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  1. Eerie moment ‘UFO speeds after passenger jet and overtakes it’ !! UFO Footage

    Eerie footage has emerged showing a saucer-shaped UFO speeding after a passenger plane.

    The bizarre clip shows the unidentified aircraft following in the wake of a jet's vapour trail before...
  2. Join Us As We Explore Ancient Mexico In February 2022

    The Enduring Enigma Of Puma Punku And Tiwanaku In Bolivia

    Exploring Megalithic Luxor In Egypt
  3. Lost Civilizations Around The World With Matt LaCroix

    Matt and I discuss the many sites around the world that show megalithic evidence as well as catastrophic damage from many thousands of years ago. We...
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    Awesome Starlink Videos

    This uploader captures some amazing starlink videos with his telescope
    Starlink 4 - Group 5 - 24/02/2020 - 10:01pm - 9:01 UTC - Pukehina N.Z

  5. Impossible cosmic rays are shooting out of Antarctica

    From 2018

    Cosmic rays have been discovered coming out of Antarctica.

    No high-speed particle we know of could possibly go in one side of the earth and come out the other.All of the proposed...
  6. Col. Corso's description of an alien body he saw and his Pentagon UFO work.

    U. S. Army Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso served from February 23, 1942, to March 1, 1963. During WWII, Col. Corso became Chief of the Army’s Counter-Intelligence Corps in Rome. By 1961, Col. Corso was...
  7. Darcy Weir, Jim Goodall, Stephen Bassett, and Gary King on Crop Circle Realities UFOs & More

    Streamed live on 13 Apr 2021

    Darcy Weir, joined by Jim Goodall, Stephen Bassett, and Gary King discuss the documentary "Crop Circle Realities", UFOs, Ben Rich, Area 51 and much more!

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    Thanks to those who continue to help :smiley...

    Thanks to those who continue to help :smiley hug:,it really does make a difference.
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    Treasure - Treasure Everywhere..

    10 Underestimated Items that Turned Out to Be Worth a Fortune

    1 The Painting Bought as Part of a $46 Job Lot that Turned Out to be a Constable Worth $390,000
  10. Disclosure in a Divided World | The Richard Dolan Show

    Streamed live on 17 Mar 2021

    In a world ripping apart at the seams, what can we say about the possibility and result of a potential end to UFO secrecy? That is, Disclosure? What are we likely to...
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    Meteor entering the atmosphere insane!!
    The breakup of a SpaceX rocket stage sparks a light show over Seattle. (Cedric Padilla Photo

    Was it a meteor? A broken-up...
  12. Thread: Rivington pike

    by The One

    Rivington pike

    This little gem is only a 15 minute drive from my house .

    Rivington Pike and its tower can be seen from miles around. It is 361m (1200 feet) above sea level, and is reached through the Terraced...
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    I just want to thank those members who's have...

    I just want to thank those members who's have donated in these last few months ,it really does make a difference and lessens the burden on me.

    :group hug:
  14. UFO During Flight Test At Santa Lucia Airport, Near Mexico President! Feb 11, 2021 UFO ...
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    Covid 19 is as real as it gets

    From my post

    Maybe i am part of the conspiracy Aianawa and none of this is real :fpalm: Maybe for you,you will have to...
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    Sticky: Mount Etna

    Fantastic Etna, Did you know?…There are two ski resorts on Etna
  17. UFO Recorded Near the Moon Baffles Ufologists and Conspiracy Theorists

    A fascinating video has been running on the internet for a couple of days. Filming is being performed in Indiana by a guy who wants to try a camera with strong lenses. Periodically through life, I’ve...
  18. Could J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy be factually based?

    Tolkien’s Hidden Truth
    Aaron Wright

    Could J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy be factually based? We discuss the claims that the story is actually a lost hidden history of Europe and find...
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    Make your own coil lanyards

    From the survivalist. I had some time on my hands and decided to try my hand at making coil lanyards, dummy cords or second lieutenant-assist cords (my favorite:D:) out of materials I...
  20. Another Monolith Appears In Turkey, Guarded By Military! ...
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