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  1. UFO Crash Wreckage, Off World Vehicles & the NY Times

    In December of 2017, the NY Times was responsible for bringing news about the “Secret Pentagon UFO Study” known as AATIP to the world.

    And since then, they have oddly chosen to rarely tackle the...
  2. Historic Moon Landing Footage Has Been Enhanced by AI, And The Results Are Incredible

    As exciting and thrilling as it is to watch all the historic footage from the Apollo Moon landings, you have to...
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    I dont usually get involved in the drama that...

    I dont usually get involved in the drama that goes on at tot because our amazing administrator and moderators do an amazing job :smiley hug:

    Modwiz this video is for you and i have the best...
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    What Do You Think This Is

    Wow kinda looks like fireworks but doesn't behave like them :hmm: very interesting

    This was filmed in Wiltshire England at a lumber yard by the name...
  5. FY 2021 Budget Document Wants Extraterrestrial Preparedness for Religion Removed

    In the “Budget for America’s Future” for fiscal year 2021, President Donald J. Trump’s Office of...
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    Sticky: Strange things are happening around the World....

    Strange things are happening around the World. Hundreds of Black Birds/Crows invaded H-Mart/Wallmart Parking Lot in Texas. Nature, Animals, Birds are sensing something

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    Oh really its about time that some of you...

    Oh really its about time that some of you actually grow up my kids act more sane than you.TPTB and PTB complete and utter bollocks.
  8. The Very High Speed Transit System (VHSTS), August 1972 – LA to NY In 21 Minutes / 14,000MPH

    The Very High Speed Transit or “VHST” concept was put forward some years ago in response to...
  9. Unravelling the Lesser-known Laser-sharp Cuts of Megalithic Japan

    A hurdle in the way of many Western researchers of megalithic Japan is the mystique that surrounds the history...
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    It bothers me sometimes, but the rest of the time...

    It bothers me sometimes, but the rest of the time I forget about it :eyebrows:
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    Cant remember saying that :smile2:

    Cant remember saying that :smile2:
  12. Some more on the Tayos Caves of Ecuador ...

    Some more on the Tayos Caves of Ecuador

  13. Classified Alien Encounters Revealed By Traumatologist

    Steven Greer, founder the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence has a virtual sitdown with Patrick Bet-David and discussed his new movie...
  14. The Truth About Father Crespi and His Missing Artifacts Finally Revealed

    The story of Father Crespi is a mysterious and controversial account of a priest in Ecuador involving claims...
  15. Cnut the Great: the Myth, the Man, and the Multi-National Viking Monarch

    Cnut Sweynsson, known also as Cnut the Great (sometimes spelled as Canute), was the ruler of England, Denmark,...
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    Brazilian UFO ... Crash or Hoax?

    A number of reports and claims out of the Rio de Janeiro region of Brazil have stated that a UFO crashed sometime after midnight on May 12, 2020. This was reported early on at Reddit and then...
  17. Out of Place Artifact: The Mysterious Stone Egg of Lake Winnipesaukee

    In 1872, construction workers digging a hole for a fence post near the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New...
  18. Thread: Humour thread

    by The One

    Sticky: Ha ha :ha: 683513112475803/?t=92

    Ha ha :ha:

  19. Would You Dare to Open the Mysterious Sealed Door of Padmanabhaswamy Temple?

    Ropes of gold several meters long, Napoleonic coins, Venetian jewelry, diamond belts, emeralds the size of ostrich...
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    How the Jurchen Tribes Conquered China

    Jurchens (known also as the Nuzhen, 女真, in Chinese) were a federation of non-Chinese peoples who inhabited the...
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