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  1. Elephanta Caves : India

    Elephanta Caves : India

    Published May 5th 2014. Video 13:26

    The Elephanta Caves are a network of sculpted caves located on Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri...
  2. Ellora Caves : India

    Ellora Caves : India

    Published Jul 9th 2014. Video 9:36

    We are at Ellora caves in India, and I am going to show you some solid evidence about a secret...
  3. The Ajanta Caves : India

    The Ajanta Caves : India

    Published Jun 23rd 2012. Video 8:10

    The Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India are 30 rock-cut cave monuments which...
  4. The Kailasa Temple : India

    Published Dec 29th 2012. Video 11:50

    The Kailasa Temple : India

    A list of the most magnificent wonders which ancient civilizations have produced, including the...
  5. 5,000 Year Old Shiva Linga Found At Harappa : Pakistan.

    5,000 Year Old Shiva Linga Found at Harappa

    In 1940,...
  6. Ancient Shiva Linga In Ireland

  7. Cambodia : River Of A Thousand Lingas.

    This massive piece of sandstone has numerous lingas and carvings of the gods...
  9. Sahasra Linga : In The State Of Karnataka : India

    Published on Mar 4, 2014. Short Video 2:23

    Sahasra Linga is the most beautiful place located near Sirsi in the state of Karnataka India. Hundreds of carved stones...
  10. Was the Christian Vatican Originally a Temple to Lord Shiva?

  11. Mystery Of 1,000 Ancient Carved Shiva Lingas Discovered In India And Cambodia

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