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Thread: North Korean Woman Speaks Out

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    North Korean Woman Speaks Out

    Not sure whether this has already been posted here on theonetruth. I am aware of how North Korea is an isolated country but to listen to a brave young woman speak out - gives me an entire new perspective. I am not shocked - I am no longer naive or unknowing. I know I live in a word of atrocities particularly hidden ones. Am sharing so that her words will be able to be shared among those who care and those who may be new to the sadness and cruelty of some lives ....


    Much Respect & Much Peace - Heaven knows we need some - Amanda
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    Quote Originally posted by Amanda View Post

    Another heartbreaking story about the incessant and unfathomable cruelty the human species is capable of.

    Thank you for sharing, Amanda. The world needs to be told, and people need to be confronted with this dark and evil side of humanity.

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    I don't downplay the Truth of such things. But as a point of balance, check out There are those in the world working to improve conditions for all humanity.

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