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  1. Zurich Conference: Bill Ryan's keynote introduction, 10 July 2009
    "Aug 12, 2009 by Project Camelot

    Experienced presenters may be amused to know what when I (Bill Ryan) stepped on to the stage to open the conference, I...
  2. Thread: 50+ music tracks

    by Kathy
    160 "Oct...
    "Oct 11, 2011 by hollywoodagogo

    For the first time on national tv, the Revue's whole show, goes A Go Go! Featuring songs like Shake a Tail Feather;...
  3. "Apr...
    "Apr 29, 2008 by gussie5555

    The Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron
    The Ronettes - Be My Baby

    Two great performances with reminiscences from Larry Levine and...
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    13,791 "21...
    "21 JAN 2021 by Giza Death Star Community only took a day, and "it" begins. The US state of Missouri is already considering preemptive...
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    "Feb 21, 2020 by CompilationKing

    This is a clip of the last interview that music producer Phil Spector has done. I am not sure who owns this clip i...
  6. The making of River deep Mountain high (Tina Turner/Phil Spector)
    "Feb 18, 2014 by Ben Bode

    Phil Spector in aktie... maar vergeet niet Jack Nitzsche en John Barry.... google ze maar.....en natuurlijk Tina (Mary)...
  7. Biden's politically calculated immigration policy
    "Jan 20, 2021 by The Duran

    Biden's politically calculated immigration policy
    The Duran: Episode 863

    Biden To 'Immediately' Send Congress Bill That...
  8. "Jan...
    "Jan 18, 2019 by Event Horizon

    A new interview with Dr. Abraham "Avi" Loeb from Harvard and update on the subject of Oumuamua. We detailed point for...
  9. "Apr...
    "Apr 19, 2020 by Rudolf Steiner Archive

    From "Supersensible Knowledge""
  10. Jackie Wilson - FINAL PERFORMANCE - 1975 - Mr.Excitement
    "Feb 11, 2017 by 49ccMoped World

    Jackie Wilson performing Lonely Teardrops in 1975, one of the last times during the last tour he did.

    The Ultimate...
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    UnFuckIt Discussion, Jan 18 2021
    "Jan 18, 2021 by RemovingtheShackles

    I'm almost afraid to put anything here in case the YT wardens come along and label it ageist restricitivist, lol....
  12. All Along The Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix: You've Never Heard It Like This #10!
    "Sep 2, 2020 by Jay Howie

    All Along The Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix: You've Never Heard It Like This #10!

    Here is my version of All Along The...
  13. The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway - Episode 83
    "Jan 17, 2021 BY George Galloway

    GEORGE GALLOWAY | And the Mother Of All Talk Shows. Tonight 7pm-10pm London time. Unmissable."
  14. Avi Loeb: Aliens, Black Holes, and the Mystery of the Oumuamua | Lex Fridman Podcast #154
    "Jan 14, 2021 by Lex Fridman

    Avi Loeb is an astrophysicist at Harvard. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors:"
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    2021 01 16 SciFi World! We're HERE!
    "Jan 16, 2021 by clif high

    Books that can make you better & suggestions for home schooling.
    Also discussion of cycles vs linearists, & how those...
  16. #Trump #DC #Capitol In God We Trust (Live)
    "Jan 7, 2021 by The Duran"
  17. Elon Musk Biography: Shaping All Our Futures
    "Dec 7, 2017 by Biographics

    He is the 21st Century Howard Hughes, John D. Rockefeller and Steve Jobs - all rolled into one dynamic package. His hunger...
  18. Dark Journalist Special Report: Censorship Person X-Steganography Reveal!
    "16 JAN 2021 by DarkJournalist

  19. NYT reports Jan 6 timeline does not fit media narrative. Impeachment narrative also collapses
    "Jan 15, 2021 by The Duran

    NYT reports Jan 6 timeline does not fit media narrative. Impeachment narrative also collapses
    The Duran: Episode 857
  20. Is the monarchy fit for purpose. Durham Union debate.
    "Dec 4, 2020 by Republic Campaign

    Peter Tatchell, Graham Smith and Robert Lacey take part in a Durham Union debate, asking if the monarchy is still fit...
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