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Thread: Coast To Coast - Haunted Locations / Florida Airport Shooting - 06 January 2017

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    Coast To Coast - Haunted Locations / Florida Airport Shooting - 06 January 2017

    HOST George Noory
    GUESTS Theresa Argie, Cathi Weber, Craig Hulet, Open Lines

    During the middle two hours of the show, para-historians Theresa Argie and Cathi Weber, aka the Haunted Housewives, talked about ghosts and haunted locations, including the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Cleveland and the town of Willoughby, Ohio. "Those who served in the Civil War, they know that they're remembered there, so I think that maybe their spirits might be drawn [to the monument]," Argie suggested, noting how some visitors have unknowingly met a ghostly young man in uniform who shares war stories. Weber, who conducts a ghost walk in Willoughby, provided a brief history of strange town. Argie connected paranormal stories there to mob violence during the Prohibition era, as well as recounted the tale of The Girl in Blue, who supposedly came to Willoughby and threw herself under a train on Christmas Eve.

    The two also reported on bizarre cryptids. Weber explained how water helps with spiritual interaction in the paranormal world and seems to be related to other unusual phenomena, such as the Lake Erie creature known as Bessie. Similar to Loch Ness Monster, Bessie is reportedly 20-30 feet long, she noted. Argie shared tales of the Ohio Grassman, a sasquatch-like creature seen in the region of Salt Fork State Park in The Buckeye State, as well as the Loveland Frog, a legendary humanoid frog spotted near Cincinnati. According to Argie, reports go back centuries and include the testimony of a police officer and his partner, and a couple who encountered a large frog man while playing Pokemon Go (related article).


    In the first hour, geopolitics and foreign policy expert Craig B. Hulet provided his analysis of the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting as well as veterans issues. "I think the most logical conclusion we can come to right now is based on what's happened in the last five years... between 22,000 and 25,000 combat vets have committed suicide," he revealed, noting another 20,000 soldiers have been discharged from the service (like airport shooter Esteban Santiago) and cannot receive VA benefits. Hulet lamented the horrible treatment of veterans, especially ones who have served in war campaigns abroad. He suggested the protracted fights against ISIS and Al-Qaeda are causing soldiers to serve unnecessarily long in war-time conditions. Hulet also covered the so-called Russian hacking of the US presidential election. "It's nothing but lies," he said.

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