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Thread: Concorde's Last Flight (Full Documentary)

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    Concorde's Last Flight (Full Documentary)


    This is a film about the rise and fall of the world's first supersonic passenger jet - Concorde. From the moment that it hit the skies in 1969, Concorde was instantly iconic. Considered the thoroughbred of aircraft, it flew the rich and famous across the Atlantic in just 3 hours and forty-five minutes - with an impeccable safety record.

    Until... On July 25th 2000, a freak chain of events just outside Paris caused a catastrophic accident: Concorde's first fatality in 27 years of service killed 115 people, and those devastating 120 seconds of flight marked the end of the supersonic era.

    Concorde time line:

    • December 11, 1967: First prototype unveiled in Toulouse, France
    • March 2, 1969: Concorde flies for the first time, from Toulouse
    • October 1, 1969: First supersonic flight
    • September 13, 1970: First landing at Heathrow
    • September 26, 1973: First non-stop flight across the Atlantic
    • November 23, 1973: Prince Philip flies Concorde for the first time
    • January 21, 1976: First commercial flight
    • November 22, 1977: BA and Air France start services to New York
    • July 13, 1985: Phil Collins uses Concorde so he can sing at the US and UK Live Aid charity concerts on the same day
    • July 25, 2000: Air France Concorde crashes near Paris, killing 113 people
    • August 15, 2000: BA takes Concorde out of service
    • November 7, 2001: Passenger services resume after safety improvements
    • April 10, 2003: Concorde retirement announced by BA and Air France
    • May 31, 2003: Last Air France Concorde flight
    • October 24, 2003: Last BA Concorde flight


    1 hour 13 minutes


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    Thanks for sharing the docu ...

    Back in the late 80's - early 90's i worked near the Dulles Airport in Washington's nearby Virginia suburbs...
    I knew the head chef of the Air France Concorde food concession (a friend of my lovely French sister-in-law) ... He took me on a personal tour of his kitchens and also a brief tour of the parked supper sonic airliner awaiting its refurbishments for its return flight to Paris ... I only wish i knew then what was to come ... Because i would of most definitely forked over the funds in purchasing a luxurious round trip ticket !

    But all is still not lost ... Note here is a related item from earlier in the year, which indicates
    a firm promise to startup and continue this amazing flying enterprise ...

    Virgin is working on supersonic jets that can fly from New York to London in 3.5 hours
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