils advocate here, since neither one of us has an influence on what will or will not come of CRISPR.

    But, this topic is sort of like GMO foods, they run a close parallel.

    Human males and females are designed for selective breeding (though, also with a "default" for "acceptable" breeding) already, we naturally are attracted to things that in general are healthier and better for the whole; these are mostly by products of our hormonal system, though some social input certainly effects the decision making process also (very bland, clinical way to look at love, but it is an aspect of it).

    we certainly do this for our selfs if we are conscious about diet (though even with out our conscious diet decisions we naturally are attracted to foods that allow us to survive in nature better, a strong attraction to sugars and fats, a wide taste pallet for micro nutriments. aversion to rotten things high in micro organisms that could over power our immune systems etc...)

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this:

    Humans always perform natural acts, we just excel at becoming highly efficient while doing them due to our intellect.

    we cannot comprehend of unnatural acts and everything that we are capable of can be tied back to an example in nature (CRISPR is just us using natures natural process in a way that we desire).

    I guess I"m completely ignoring the short term, the moral, anything but basic reality, what is the pattern... what is it comparable to and why would we not let that guide us?

    I suppose one could say that we are doing what we were made to do, to do anything less seems abhorrent. Now, will we make mistakes while doing it? absolutely, that's also inherently human. should we not do a thing for the fear of doing it?

    my answer to that will always be: never, never let fear restrain you, we are so very capable, we will come out ahead of this; it's already happening (though not in politics or those other contrived/controlled arenas).

    Every tool we have at our disposal makes us better as a whole (though there is always room for improvement).

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    Throwing eggs, baddy. Writing haiku, goody.

    This stuff is more what America is really about.

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    I can so see this happening.

    It reminds me how one time at a drive-in theater waiting for the movie to know the honks of impatience. Someone honked, then I honked, then another car honked, then another, and so on. It was so was synergistic. The entire movie lot with cars honking in was thrilling.

    To do a little self-promotion I'll add that I NEVER honk! Almost never, a few years ago when I was still driving my daughter around, I honked at a car that was asleep at the wheel at a green light. My daughter dutifully pointed out that I had said I never honk.

    So I explained to her that what I did had two motivations. First, she was in a hurry to get someplace so I was trying to take care of her appropriately and 2nd as I pointed out to her it was a 'polite' honk...very short and light... That's my only honk probably in the last ten years...or so as I remember it.
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